"Colgate Sensitive Pro Relief" - therapeutic toothpaste

To replace tooth powders presently, a more convenient paste has come. What kind of varieties can not you see on the shelves of stores!"Colgate Sensitive Pro Relief" is developed according to a special recipe. About her features and testimonies we will tell further.

Specificity of

paste There are many universal toothpastes that are suitable for everyone. But for some people who have problems in the field of dentistry, such a tool will be small. If you have gum hypersensitivity or bleeding, then, of course, the doctor, in addition to medicines, will prescribe you a specialized toothpaste.

colgate sensitiv about a religion

This is also the "Colgate Sensitive Pro Relief."Its main task is to prevent tooth sensitivity.

Who knows, how much this unpleasant sensation, that and is familiar with such kind of tooth-pastes. It envelops the teeth with special protection. It is based on the action of saliva, which reduces the painful sensations in the hygiene of the oral cavity.

Toothpaste Colgate Sensitive Pro Relief can be used both daily for this problem and after professional cleaning, when the enamel is not able to protect teeth in full.

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In addition, this remedy helps prevent tooth decay and whiten teeth. This suggests that you do not need to use several tools at once, it will be enough for this complex.

Comprehensive protection of

"Colgate Sensitive Pro Relief" is a complex for reducing the sensitivity of both teeth and gums. In addition to toothpaste, the manufacturer has developed a conditioner that helps a little for a while to remove unpleasant sensations when there is no way to brush your teeth.

pasta colgate sensitiv about the religion

This is very convenient for people with a long working day. It is enough to hold this liquid in your mouth for a few seconds to remove sensitivity.

Also in this series includes a special toothbrush. It consists of super-soft bristles that carefully remove plaque. Unique pads designed specifically for cleaning the tongue and gums. Using this paste regularly together with a special brush, you can already feel a lasting effect from the first applications.

An unusual addition to this range is a tool for use only in the dentist's office. This is a kind of toothpaste with more pronounced disinfectant properties.

Indications and contraindications

Toothpaste Colgate Sensitive About Relief

Colgate Sensitive Pro Relief paste is intended for those people who have hypersensitivity problems. This means seals so-called dentinal canals. For this reason, the sensitivity disappears, and discomfort disappears. The manufacturer claims that after the first application the effect is felt. After four weeks of stable use of this paste, the channels leading to the nerves turn out to be completely filled, and therefore the sensitivity of the dentin decreases for a long time.

It is also recommended to use it after professional cleaning. This procedure bleaches the enamel, but bare the neck of the teeth. Unpleasant sensations due to this paste disappear for a long time.

For the best result it is necessary to use the whole complex.

This paste is contraindicated to those who, after reading the composition, saw in it allergenic components. These can be calcium and arginine.

Instruction of

Toothpaste "Colgate Sensitive Pro Relief", reviews about which are mostly positive, quite simple to use. To obtain the result, it is necessary to clean twice a day. Apply a little paste( the size of a pea) on a brush with a soft bristle. It is better if she is from the series "Pro Relief".Within two to three minutes, brush your teeth, paying special attention to problem areas.

colgate sensitive about religion reviews

In case you are using a liquid paste for the dental office, but at home, it is necessary to apply it in a special soft bowl placed on the brush and massage those places in which special sensitivity is manifested.

In difficult cases, when the first applications do not immediately help, you can additionally apply the paste, rubbing it into the painful areas for a minute. Such manipulation will calm the pain. After that, rinse your mouth well, as this product is dangerous if swallowed.

«Colgate Sensitive Pro Relief»: reviews

Many consumers purchased this paste on the advice of dentists. In general, many were satisfied with its prolonged effect. Simplicity in application attracts: it is not necessary to run into dentistry for fluoridation. This tool will enrich this element with your teeth and at home.

Most customers note that the cost of this facility is above average. For one bottle you will have to pay more than two hundred rubles. However, for the result obtained from the use of this paste, it is not a pity to give money.

Not all buyers could feel a long effect. Some note that the sensitivity appears again after a few hours. The reason for this may be hypersensitivity, when it takes a fairly long time for the dentinal canals to close.

toothpaste colgate sensitive about religion reviews


Summing up the above, it's safe to say that "Colgate Sensitive Pro Relief" is really a good tool. You can not just call it toothpaste. After all, it not only helps to clean the oral cavity, but also has a therapeutic effect. In this case, the manufacturer in his advertising, relating to this paste, not at all cunning. Pasta performs many different functions, but most importantly - reduces the hypersensitivity of teeth and gums.