Fish oil in capsules

Probably everyone remembers that as a child parents gave us the so-called fish oil. It was sold in almost all pharmacies. The taste of liquid fish oil is difficult to forget. Naturally, it was rather difficult to swallow a teaspoon of such "delicacy".However, at present fish oil can be purchased in a different form - in capsules.

In general, fish oil is a substance with an unpleasant odor and taste, which is derived from the liver of certain fish species. There are three types of fish oil. In all cases, the source of it is the liver of different fish. The color of the finished product depends on the method of production and the source. Fish oil can be white, yellow and even brown. Most often today you can find a substance of white color. In addition, it is worth noting that in most cases cod liver oil is obtained from the liver of cod. By the method of production, this process is divided into two types. This is a manual and factory method. The first involves obtaining such fat without using special equipment. It is used by anglers themselves. As for the factory method of producing fish oil, in this case, the cod liver is heat treated, thanks to which the very useful substance is extracted directly from it. As a result, fat is collected in a special container, and then cooled. The longer the heating time of the liver, the darker the final product.

Fish oil in capsules is considered quite suitable for use by both children and adults. There are practically no contraindications to use. Young mothers and pregnant women can also take fish oil in capsules without fear for their health and the condition of their baby. In general, the daily dose is three grams. However, if a person is sick with certain diseases, the dose can be significantly increased. For example, most specialists recommend taking five grams of this fat per day if the patient has elevated triglyceride levels. In order to avoid losing a child in the early stages of pregnancy, a woman can consume daily more than five grams of fish oil. It is worth recalling that the dose should be determined only with your doctor. Depending on the physical condition of the patient, the doctor may increase the amount of fish oil consumed to six grams per day.

Fish oil in capsules can contain an increased amount of useful elements such as vitamin D and A. Currently, many manufacturers are doing this in order to increase the benefits of this product. As a result, a person will soon notice that the condition of his skin, hair and mucous membrane has improved much. If you observe the fragility of your hair, dry skin of the face and hands, as well as changing the structure of the nail for the worse, you can safely buy fish oil in capsules. The result will not be long in coming.

In general, directly in fish oil contains a huge amount of oleic acid. The substance is only seventy percent of it. The rest is palmitic acids. They make fish oil so useful. This product helps to reduce the formation of blood clots in the circulatory system of the human body. Fish oil in capsules improves the functioning of the brain. Thus, it is very useful to use it in old age. This will greatly improve mental performance. According to modern scientists, one capsule of such medication per day is the best prevention of dementia in old age.

Now in the drugstores of the city you can find baby fish oil in capsules. You can take them from the age of two. This will help to avoid diseases such as rickets, tuberculosis and even anemia. It is worth noting that in fish oil there are two kinds of cholesterol: "good" and "bad."However, do not get scared, in any case, in our body, thanks to this substance, there is an increase in the level of "good" and a lowering of the level of "bad" human cholesterol. Fish oil in capsules in our time is simply an indispensable product.

In conclusion, I would like to say that many drug manufacturers produce this substance in capsules. There are more and less popular brands. However, the best, in opinion of the interrogated consumers, is the Norwegian cod-liver oil in capsules. In any case, choose only you.