First aid with bruises

Contusion in medicine is characterized as tissue injury without significant damage to the skin. Obtained it can be as a result of
falling or hitting a heavy blunt object. The main symptoms of bruises are pain at the injury site, the formation of a hematoma and edema resulting from
hemorrhage. Contusions are subdivided into light, medium and heavy, while the
presence of bruising is not the main characteristic of severity. For example,
in elderly people, even with a slight injury can form a large hematoma due to the fragility of the vessels. On the other hand, a bruise in the head area is often accompanied by a small cone, and the main concussion symptoms appear later. Regardless of the severity of the injury, you should consult a doctor to determine the nature of damage to the internal organs, bones, and other hidden consequences.

First aid for bruises should be provided as quickly as possible, since, in the
case of damage to large vessels, tissue bleeding can continue for a long time in the

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.Neighboring organs and tissues begin to experience pressure, their
functioning and integrity may be compromised. First aid for bruises should first of all be aimed at stopping bleeding.

First aid for a hip injury is that the patient is laid, raising the injured limb while doing this. Then you should put ice on the place of injury and a tight bandage. Cooling dressings must be changed as they warm up. First aid with bruises is within the first few hours.

Good results with bruises provide treatment with folk remedies. For example, with a bruised knee, superposition of cottage cheese is a great help. It is necessary to apply cottage cheese to a sore spot and to roll well. Such a compress can be worn throughout the day, changing the curds several times. Also, treatment of bruises with onion juice is very effective. You need to take a piece of clean cloth, moisten it in onion juice and make a compress on the affected area. You can also apply a bulb, crushed to the state of gruel. The first aid with bruises by folk methods is the use of apple cider vinegar. To do this, vinegar needs to be heated, and then add salt to it and a few drops of iodine. With the resulting mixture, moisten the tissue and wrap the sore spot. On top, a pack of ice should be attached and a bandage secured. This procedure can be done several times during the day - apple cider vinegar helps to remove even a very large hematoma.

Excellent helps with a bruise garlic with vinegar. To prepare the medicinal mixture you need to crush two heads of garlic with 0.6 liters of table vinegar and insist for 24 hours. Then lubricate the bruised areas with the mixture obtained. A good remedy for bruises and any traumatic pain is a compress made of arnica, especially if the bone is damaged. As a first aid, you can also use the horseradish root. It must be crushed, pour vodka or alcohol and let it brew. Such a compress quickly relieves pain, disinfects the bruised area and resolves the compaction. In severe bruises and sprains, it is useful to rub butter into injured areas. Traditional medicine advises bruises and bruises to impose grated raw potatoes or fresh cabbage leaves, as well as white bread soaked in hot milk. Successfully fights bruises and bruises with toothpaste with mint. It must be applied with a continuous layer on the sore spot and allowed to dry. In total, it is necessary to apply three layers, not covering anything from above. After a while, the paste should be thoroughly washed off with warm water. Repeat this procedure if necessary.

If the first help with bruises is timely and correct, the pain at rest is 3-4 days. Soreness during movement is felt for 2-3 weeks. In any case, it is worthwhile to see a doctor, since even a minor bruise can trigger a serious illness.