"Eva" - pregnancy test: reviews, application features, prices

Many years ago, women learned about their pregnancy from a doctor. It happened about 2 months. Previously, it was not possible to determine with accuracy the new situation. With the passage of time, everything changed. Now it is possible to learn that the conception has occurred, on the first day of the delay. One of the methods of diagnosis is "Eva" - a pregnancy test. He has different opinions. About them you will tell this article. Also you can learn about the peculiarities of using strips and their cost.

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Testimonial about the pregnancy test "Eva" will be presented to your attention further in the article. To begin with, it is worth giving a short description of this device. The test is in the form of a paper strip of a small size. In comparison with many similar tests, the described device has a small width. On a paper basis antibodies to a chorionic gonadotropin - a hormone of pregnancy are put. It is his presence in the body of a woman and determines the device.

Pregnancy test "Eva", whose reviews are quite contradictory, does not have a cardboard package. It is placed in a foil bag with a set of moisture-removing gel. Instructions for using the test are described on the outside of the package. The cost of adaptation is about 20-30 rubles per unit of goods.

Eva Pregnancy Testimonials Before Delay

How to use the

test What are the application features of the device? The manufacturer recommends conducting the research not earlier than on the first day of the delay. For manipulation, it is necessary to collect a portion of urine into a clean container. The manufacturer advises to carry out diagnostics in the morning. Because exactly in this portion of urine there is the highest level of chorionic gonadotropin.

Women indicate that the test is very easy to use. And this is his undisputed plus. In order to do it, you need to perform the following manipulations. Take the strip for the colored area. It has a green or blue color. Lower the paper base into the urine strictly vertically to the marked line. Wait the time specified in the instructions( usually 5-30 seconds), then pull out the device. Place the test strip on a flat and, importantly, dry surface. Estimate the result in 3-5 minutes.

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Testing time: the experience of women

As you already know, the manufacturer recommends in the morning hours to use the "Eve" strips( pregnancy test).Reviews of women say that at this time the line, indicating the onset of pregnancy, is getting brighter. If you make a test in the afternoon or evening, then it may turn out to be paler. This difference is explained very simply. The main concentration of the pregnancy hormone( hCG) in the urine is observed in the early morning. Therefore this portion of the liquid has an advantage in testing. Women are not so important brightness of the additional strip. They need to get a positive or negative result. Therefore it is perfectly permissible to use the test during the day. It is important only not to drink before this a large amount of fluid and do not urinate for several hours.

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"Eva", pregnancy test: reviews

Before delay, the device can show pregnancy in case of its onset. Almost all users say this. The sensitivity of the test is 30 IU.In the first days after conception, the level of the pregnant hormone doubles every 1.5 days. If you make a simple calculation, you can get the following figures:

  • The first day - 2 IU.
  • Fourth - 8.
  • The seventh - 32.
  • The tenth - 128.
  • The thirteenth day - 512 IU.

Please note that the amount of pregnant hormone in the urine is lower than in the blood. Despite the fact that on the 7th day after conception the woman has already determined 32 IU, the test can still not show it. By the way, there are also negative opinions about the device. Some women say that they were deceived by "Eva", a pregnancy test. The reviews report that the strip showed a positive result. However, a few days later, menstruation began.

Doctors say that this happens. Sometimes the pregnancy is interrupted at the earliest possible time. Many women are unaware of this. Also, there are reviews that report that the test showed a positive result late. For example, after a week of delay. Doctors explain this by a hormonal malfunction and a shift in ovulation, which is not a pathology and does not interfere with the normal progression of pregnancy.

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Opinions about the cost of the device

What else is there about the device "Eva"( pregnancy test) reviews? Strip prices are quite democratic, you already know about it. Some buyers, they cause fear. Women say that a high-quality product can not cost so cheaply. They assume that the manufacturer saves on quality and quantity of reagent. And this is fraught with an incorrect result. Is this really the case?

The device "Eva" for determining pregnancy is available in foil bags. You already know this. It is on the packaging and saves the manufacturer, but not on the quality of the goods. If the test were produced in additional cardboard boxes with a printed instruction, as it happens with other manufacturers, it would cost twice as much.

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Reliability of the result

Reviews about the pregnancy test Miltom "Eva" are mostly positive. Women are satisfied with the result. If conception has come, then the test shows it. Usually, he does not give false-negative results. However, early testing can show a single strip with subsequent confirmation of pregnancy.

There are opinions of women who say that the test did not fit, deceived or something else did not please. All this is quite individual. And every such case has its own peculiarities. Also, representatives of the weaker sex report that in 10-15 minutes the test strip draws a reagent and you can see the second line. This gives a hopeless faith in the miracle of women who want to become pregnant. To obtain a reliable result, the manufacturer does not recommend conducting studies until the first day of the delay. Follow the instructions and get the expected results!