Unpleasant sensation in the heart: possible causes, treatment

Sometimes a person feels an unpleasant sensation in the heart area. And it can be provoked by stressful situations or heard bad news. As a rule, such a symptom does not always signal the presence of a serious defect, but in any case it is necessary to visit a specialist, since there is a possibility of a serious ailment.

When is it urgent to start beating an alarm?

an unpleasant sensation in the region of the heart

The most accurate description of what it feels can only be given by the person himself. Therefore, in order for the therapy to be effective, when visiting a specialist, it is necessary to describe everything exactly, without missing any detail, but it is not worth embellishing your condition. It is important to understand that a detailed characteristic is a pledge of a correctly diagnosed diagnosis.

When a person visits a specialist, during a medical history, the doctor will ask the following questions:

  • If a person is concerned about an unpleasant sensation in the heart area, when it comes, during a meal or after a meal. During the load or at rest.
  • What painful feelings are like - they are stitching, cutting or aching.
  • Over what period of time the pain persists or, conversely, at what points it completely disappears.

All this is very important information, because thanks to the data obtained, the specialist will be able to determine in advance what is bothering the person. There are often unpleasant sensations in the heart area with VSD( vegeto-vascular dystonia).

What influences?

For example, stressful situations or nervous breakdowns directly affect the state of the main motor of our body. So, these unpleasant factors are able to increase the pulse and raise blood pressure, which in tandem with other possible ailments provokes painful sensations in the heart. Therefore, in order to avoid the manifestation of such an unpleasant symptom, it is necessary to completely exclude the perpetrators provoking unpleasant sensations in the heart area in the evenings.

Another provocateur, which can cause pain, is physical activity. Pain in the heart can disturb even a perfectly healthy person if he lifts an unnecessarily heavy burden. In this case, there will be pain along with tingling in the region of the heart. unpleasant sensation in the heart

It is worth noting that often this pain can give to the following areas:

  • neck;
  • jaw;
  • shovel;
  • the left arm.

But at the same time, a feeling of heaviness in the heart can also indicate the presence of poisonous substances in the body or arise with a common cold.

Often unpleasant sensations in the chest can occur if the heart muscle does not get the nutrition it needs for normal operation. Even problems with the gastrointestinal tract can provoke pain. Especially in cases where a person consumes fatty and spicy food, as well as drinking alcohol excessively.

Unpleasant sensation in the heart - reasons for

The reasons why the heart can hurt are diverse. Often the pain that appears in the area of ​​our main motor does not mean that the problem is in it. Therefore, physicians divided all such unpleasant sensations into categories, and that's what happened:

  • heart defects;
  • ailments of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • poisoning effects;
  • a large load on the heart muscle;
  • respiratory system defects;
  • defects of large veins and arteries;
  • received injuries of nerve trunks;
  • bone injury;
  • muscle injury;
  • skin injury.

discomfort in the heart lack of air

As a rule, it is these ailments that provoke the pain sensations that arise in the region of the heart. But in this case, the question of how to distinguish pain caused by the heart, rather than another system of our body, remains urgent.

Angina pectoris

Unpleasant sensation in the heart or pain of a contracting character is the first sign of hypoxia of the heart muscle. With angina pectoris, the compressive pain will also be reflected behind the sternum and be given to the left scapula and arm.

Basically, this type of pain is typical for people suffering from heart rhythm disturbances. In addition to these painful sensations, a maniacal fear of death and an uneven pulse often arise.

If a person has a stenocardic attack, the pain will also be squeezed, while keeping track of the duration of pain. The fact is that a prolonged attack gives a signal about the onset of thrombosis or sharp stenosis of the coronary vessels. It is worth noting that in this case, taking nitroglycerin will not work, with such pains you should immediately call for cardiac emergency care.

Myocardial infarction

unpleasant sensations in the heart area

In the case of severe pain that appeared suddenly, it is also necessary to urgently call an ambulance, as this is the first sign of the development of myocardial infarction. In addition to sharp pain, a person has a shiver in his hands, a strong sweating and lack of oxygen.

In addition, with myocardial infarction, pain can be shifted to the abdomen and remind intestinal colic. In this case, a person may experience severe nausea and vomiting. And in some situations, memory loss with uncontrolled urination.

Diseases of the digestive tract

If the culprit is a defect of the esophagus and stomach, the pain will also be located in the area of ​​the heart muscle. And to express such a symptom will be a sharp pain, flies in the eyes and dizziness. Basically, these sensations can be manifested after eating and in the evenings.

It is also worth noting that a person may have bleeding and a loss of consciousness. Therefore, do not wait at home, when it becomes easier, you should immediately seek help.


With thromboembolism of the pulmonary artery, pain will be intensified and bear a pressing character, while the blood pressure in a person falls and there may even be a faint. The main sign of the development of this particular defect is panic attacks and a feeling of a strong fear of death.

With a broken rib, a person can also have a sharp pain in the heart area, gradually growing into a gnawing or aching. Such a symptom can then grow, then become less pronounced, but the pain in the heart will be disturbed even when inhaled.

If a person regularly lifts large weights, then later it may be disturbed by a pressing or dull pain in the heart area. By itself, such pain will not be long, but more often it worries only during the lifting of gravity.

Neurocircular dystonia

If a person is disturbed by stitching and irregular pain in the heart area, but there were no violations of blood circulation, then such a sign is not considered dangerous. Basically this symptom is manifested when a neurocircular dystonia is revealed in a person. This defect is characterized by an insufficient rate of constriction and expansion of the vessels. In this case, you will need to visit a doctor and undergo the necessary examination to prescribe adequate treatment.

It is worth noting, sometimes an unpleasant sensation in the region of the heart, weakness can manifest itself with tachycardia.

Why else may arise?

discomfort in the heart in the evening

But in the overwhelming majority of such a symptom occurs against the background of the following processes:

  • with inflammation;
  • for supercooling;
  • when stretching muscle tissue;
  • for intercostal neuralgia;
  • with shingles.

In such cases, heart pain can manifest itself during coughing or inhaling.

With severe pain in the heart, it is often possible to determine a heart attack. In this case, a person will be disturbed by a very strong, even intolerable pain, and panic and fear of death may also begin.

If you begin to worry aching pain, then this can indicate a constant stressful condition of the patient. Often the main sign is "painful infringement of the heart".Such a symptom was classified as "cardioneurosis."It provokes unpleasant sensations in the region of the heart. Lack of air is also a fairly common symptom. And to cope with such a problem, it is sometimes enough for a person to visit a good psychotherapist. As a rule, this specialist is able to completely rid the person of this trouble.

What should be the actions of the patient with such symptoms?

unpleasant sensations in the heart from the experience

When a person in the heart area has discomfort, the most correct thing is to make a visit to the therapist or to the cardiologist. On reception at the doctor it is necessary to tell in detail about all unpleasant sensations which began to disturb the person. Then the doctor will appoint an additional examination in the form of such manipulations as:

  • blood and urine tests;
  • Fluorography;
  • ECG with mandatory decoding;
  • ECHO cardioversion.

It is worth noting that the doctor may prescribe additional studies that he deems necessary.

Such a survey will help to exclude the development of real myocardial diseases or give guarantees that the current condition of the patient is not associated with the risk of manifestation of this pathology. Perhaps the pain is the result of stressful situations that are piled on a person every day, so the expert will recommend a good psychotherapist who will help to cope with the moral burden that causes such a symptom. There are unpleasant feelings in the heart from the experience.

It should be noted that, as described above, pain can be triggered by the development of defects in another system of the human body, so the specialist will find out by using a survey that will allow timely treatment. Sometimes unpleasant feelings develop in the heart after eating. This can talk about a stomach condition. feeling of heaviness in the region of the heart


Pain in the area of ​​the heart is an unpleasant symptom, which can prove to be dangerous. It is for this reason that it is not worthwhile to delay the visit to the doctor. It is important to understand that the heart is our main engine and on how healthy it depends our overall health. Therefore, if you have unpleasant symptoms, be sure to show your doctor, it will never be superfluous to be safe.