Tarceva( erlotinib): price, analogues. How cheaper to buy Tarceva

The drug "Tarceva", or rather, its main active substance - erlotinib - is a powerful tyrosine kinase inhibitor. This enzyme is present in the epidermal growth factor receptor HER1 / EGFR, and its blocking helps to arrest the growth of a malignant tumor.

Based on the results of recent studies, the use of Tarceva prolonged life for patients with metastatic lung cancer by almost 42%.In addition, the drug reduces the manifestation of symptoms associated with this pathology - coughing, pain and shortness of breath.

The drug is dispensed only as directed by a physician. It can be purchased in the pharmacy chain, but it is expensive. And the generics of Tarceva are Erlonat and Erlocip, produced under license by the famous Indian companies Natco Pharna Ltd.and Cipla Ltd., are much cheaper.

Where can the drug Tarceva buy cheaper

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The generic price of Tarceva tablets is not reduced by the fact that these drugs are inferior to the brand. They are manufactured under an official license and under strict quality control. It's just that Indian corporations do not have to invest in technology and research. And this in the end is able to help an ordinary buyer who finds himself in a difficult everyday situation. Therefore, when ordering generics "Tarceva" on this site, do not be afraid that you will get a fake!

Dosage and administration of the drug

The drug is taken orally, one hour before or two hours after a meal, once a day.

Depending on the diagnosis, the dose of Tarceva varies:

  • for non-small cell lung cancer 150 mg( at one time);
  • in the detection of pancreatic cancer is prescribed 100 mg, in combination with a drug containing gemcitabine.

If necessary, dose adjustment is reduced gradually, by 50 mg.

If there is a symptom of the progression of the pathology, treatment with Tarceva should be stopped.

Erlotinib( "Tarceva") in a dose exceeding the recommended dose can cause skin rashes and diarrhea in the patient and lead to an increase in the level of hepatic enzymes. These manifestations require symptomatic therapy, and treatment with the drug "Tarceva" for this time is suspended.

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This medication is not prescribed if there is a pronounced allergy to erlotinib."Tarceva" is also not shown pregnant and lactating.

Specialists should be cautious, prescribing the drug for violations of the liver, as well as under-18 patients.

Side effects of

In the process of using Tarceva tablets or generics, the following undesirable effects may occur in patients:

  • diarrhea;
  • nausea and vomiting;
  • anorexia;
  • pain in the epigastric region;
  • gastric bleeding( especially in the case of simultaneous use of the drug "Warfarin" or NSAIDs);
  • conjunctivitis;
  • keratitis;
  • nasal bleeding;
  • cough and shortness of breath;
  • headache;
  • Neuropathy;
  • dry skin, itching;
  • weight loss.

Features of the application of

With the progression of signs of pulmonary pathology( cough, dyspnea and fever), the Tarceva drug is discontinued until the cause is clarified.

Patients at risk of dehydration need control of the number of electrolytes in the blood( potassium, including), as well as monitoring the functioning of the kidneys.

Since Tarceva therapy in some cases led to the development of hepatic insufficiency, the liver should be observed throughout the course, especially in patients who have pathologies or receive hepatotoxic drugs. In case of detection of severe liver damage, the Tarceva remedy is stopped.

The use of the drug is also impossible in the case of detection of gastrointestinal perforation, with the development of exfoliative or bullous skin lesions, as well as in the case of eye pain or exacerbation of ophthalmic pathological processes.

During the treatment process and at least 14 days after it, women need reliable contraceptives.