The drug "Abyufen": instructions for use, reviews

Why is a drug such as Abyufen needed? Instructions for use, reviews, analogues and purpose of this tool will be presented below. Also, you will find out under what conditions this medication is contraindicated for use, and whether it causes side effects. abyufen instructions for use review

Form, composition of

What form is characteristic for such a drug as "Abyufen"?Instructions for use, reviews argue that this medication is available exclusively in the form of oral tablets. They have a special coating that facilitates the ingestion process. If the patient is difficult to take the drug in its entirety, then it is allowed to grind it. By the way, in the shredded state this medicine is absorbed more quickly and begins its action.

What components does Abufen contain? Instructions for use, reviews report that the active ingredient of this drug is beta-alanine. In addition, the formulation of tablets includes such auxiliary ingredients as magnesium stearate, glycerin palmitostearate, colloidal aqueous silicon dioxide and wheat starch.

The drug "Abyufen"( instruction on the use of this medicine is enclosed in a package) is on sale in blisters with 10 tablets, which are packaged in cardboard packs.

Pharmacodynamic properties of

Tablets "Abyufen", the instructions for use of which are described below, are an antimaliotic. Its active ingredient prevents the rapid release of histamine and does not have antihistaminic activity. Such properties were obtained by the lack of a blockade of H1 receptors.

The active ingredient of the agent under consideration directly affects the cutaneous peripheral vasodilation, which causes vegetative sensations of heat, hot flashes, sudden heat and headaches. abyufen instructions for use

At the physiological level, such symptoms are associated with the activation of thermoregulatory centers located in the hypothalamus. Also, these signs are a consequence of the reactions that occur when an imbalance of cerebral neurotransmitters occurs after the production of hormones in the ovaries has ceased.

The main component contained in this preparation can significantly improve the patient's condition. He also normalizes the overall work of the woman's organism and relieves her of all the unpleasant sensations that are caused by the menopause.

Indications for the use of tablets

In what cases are patients prescribed the drug "Abyufen"?Instruction, reviews report that this tool is actively used by women after 47 years in the menopause period. Its use contributes to the restoration of all processes in the body, and also leads the hormones in order and improves the general condition of the person.

There are no special restrictions in the use of this medication. However, it should be noted that you can only use tablets under the guidance of an experienced doctor. Only in this case the medicine is able to show all its therapeutic effectiveness and restore the work of many functions of the body.

Prohibitions on the prescription of the drug

When should I not use the drug "Abyufen"?Instructions for use, the reviews say that for the period of pregnancy and breastfeeding this medication does not have a detrimental effect. Therefore, there are no strict limitations in its application. However, using this tool without consulting a specialist is strictly prohibited. abyufen instructions reviews

According to the enclosed instructions, these tablets can not be administered only to people with hypersensitivity to its ingredients. In this regard, before applying the drug should be tested for an allergic reaction. In the rest, "Abyufen" is an absolutely safe drug that can not cause irreparable harm to a person.

Medication "Abyufen": instructions for use

Contraindications to the use of this remedy were presented above. How should it be properly applied? According to the instructions, this medicine is taken on 1-2 tablets every day( depending on the condition of the woman).

In some cases, the dosage of the drug may be increased to three tablets per day.

This medication does not depend on food intake. As for the duration of therapy, it should not exceed 10 days. The minimum duration of treatment is 5 days, but this is only under the most favorable conditions.

Side effects of the drug

Does Abufen medication contribute to the development of adverse reactions? Instructions for use, reviews argue that this medication does not contain anything that can adversely affect the human body. However, it should be noted that there are still components in it that can cause allergic reactions. abyuphen tablets

If you take the drug strictly according to the instructions, following all the recommendations of an experienced doctor, then there are no side effects.

Overdose with

Now you know what Abufen is. Instructions for use, reviews are also presented in this article.

No cases of overdose with this drug have been recorded at this time. Experts say that this medicine is absolutely safe. However, one can not help saying that if the doctor's recommendations are not observed and if the doses of the drug are exceeded, the patients may still experience an allergic reaction. In this case, you should stop treatment and contact an experienced specialist. abufen preparation instructions for use

Interaction with other drugs

In addition to an active substance such as beta-alanine, the preparation in question also contains auxiliary substances such as magnesium, silicon, glycerin and wheat starch. In this regard, simultaneously use drugs in which there are similar components, is highly discouraged. Otherwise, the body of a woman can be oversaturated with them, which will lead to the development of allergic reactions. Therefore, before using this medication, you should consult your doctor and carefully read the enclosed instructions.

Conditions and shelf life of

The drug "Abyufen" must be kept out of the reach of children. Also avoid direct sunlight, otherwise it will reduce the shelf life of the medicine several times.

The storage temperature of the drug in question is 25 degrees. It is forbidden to be frozen, and after the expiration date it must be disposed of, even if the medicine package has not been damaged.

The drug "Abyufen" has a long shelf life. According to the instructions, it is three years. abyufen instruction on the use of contraindications

Reviews about the drug "Abyufen", its analogs

What do patients say about the anti- climacteric drug under consideration? Most women were satisfied with the effect of this medication. They argue that after applying the drug, virtually all the symptoms of menopause have been eliminated for a short time. Thus, the tablets "Abyufen" well eliminate vegetative sensations of heat, "hot flashes", sudden heat and headaches. In addition, their reception can significantly improve the overall condition and functioning of the body.

Also to the merits of the drug in question include the absence of side effects and strict contraindications. Not less than this patient is pleased with the price of the antimussic remedy. As a rule, it is about 370 rubles.

As for the negative feedback about the drug "Abyufen", it is rather difficult to meet them. Usually they are left only by those consumers who have a heightened sensitivity to the ingredients of this remedy. drug abyufen instructions for use review

The analogues of this medication include: Klimadiene, Inoklim, Femivell, Elteans, Binisan, Divigel and others.