How to burn warts at home?

How to burn warts? Such a question arises when a benign outgrowth of brown color is found on the body, spoiling the appearance and causing a constant sense of discomfort.

than burn warts

The appearance of such neoplasms is caused by the activity of the papilloma virus present in the human body.

How to burn warts: medical methods

Warts, provoked most often by microtrauma or excessive sweating of the skin, can be formed at any age. The most "preferred" places are hands, toes, knees, elbows, axillary zone. Having a kind of nodule with a rough, rather unpleasant surface, for the most part, these outgrowths are not painful and can completely disappear completely independently, without treatment.

When a wart is found, the most logical solution is to consult a doctor. This is required primarily to confirm that the neoplasm is not malignant. In addition, a specialist can advise how to solve this problem:

  • cryodestruction - cauterization of warty growths with liquid nitrogen;
  • electrocoagulation - removal by high-frequency current;
  • laser method;
  • surgical excision;
  • external use of special medicines.

How to burn warts at home

A wart can be safely removed at home, the blessing contributes to this a large number of painless folk recipes, accumulated by our grandmothers and grandfathers.

The most common method is cauterization of celandine juice, which should be dripped 4 times a day from a freshly cut stem.

than burn warts at home

Papilloma will disappear in 3 weeks. Small warts can be removed with garlic or dandelion juice, dripping it several times a day on the affected area of ​​the body.

An effective remedy for warts is chopped garlic( 4 lobules), infused for 2 weeks on apple cider vinegar( 0.5 cup).Daily wiping warts in a short time from the last will not leave a trace.

No less effective is acetic acid, which is always available in master stocks. Every day before going to bed, one drop of such a substance should be dripped directly into the wart, without touching healthy tissue.

With growths, an indoor plant such as Kalanchoe pinnate can effectively fight. To the affected area at night, it is required to apply its crushed leaves.

than to remove the wart on the nose

Against warts vegetables and fruits

How to remove the wart on the finger? Drug from fresh juice of sour apples with regular application is quite capable of relieving such an unpleasant phenomenon. Brown growths will first darken, then decrease in size, and soon disappear altogether.

A wart can be burned with a raw onion, halves of which should be held for 2 hours in vinegar, tied to the wart in the evening and left for the night. Repeat the procedure 3-4 times. Warts will come out together with the root. than burn warts

How to remove the wart on the nose? In this case, it is recommended to resort to the ancient folk method - removing warts with raw uncleaned potatoes. All the excrescences on the body and face are to be rubbed with fresh halves of the root crop, which are then firmly bound with a woolen thread and thrown away from the human eyes. Folk healers claim: as soon as the discarded potato decays, the warts will immediately disappear. As an analogue, you can use other products, easily susceptible to rot: sour apple, beetroot or carrot.

than to burn a wart on a finger

Another ancient recipe is based on the use of crushed lemon peels and placed in a glass jar. The contents of the jar are required to fill ½ cup of 9% vinegar, close tightly and leave for a week, shaking occasionally. Then, the obtained medicine should be filtered and every day a few times to lubricate the problem areas.

With the independent removal of warts, it is recommended to use a band-aid with a cut-out hole and seal nearby tissues, leaving the growths open for various treatments. At the end of the procedure, the band-aid should be removed and the covers washed.

Ash in the control of warts

Than to prune a wart on a finger? Traditional medicine since ancient times in removing such growths used a recipe with ash. It is required to take a few large wooden matches, break off their sulfur heads, then burn them. In the resulting coal add a few drops of water and mix to a gruel-like condition. The received agent to put on warts, covering from above with an adhesive plaster( that the muffin too quickly was not showered off).The ashes must be renewed daily. After 4-5 days the tumors gradually wrinkle and eventually completely dry out.

And than to burn a wart at home? Means, in the pharmacy bought, perhaps much more effective?

"Verrukatsid" is an effective drug against warts

Any chemical remedy for warts, which is presented in a pharmacy with a huge assortment, should be used strictly according to the instructions. Sufficiently effective is the drug "Verrukacid", used to remove filamentous, plantar and common warts, as well as dry corns. This oily liquid of yellow color with a specific phenol smell is used exclusively externally: a wooden instrument or a special applicator is applied strictly to warts, without hitting the healthy skin in order to avoid chemical burns. At the time of treatment, it is recommended to coat the surrounding tissues with a fat cream or zinc paste.

than to remove the wart on the finger medicine

For small papillomas and filiform warts, only one treatment is sufficient;build-ups of large sizes( 3-4 mm) should be lubricated 3-4 times intermittently, giving the fluid time to soak. Warts with dense keratinous surface should be softened first by applying a salicylic ointment or covering the problem area with polyethylene and applying a gauze dressing. After a while, the bandage needs to be removed, the skin to steam for about a quarter of an hour in water with soda, keratinize the areas with forceps. Apply the medicine after the surface dries. Repeated treatment can be carried out after a week from the moment of falling off of crust. The approximate price of the drug is 180-200 rubles.


How to burn warts quickly and effectively?"Superchistotel" is a pharmaceutical product, which has nothing in common with a plant of celandine. The action of such an alkaline solution of sodium and potassium hydroxide is based on the formation of a chemical burn. According to the instructions, within 3-5 days should be applied to the wart by drop "Superchistotel".After processing, the plant begins to turn black and disappears after a few days. The wound formed in this place will last for 2-3 weeks. The price of the drug is about 20 rubles.

Preparation on a natural basis: "Mountain cleanness"

This balm, characterized by antiviral action, containing in its composition natural components: celandine juice, gentian, rhododendron, cocoa.

than burn a wart at home remedy in a pharmacy

The agent is applied to the wart with an applicator or a stick for 3 days. The price is from 50 to 100 rubles.

Forget once and for all

How to burn warts to forget about them forever? Against ugly growths, the spray of "Cryopharma", which contains a refrigerant( liquid nitrogen) acting on the principle of freezing, is effective. In most cases, one-time use of the drug is enough: a positive effect is observed after 10-14 days. The cost is about 600 rubles.

Warts can be burned with "Allomedin" gel, applying it on the lesions twice daily for 3 weeks. Estimated price - 400 rubles.