"Azerbin"( spray): instructions for use, indications, composition and reviews

Every person during life has to deal with various injuries of the skin, get injured. These can be scratches, abrasions, cuts or burns. To treat and promptly heal such injuries, Austrian manufacturers have created the drug "Atserbin"( spray).Instructions for use, indications for the use of medication will be presented to your attention in today's article.

azerbine spray instruction manual

General description of the preparation: composition, form of production and cost

A medicament is available in the form of a liquid solution for external use. The volume of the vial is 80 milliliters or one liter. Small packagings have a nozzle-sprayer. Large bottles are meant for use in hospitals. What does the instructions for use say about the composition of the drug "Atserbin"( spray)?The annotation states that the active substances of the drug are malic, benzoic and salicylic acids, propylene glycol and propylene glycol monomalate.

You can buy the medicine in pharmacies without a prescription. The cost of a bottle of 80 milliliters with a spray nozzle is in the range of 400 to 500 rubles. Vary the price may depend on the conditions of the pharmacy network and your region.

spray azerbin instructions for use price

Prescribing medication and restrictions on the use of

Before using therapy with "Atserbin"( spray) medication, the instructions for use should be fully understood. Particular attention is paid to contraindications. The annotation says that the medicine is safe. Do not use it only with increased sensitivity to components. The medication can be used even in pediatrics and in pregnant women without negative consequences.

The agent is prescribed for the following indications:

  • burns on the skin surface( without affecting the deep layers);
  • wounds that do not heal for a long time( no signs of acute bacterial infection);
  • trophic ulcers, including with varicose veins;Bedsores of different severity;
  • skin diseases are infectious.

azerbin spray instruction manual

"Azerbin"( spray): instruction for use

The medication is used only externally."Azerbin"( spray) instructions for use advise spraying on the affected skin 2-3 times a day. If necessary, pre-treatment with antiseptic is possible( on the recommendation of the doctor).

In case of damage to large areas of the skin, a bandage can be applied. To do this, moisten the sterile fabric with the drug "Azerbin", then fix it with a bandage. The change of such a compress is necessary after 2 hours.

What is the duration of use of the drug "Azerbin"?Instructions for use and feedback from specialists recommend the use of a medicament until the wound surface is completely healed and the skin is repaired. When there is tissue scarring, the medication is used once a day.

azerbin spray instructions for use

Action and interaction of the drug

The drug has antiseptic, regenerating, restoring and keratolytic action. After application to the affected areas, the active ingredients begin to actively fight microbes, eliminating pathogenic microorganisms. The drug disinfects, sterilizes. At the same time, the solution does not dry the affected areas.

The instruction on the use of the medicine says that it can be combined with other drugs. In this case, salicylic acid will not change their chemical formula and violate the principle of action. Often spray "Atserbin" is combined with immunomodulating, antibacterial and cleansing compounds.

Opinions about the medicine

Characterizes only the positive side of the drug "Azerbin"( spray) instructions for use. Reviews about this drug is different. Some patients remain satisfied with the treatment. Others take a neutral position. Negative opinions of the drug acquired in connection with its high cost. Many consumers simply can not afford to buy such a medicine. There are also officially registered cases when the use of the medicine caused allergy. It was manifested by a rash, itching, swelling. Doctors say that this situation should be considered individually. Only after the examination is the question of the cancellation of the drug. The medicine sometimes causes a slight burning sensation after spraying, but it lasts for a few seconds.

The action of the drug is characterized on the positive side. Patients say that after 2-3 days after the beginning of therapy, the effect becomes noticeable. Wounds that used to not heal for a long time begin to scar. Those consumers who used the medicine for pressure sores, are delighted with the described drug. The remedy not only heals the damaged veil, but also leaves scarring.

Widely used spray in pediatrics. Young children often fall, get skin injuries. Often the source of damage( scratches) are animals. The drug "Atserbin" allows you to neutralize the wound surface, remove microbes, which can cause further infection. Those parents who once bought this medicine, now always keep it in their home medicine chest. The drug can be stored for five years from the date of manufacture. In addition, it does not require certain conditions. It is enough to place the spray "Azerbin" in a dark place at an air temperature of no more than 25 degrees. Limit the children's access to the storage of this antiseptic.

azerbin instructions for use and reviews

Summing up

In its majority, the "Atserbin" spray gets good reviews. Instructions for use, the price of the drug and the way it is used are already known to you. Often, the drug is used without prescribing a doctor. But it is worth noting that all deep wounds and long-lasting non-healing skin lesions should be examined by a specialist. In the absence of the effect of therapy for one week, it is recommended to show the doctor. A speedy recovery for you!