Anapa."Ellada"( sanatorium): reviews, photos, phone. How to get to the "Hellas" sanatorium?

Two hundred and eighty-five days of sunshine a year, the amazing Black Sea, the sandy beaches, which are rare for the Caucasus coast, are all presented to their guests by the city of Anapa."Hellas" is a sanatorium, which can be called the pearl of this resort. Here you will not only have a wonderful rest, but also an effective recovery. At least the fact that it belongs to the tax authority of the Russian Federation speaks about the high level of service in this health resort. But a mere mortal can also rest in "Hellas", paying for a ticket. In this article we will give an exhaustive information about this sanatorium. We will tell a little about the resort of Anapa. Let's find out how quickly and without problems get to the place of rest. The information below is taken from the first hand - from the comments of those tourists who have already visited the "Hellas".Anapa Hellas sanatorium

Features Anapa and Gemete

This spa town is located in the Krasnodar Territory. It was a popular vacation spot back in the old Soviet times, and in the two thousandth, when considerable funds were invested in the region, it beat out in the top ten in terms of the number of summer tourists. In addition to the warm sea and hot sun, Anapa is famous for its health resorts. Local healing mud and mineral waters effectively fight with numerous diseases. As the resort began to develop long ago, since the middle of the last century, it overgrew satellites. Vityazevo, Dzhemete, Blagoveshchenskaya, Sukko - all this is now called "Big Anapa"."Hellas" is a sanatorium, five kilometers away from the city center. It is located in the resort village of Dzhemete. A characteristic feature of this place is the sand dunes, as in the Baltic States. Their height sometimes reaches twenty meters. The sandy beaches of Gemete are a parable in the country. No wonder the name of the village is translated from Adyghe as "gold placer".

Where is the sanatorium

FBLPU Federal Tax Service of Russia "Sanatorium" Ellada "in the city of Anapa is located at 45 Pionersky Avenue. If we look at the city plan, we will see that this transport highway stretches from the city center to the north to the airport in Vityazevo. Pioneer Avenue and the village of Dzhemete are pierced. This small resort has also that specificity, that here stop on rest those who does not love crowds and loud entertainments. Beaches of Gemete are all without exception sandy, sunset in the sea is gentle, and the bay is closed from the winds. Therefore, the village is an ideal place for a quiet family vacation with children. The entertainment infrastructure is located on the side of the Pioneer Avenue, which is remote from the sea, on which there is a sanatorium "Ellada"( Anapa).Phone of this health resort: 8( 86133) 3-35-61 or 3-39-31.In the registry you will be given full information about the prices for this summer, about the availability and category of rooms, about the documents you need to have with you in order to be registered for treatment. How to get to the sanatorium ella anapa

How to get to the sanatorium "Hellas"( Anapa)

If you arrive at the resort by air, you will be met by the airport located near the village of Vityazevo. In this case, you do not need Anapa: the "Hellas" sanatorium is located half way from the terminal to the center. Since all vehicles, including bus number 113 from the airport, follow the Pioneer Avenue, you do not have to go long with suitcases around the city. Just ask the driver to stop at Hellas.

The station is also very close to the sanatorium. From the railway station followed by minibus №№ 129 and 128. To plunge into the stormy evening life of Anapa, it is enough to take the bus. Routes 127 and 134 will drive you to the center in ten minutes. The ticket costs twenty rubles. A trip in an official taxi day will cost you at least four hundred. Private owners overestimate the price twice. By own car to get to Dzhemete from Moscow, it will be necessary to overcome one and a half thousand kilometers. But the road is one of the best in Russia: M4 "Don".The whole journey will take at least eighteen hours. Sanatorium ellada anapa reviews

Health resort area

What does the "Hellas" sanatorium( Anapa) look like? The photos show beautiful modern buildings, clean alleys among spruce trees, juicy Mediterranean vegetation of the park, turquoise pool water. But what about in reality? Reviews assure that wonderful pictures are not the result of photoshop. All this is a reality. On the facade there are three stars. As assured tourists visited the health resort, the sanatorium fully corresponds to this assessment and even claims a higher status. The territory of the health resort occupies space of five hectares. Everything is well landscaped, which creates a joyful holiday atmosphere. The old buildings( from the first to the fourth) are connected in a single complex with a dining room and a medical center. Nearby are multi-storey and more modern houses No. 5 and 6. The seventh building is located four hundred meters from all of them. Therefore, the guests of this building have their own dining room and their own swimming pool. The branch of the health resort is located in the city of Anapa. Sanatorium "Ellada"( buildings 8, 9, 10) is located at: Pionersky prospect, 23. Sanatorium of the Hellas in the city of Anapa

The children's health camp

Anapa and Gemete accept guests from May to October. But the sanatorium "Ellada" is open all year round. After all, those wishing to undergo a health or rehabilitation course after the illness can not wait. The golden beach, mild climate and the presence of mineral waters make the children's resort the village of Dzhemete( Anapa)."Hellas" is a sanatorium, which in summer hospitably opens its doors to children who are weak in health. For them a camp "Chernomorets" was set up on the territory of the health resort. Small guests are accommodated in ten one-story cottages. The reviews point out that a large concentration of children does not make the rest of the sanatorium noisy. With small patients, the counselors work, which carry out exercises with them, various exercises and games. Children are fed separately, under the general menu. Anapa sanatorium of the Hellas Corps 8 9 10


This is the best place for accommodation in the village of Gemete( Anapa)."Hellas" is a sanatorium that offers its guests wonderful rooms of different categories. Reviews often complain that a lonely traveler finds it difficult to find accommodation at Russian resorts. But in the sanatorium "Hellas" there are rooms for such tourists. Of course, most rooms are designed for two persons. In some rooms, a third tenant may be accommodated. There are also family apartments with a double door. Room categories vary from standard to three-room suites. In the middle of the price segment are rooms of increased comfort and studio. So the rooms of the sanatorium are designed for any contingent of tourists.

What about the rooms?

Sanatorium "Hellas"( Anapa) reviews are called a very comfortable resting place. Even in the simplest rooms of the first category, there is an effectively overclocking southern heat conditioner, TV with satellite channels, refrigerator. All rooms for guests have their own bathroom. In the superior rooms and suites, the bedroom is complemented by a sitting area with upholstered furniture. Reviews note the presence of spacious balconies in some rooms. They are equipped with a set of light furniture( a table and chairs).Where there is an entrance hall, guests will find in the wardrobe brushes for clothes and shoes, a large mirror. In the bathrooms, guests are expected hygienic supplies. In the family apartment there is a set of necessary utensils. Sanatorium ellada anapa photo


"Hellas" is a sanatorium where first of all complex treatment is conducted. And it is impossible without special dietary nutrition. There are three dining rooms in the sanatorium: one for the VIP guests of the seventh building, the second for the children in the camp and the third, the most extensive, for the rest of the guests. You can not call "all-inclusive" meals, but rather, it's a full board. In the dining room there are two halls. One of them is intended for patients to whom the doctor has appointed any dietary food. In both halls, meals are served according to the principle of a buffet. The food is organized according to the eleven-day menu layout, which meets the requirements of the Ministry of Health of Russia. As they say, the doctors basically prescribe the diets Nos. 5, 9 and 15. Fractional meals and days of release are also prescribed. But this does not affect the cost of the tour. On the tables there are always fresh fruits and vegetables, seafood and fish, meat dishes, fermented milk products, delicious pastries.

Power not included in the tour price

You can forget about the diet and make a feast to your stomach in the disco bar, which is conveniently located between the two pools of the sanatorium "Hellas".There you will be offered a wine list, a wide range of various dishes and snacks. This cafe has a very spectacular view both outside and inside. The hall is often booked for organizing banquets and receptions. On the beach of the sanatorium you can hide from the burning sun rays under a canopy cafe. There you will be offered tasty ice cream, cold beer, refreshing drinks. Sanatorium of the Hellas anapa

Anapa, sanatorium "Hellas": treatment of

What kind of ailments specializes in health resorts? This sanatorium is versatile. Here people with cardiovascular diseases( ischemia, angina, hypertension, cerebral atherosclerosis, neurocirculatory dystonia) and peripheral nervous system( radiculitis, plexitis, neuritis) are treated for treatment. Help in the sanatorium and patients with disabilities of the locomotor system and joints. As for the diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, in the health resort they effectively fight with chronic gastritis, peptic ulcer and colitis. Filled with sea iodine and phytoncides from the sun-heated pines, air itself is a healing factor. Its effect on the respiratory system is strengthened by procedures in the sanatorium "Hellas".Here, bronchitis, various kinds of asthma, protracted pneumonia and hay fever are cured. Staying in a sanatorium, you can check your eyesight for the presence of diseases of the retina, glaucoma and cataract.


The usual duration of the tour in the sanatorium "Ellada" is eighteen days. At arrival it is necessary to have not only a passport and a paid voucher, but also a sanatorium book, health insurance, the direction of your doctor. First, tourists are examined and consulted by a local therapist. After that, vacationers are prescribed a set of procedures( usually five to seven).If necessary, the therapist( or pediatrician) gives a referral to a specialist in the sanatorium( surgeon, neurologist, otolaryngologist, gynecologist, oculist, dentist).Diseases are effectively combated with the help of hardware physiotherapy, inhalations, therapeutic baths and showers, massages, dietary nutrition, physiotherapy exercises, paraffin-ozocerite applications, mineral water and healing mud. In the health resort it is possible not only to get rid of various ailments, but also to undergo a course of complex diagnostics. In particular, one can examine vision on a synoptophor or fyuropore.

Beach and pools

In whatever body you are settled, and to the coast you will need to go no more than two minutes. Own natural sandy beach of the health resort is protected from strangers. It is well equipped. Sun beds and chaise lounges are free of charge for guests of the sanatorium. Also available in the beach towels. Sanatorium "Hellas"( Anapa) has two outdoor swimming pools( adults and children).In cold weather, the water in the reservoirs is heated to thirty degrees. In the seventh building, an indoor swimming pool for therapeutic swimming works year-round.


Sanatorium "Ellada"( Anapa) reviews are called a wonderful holiday destination, which deserves its three stars on the facade. In addition to excellent accommodation, professional treatment and varied food, there are a lot of other services. Free parking is provided for motorists. For fans of sports games and exercises work out a gym, tennis court, football field. Those who wish, because of illness, to avoid sudden movements, can walk through the terrenkur. There is a library and a cinema in the sanatorium. During the day, cartoons for children are shown there, and in the evenings films are shown. For young guests in the health resort has its own recreation infrastructure. There is an outdoor playground and a games room indoors. With the kids engaged in professional animators. They hold various competitions and discos. In the summer season there is a team of animators for adults. At the reception you can book an excursion around the Krasnodar Territory.