Fish oil "Meller": instruction, benefit and harm

Fish oil "Meller" instructions for use describes as a preparation containing a mixture of glycerides of various acids.

How to get fish oil

This substance is extracted from the liver and muscles of large marine fish that live in cold ocean waters. This includes: cod, Norwegian salmon, herring and mackerel. Of two kilograms of sea fish, you can get about two hundred and fifty grams of fish oil.

Pharmacokinetic properties

Fish oil "Meller" instructions for use describes how a preparation containing vitamins and fatty acids necessary for a successful life of a person. Included in the composition of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids are involved in the production of insulin, and regulate the digestive processes and are responsible for fat metabolism.

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These acids are irreplaceable, as they can not be produced in the body itself, so they should be taken along with the food. They contribute to the absorption of fats by the body and have a good effect on the cardiovascular system.

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The fish oil "Meller" describes the instruction as a preparation that ensures the correct activity of the brain. With its help, cognitive functions are established and degenerative processes are inhibited.

Fish oil significantly increases the brain serotonin content and increases the body's stress resistance.

What vitamins contain fish oil "Meller"

Instruction indicates the two main vitamins contained in the drug. It's retinol and ergocalciferol.

Thanks to vitamin A, the skin, mucous membranes, eyesight, nails, hair are maintained, and the aging processes in the body are significantly slowed down.

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Vitamin D is a very important ally of the body, as it absorbs calcium, phosphorus and other trace elements. And this, in turn, is very important for the growth of bones. This vitamin is indispensable for the elderly and children.

Fish oil "Meller": instruction, benefits and harm

The drug has a huge positive effect on the human body. It can normalize blood pressure, reduce the risk of developing diabetes, and prevent arrhythmia.

With its help you can protect yourself from stress and depression. The risk of malignant tumors will decrease as much as possible, the nutrition of the tissues will improve, the inflammatory processes will slow down, and the brain will start to work with redoubled force.

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However, do not forget that there may be negative sides, so it is not always possible to use the drug. Do not forget that fish oil is a substance that can cause allergic reactions.

Also, the Norwegian fish oil "Meller" does not recommend the use of patients with thyroid pathology, with impaired liver and kidney function, pregnant women and people suffering from cholelithiasis.

You should not take the drug on an empty stomach, as this can cause an intestinal disorder.

Find for children

It's not easy to get a child to drink a tasteless liquid, and even with an unpleasant odor. But then came to the aid of the Norwegian company, which released fish oil "Meller" with a taste of lemon. The instruction describes this preparation as capsules, completely devoid of characteristic unpleasant odor.

cod liver oil for children instruction

This tool is a real godsend for children. After all, it contains vitamin D3 and essential fatty acids, which the child needs. Doctors recommend taking two capsules a day. This will be quite enough for the body to get the right dose of useful elements.

In order for a child to receive such a quantity of vitamin D and fatty acids, it is necessary to eat a large portion of sea fish five times a week. Solve this problem can fish oil "Meller".

Instruction, reviews confirm that this product is an excellent replacement for expensive culinary products. Regular use of the drug guarantees the solution of most health problems in children and in older children.

Recommendations of pediatricians

Fish oil "Meller baby" instruction describes as a preparation that perfectly copes with such childish ailments:

- memory impairment;

- frequent colds;

- increased immunity;

- excessive dryness of the skin;

- combating stress and depression;

- as well as a lack of vitamin D.

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Young children under two years of age are recommended to take fish oil for the prevention of rickets. Since the drug contains a large amount of vitamin D, it provides good growth of muscle and bone tissue, and also strengthens the immune system.

Fish oil has a good effect on thinking processes in a small organism, correctly forms brain tissue and speeds up the memorization process.

Fish oil "Meller" for children refers to drugs that affect behavior. Hyperactive children become more diligent and obedient, therefore their performance indicators at school are improved. There is an interest in reading, studying and other cognitive activities.

Fish oil in the form of a liquid is recommended to give to children at the age of three months.

Can Fish Oil Be Used During Pregnancy

Doctors do not recommend using the drug during pregnancy. This drug can be used by nursing women, but only if its benefit to the mother will be much higher risk for the baby.

Pregnant women can be prescribed fish oil, which is obtained not from the liver, but from muscle tissue. This drug specifically passes several stages of purification and contains only useful fatty acids. Vitamins A and D in the composition of such an additive will not enter, because they are strong allergens.

Can fish oil contribute to weight loss

Caloric value of the drug is very high. In 100 g the preparation contains 900 Kcal. But, despite this, the remedy helps to fight excess weight.

Overweight leads to the fact that muscles and fatty layer become insensitive to insulin. It is this process that is responsible for the fat burning process. This suggests that at low sensitivity it will be very difficult to get rid of extra pounds. Add the omega-3 acid to food, and the process of weight loss will accelerate several times.

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Scientists conducted a series of experiments, during which it was found that the use of fish oil for weight loss accelerates the process of getting rid of fat and build muscle.

Reviews of people using fish oil for weight loss, suggest that the drug really helps to lose excess weight. After all, it accelerates the process of metabolism, and also has a slight laxative effect. However, good effect can not be achieved without proper nutrition and exercise.

Please note that the use of too large doses of the drug will provoke the development of chronic hypervitaminosis.

If you are undergoing surgery, stop using the drug a few days before it.

Storage and purchasing conditions

Fish oil "Meller" can be bought at any pharmacy. The prescription for this drug is not needed, but before using it is necessary to consult with a doctor.

Keep the packaging away from moisture and light. The oil should be stored at a temperature no higher than ten degrees Celsius. Freezing is allowed. Shelf life from the date of manufacture is two years.

Fish oil is a pledge of youth and good health. However, to feel great, you need to lead a healthy lifestyle and teach your children this.