Pipel biopsy: what is it? Pipel biopsy: result, effects, reviews

Women throughout their lives have more than once to undergo various examinations. One of the modern types of diagnosis is a needle-biopsy. What it is? This question arises in almost every representative of the weaker sex, which is assigned to the study. It is about him that will be discussed in the article. You will get acquainted with a new type of examination called a pin-biopsy. What it is? The answer will be presented below. Also you will learn about what procedure has consequences and results. Pipel biopsy: what is it?

This manipulation is sometimes called aspiration biopsy. Unlike other types of studies, for example, hysteroscopy, diagnosis does not require hospitalization and anesthesia. The procedure for taking material is carried out on an outpatient basis and takes no more than one minute. Much longer is the preparation for the study.

Pipel biopsy - what is it? Every modern gynecologist can answer this question. The doctor will tell you that an aspiration biopsy is performed using a special device - a pipe. It was from here that the name of the diagnosis occurred.

In the process of manipulation. ..

This diagnosis, like a biopsy, is prescribed for women with suspected various diseases. It is also produced among the nulliparous women, who can not endure a child for a long time. Such diagnoses as uterine myoma, endometritis, metritis, hyperplasia, can be delivered with this procedure.

In the process of research, a woman is given local anesthesia. Also, drugs that suppress the contractile ability of muscle organs can be used. Before the introduction of the pipe, the doctor carefully treats the vagina and the cervical canal with antiseptics. Further, a tube is inserted into the woman's body towards the uterus. Having reached the required depth, the doctor starts to slowly pull the piston out of the tool. As a result of this action, negative pressure is created. Particles of the endometrium are separated from the walls of the organ and fall into the pipe. After this, the doctor slowly withdraws the device and releases the patient.

after a biopsy needle

Pipel Biopsy: Result of the

Study When the manipulation is carried out, the resulting material descends into the liquid medium. In this state, particles of the endometrium and the mucous membrane of the uterus are delivered to the laboratory. This is where the main diagnosis is carried out. To do this, laboratory technicians use a microscope.

The result of a woman can get already one week after the manipulation. However, some laboratories specify other dates. It is worth noting that in private clinics the result comes somewhat faster than in public institutions. However, you will have to pay for such research.

After a biopsy, it is worthwhile to go with the result to the doctor. Only the doctor can correctly decrypt the data and, if necessary, prescribe you a treatment. As a result, the most diverse information can be indicated. Typically, doctors write about what was found during the study period. These are particles of the endometrium, bacteria, fungi, various sticks and so on. If a woman has a benign or malignant tumor, polyps, then this is also indicated. Do not try to interpret the result yourself. Ask for help from a specialist.

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Consequences of diagnosed

Pipel biopsy effects usually have minor. The doctor always warns the patient about the possibility of mild pain in the lower abdomen. Also, some patients report that there are minor discharge from the genital tract. They appear due to damage to the mucous layer of the uterus. The duration of bleeding should not exceed two days. Otherwise, it is already a complication, which requires immediate medical intervention.

The most dangerous consequence of the diagnosis is the perforation of the uterus. However, with all the rules of conduct, it is practically impossible. If a puncture of the genital organ has occurred, the woman begins to feel unbearable pain in the abdomen, the patient's pressure drops, weakness appears. Such a pathology requires urgent surgical operation.

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Opinions on the procedure: feedback from female patients and physicians

Pipel-biopsy reviews have only positive. Patients say that the procedure is fast. A few minutes after diagnosis, a woman can get up on her own and go about her business. Some representatives of the weaker sex say that for several days they had to use pain medication. Other women report that they did not experience any discomfort after the examination.

Doctors say that the biopsy is currently the safest and most accurate method of examination. It is prescribed for bleeding of unclear etiology, after miscarriages, before artificial insemination. Testimony for the study of a great variety. Experts say that the undoubted advantage of the procedure is that the material is taken not from one part of the uterus, but from each wall. This is achieved by creating a negative pressure, whereas a conventional biopsy involves taking one piece of the mucous wall.

Doctors do not recommend conducting a study during menstruation. Also, contraindications to manipulation are pregnancy and the presence of an inflammatory process.

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Instead of concluding

, you learned about a rather new, but very popular method of research called a pin-biopsy. What is it is described in the article. You were able to get acquainted with the consequences and feedback about manipulation. If you are assigned such a diagnosis, then know that this is the most accurate, quick and painless way to determine a woman's health status. Before conducting a diagnosis, be sure to take tests for infections and inflammation. Strong to you health and good results!