The upper eyelid swelled - it's time to see a doctor

Tumors of the eyelids will not deprive you of vision, but you should not neglect them. If your upper eyelid is swollen or swelling is observed on both eyelids, your eyes turn red, itch, itch, there is a foreign object in your eye - immediately go to a specialist. Only a doctor can put a correct diagnosis and, accordingly, prescribe the right treatment. Many people rush to apply heat to the swollen eyelid - for example, a boiled egg or a used tea bag. Attention: medicine has about 70 causes of swelling of the eyelids, and self-medication can either do nothing or lead to the fact that your condition will only worsen.

Swelling differs from swelling with large amounts of fluid in the tissues. The edema of the upper eyelid can also be caused by various causes. Often edema is only a visible symptom of a more serious ailment - the diseased heart, kidneys and liver are the cause of edema of the eyelids. Puffiness can also cause infection, which is also a very serious problem, because without treatment it can lead to complications, for example, to orbital cellulite and, as a result, damage your eyesight. This state of the eye can be the result of a microtrauma or an insect bite( Chagas disease), or it may be an allergic reaction to an irritant( with hay fever, food, cream, etc.).Actually, eye diseases( for example, squamous cell carcinoma) can also be accompanied by swelling of the eyelids. A true specialist will recognize the true cause of edema, check vision, and it will be the disease, not her symptom.

Swollen eyelids may indicate a decrease in immunity. By the way, simple or herpes zoster parasitizes not only on the lips, but also on the eyelids, causing various eye diseases. Barley is an inflammation of the sebaceous gland that is located near the eyelashes, or inflammation of the hair follicle. He is external and internal. When the external sebaceous gland is clogged with mud and inflames, and with the internal - the same happens with the membranous gland. Sometimes barley causes trivial drafts.

But if you have a swollen upper eyelid, it does not mean that you have barley. It differs from the swelling and swelling of a small head-pustule, which gave this trouble the name "barley", because the head resembles a barley grain in appearance. However, the head appears on the second-third day of the course of the disease. The first symptoms of barley are the reddening of the eyelid and the protein of the eye, a feeling of mote, itching. In some cases, especially if the barley is caused by a draft, shooting pain. After a couple of days, the abscess jumps out, then a few more days pass, and the head becomes inflamed, bursts and pus flows, and another day the eye returns to normal. External barley is seen immediately, the inner one - only if the eyelid is pulled back. This barley is accompanied by a painful sensation of "sand in the eyes" and is more dangerous, as the pus flows into and can affect other glands.

If the upper eyelid is swollen and the abscess appears, do not squeeze it out. Let him ripen. There are many different ways to get rid of barley, popular among the people. This is just the case when the heating of the eye is useful. You can apply a boiled egg, lotions from aloe juice or marigold( it is recommended to dilute 1 part of juice with 10 parts of water and apply three times a day).There is also such a ridiculous folk remedy: ask a friend - always in the evening - to show the figure to your sick eye. Let the fig lead in different directions for a few minutes. On the morning of barley will not. The mechanism of such treatment has not been studied, but, they say, it is effective.

If the upper eyelid is swollen after the first application of the cosmetic preparation, then take with you to the doctor the package of this drug. With an allergic reaction, you need to know which component caused it.