Fuzhunbao Super: negative reviews. Drugs to increase potency in men

Lost the male power? Tortured lowered potency? Fatigue and poor performance became your main companions? In this situation, there is a way out - the drug "Fuzhunbao Super".Reviews negative indicate the presence of side effects, so before using dietary supplements it is recommended to consult a doctor.

Description of the drug

Means "Fuzhunbao Super"( negative reviews of some people indicate the uselessness of this drug and advise not to rush with its acquisition) - a biologically active supplement that increases the potency, libido in men. Positively affects the quality and duration of the sexual act.

The product is 100% natural and does not contain harmful substances for the body. The remedy for male impotence does not cause dependence. Gives a quick effect, which lasts about 72 hours. There are contraindications, so before applying the dietary supplement should consult a doctor.

"Fuzhunbao Super": composition of

This drug is not a medicine and should be used as a biologically active additive to food. It can serve as an additional source of flavonoids, beta-sitosterol and panaxosides. Beneficial effect on the male body. It has general strengthening, tonic properties.

fuzhungbao super negative reviews

The composition of "Fuzhunbao Super" is as follows:

  • female;
  • sage;
  • is a large bloom;
  • Lingzhi fungus;
  • is a Japanese dioscore;
  • is a Chinese tree;
  • alpinia officinalis.

All the ingredients of the drug are balanced in such a way as to have the most effective effect on the male body.

Form release and storage conditions

Biologically active additive is produced in the form of capsules of blue color with the inscription "Fuzhunbao Super".They contain a powder of vegetable components in the amount of 0.3 g. The preparation has a mild spicy odor. Dragee packed in aluminum blisters, on which there is a date of manufacture of the product. The shelf life of the facility is two years.

In Russia you can buy:

  • A blue package containing eight capsules.
  • Wooden container containing ten pellets.
  • Cardboard box in pink color with two tablets.

The drug should be stored in a cool place and protected from children and sunlight, at temperatures up to + 20 ° C.

The action of the drug

to increase potency

"Fuzhunbao Super"( negative reviews say about side effects in the form of excessive excitability, which can be observed for about three days) has a 100% plant composition, capable in a short time to save the man from sexual impotence and reduce potency. It will help to increase his sexual activity. Acts quickly and effectively, and immediately after ingestion inside the first pill.

The ginseng root in the preparation has a tonic and restorative effect. Positively affects the central nervous system of man. Increases libido.

Sage herb has anti-inflammatory and soothing qualities. It increases the body's defenses and normalizes the functioning of the reproductive system.

The large-flower chamber has a tonic effect. It starts the stimulating receptors of a man. Contains a number of useful substances.

Lingzhi mushroom grows wild in nature. It has long been used in China for making tea and mushroom broth. At the moment, the production of these fungi is put on an industrial level. The properties of this component improves the functioning of the human immune system, have a sedative effect on the nervous system, normalize the work of the cardiovascular system. Strengthens the processes of regeneration in the body.

Japanese dioscorea has anti-inflammatory, tonic, restorative and diuretic effects. Removes spasms of smooth muscle muscles. Activates the production of male hormones. Contains alkaloids, phytoestrogens.

Dereza Chinese strengthens and tones up the body of a man. It inhibits the aging process. Eliminates chronic fatigue. Improves the quality characteristics of sperm. Contains a number of biologically active components

Alpinia officinalis has an antimicrobial effect. Increases immunity. Tones up.

All these substances act as part of the "Fuzhunbao Super" in a coordinated and efficient manner. Stimulate and improve sexual functions in men. Beneficial effect on general health. Increase working capacity. Calm down. Eliminate chronic fatigue.

Indications for use

drugs to increase potency in men

Vegetable "Fuzhunbao Super" is recommended to take to increase potency, in the absence of an erection and to increase the continuation of sexual intercourse. The drug effectively affects the decline of strength, depression and rapid fatigue. Its effect is positive at the initial stage of erectile dysfunction, the first symptoms of prostatitis and impotence.

Biologically active additive increases male libido, enhances sexual arousal and attraction. Normalizes the activity of the hormonal sphere. Prevents premature ejaculation.

Sometimes the drug "Fuzhunbao Super" is recommended for improving the hormonal background, with disruptions in the endocrine system and as an additional source of flavonoids, beta-sitosterols and panaxosides.


The drug "Fuzhunbao Super" can not be taken by representatives of the stronger sex, who have individual intolerance to the substances that make up the dietary supplements. Do not take capsules to children and adolescents under the age of 18 years. Contraindicated for women and elderly men aged 75 years.

One should be careful when using a pellet after a stroke or a heart attack, and after a surgical operation, when the body is weakened enough. Do not use a herbal remedy for liver, kidney and cardiovascular diseases. During the administration of the drug should monitor the level of blood pressure.

It is forbidden to take dietary supplements for men with various pathologies in the genital area. Consultation specialist is required in the presence of atherosclerosis, excessive excitability of the nervous system, as well as priapism, Parkinson's disease, peptic ulcer disease, myeloma.

The use of the "Fuzhunbao Super" can be combined with small doses of alcohol. These drinks should contain a minimum amount of alcohol, this beer, wine, etc. In any case, intoxication is unlikely to guarantee a quality sexual intercourse.

When taking Fuzhunbao Super, you should pay attention to your diet and bring the food system back to normal. This will improve the effect of the drug and remove many of the problems of the reproductive system. You should eat only healthy foods, rich in fiber. Do not eat food, the fat content of which exceeds 30%.It should be abandoned entirely from salty, fried, fatty dishes.

"Fuzhunbao Super": instructions for use

fujunbao super composition

Biologically active additive is made in the form of capsules that are consumed inside. Dragee for increasing the potency is taken at a frequency of once every 72 hours. With more frequent use, an overdose may occur.

The capsule should be used at a time and it can not be divided into two parts. To enhance the effect, you can use two capsules at one time. The drug is drunk half an hour before the sexual intercourse, washed down with plenty of clean water.

The duration of the course of treatment is from 2 to 3 weeks. Tablets can not be drunk after the expiration date, as well as in violation of the integrity of the package.

The effectiveness of the application of

fujunbao super price

A good result is obtained with the stabilization of sexual function in the representatives of the stronger sex means "Fuzhunbao Super".The use of this drug should take courses, only then you can feel the maximum effect of its effects.

As a rule, after taking pills, men lose fear of intercourse. It is replaced by attraction, sexual arousal, passion. There is a willingness to satisfy the lady at any time of the day.

Natural substances of the drug improve the general condition of the patient, normalize the psychological background. There is confidence in their abilities, which allows you to fully control the entire sexual intercourse, increase its duration and delay ejaculation. With the reception of this supplement, the quality of sex improves several times.

Advantages and disadvantages of

The use of the herbal remedy Fuzhunbao Super( BAA) has its advantages and disadvantages. The advantages of the drug include:

  • fast effect;
  • 100% natural composition;
  • improvement of the reproductive system;
  • improving the quality of sexual intercourse;
  • action within 72 hours;
  • improvement of the psycho-emotional mood;
  • strengthening of health, immune and nervous system.

The drawbacks that men give after taking the depot are:

  • high cost;
  • presence of side effects and contraindications;
  • is difficult to buy in a regular pharmacy and often have to be ordered via the Internet;
  • no clinical trials;
  • easily run into a fake.

As a rule, dietary supplements act quickly and effectively, and most of the male population who consumed it remained satisfied with the result.

Side effects of

fujunbao super instruction manual

The product to improve the potency of "Fuzhunbao Super"( negative reviews indicate that when using it, you should be careful when driving vehicles) is a safe drug that does not cause any side effects.

A negative reaction occurs when hypersensitivity to substances in the capsules. Unpleasant sensations arise from overdose and non-compliance with the instructions.

Among the side effects are general malaise, dizziness, headache in the area of ​​the temple, lowering and increasing blood pressure. Disorders of the gastrointestinal tract can be observed. On the skin can occur irritation, rash, redness. All the symptoms are temporary and pass quickly.

Where to buy, the cost of

For sale in the Internet, and in conventional pharmacies, the herbal remedy Fuzhunbao Super. The price of 2 capsules is 750 rubles, 8 pieces - 2650 rubles, and 16 tablets can be purchased for 5200 rubles.

Reviews of Patients and Physicians

fuzhunbao super

Patients' comments on Fuzhunbao Super capsules were divided into two groups: positive and negative. The first note improvement in potency, an increase in the duration of the sexual act and their number. These men claim that the effect of the drug is enough for 2-3 days. Also, this product tones up the body and significantly improves working capacity. Passes lethargy, drowsiness, there is a lot of energy. Good course of the course of dietary supplements.

Unhappy with this drug, patients indicate a serious strain on the heart, which, after taking the tablets, starts to pound wildly. There are jumps in blood pressure, heaviness in the legs and pain in the lower back. Some people within three days of excitement wanted to climb on the wall. These people note that this is a very strong drug and try to use a weaker means. They say that the dragees are more suitable for people over 40, and they should not be used at a younger age. There are patients in whom the herbal remedy causes seizures, inhibition and heartburn. Some men and did not notice any effect from the use of "Fuzhunbao Super".

Reviews of doctors note that the drug positively affects the potency. Stimulates the activity of the reproductive system and makes the sexual life brighter. It is advised to take the herbal remedies in courses. Do not recommend it to young men who already have no problems in the intimate sphere.

The most popular drugs for potency

Drugs for increasing potency in men fall into two categories: instant products, the so-called inhibitors, and dietary supplements that have a positive effect only when taking a course.

The most popular tools from the first category are:

  • Viagra. It costs about 700 rubles for one tablet.
  • Cialis. About 900 rubles per pill.
  • "Levitra".The price is 600 rubles per capsule.

Vegetable preparations related to dietary supplements are less in demand, and the most popular of them are

  • Vimax. The cost of one dragee is 50 rubles.
  • "Fuzhunbao Super".The average price of one capsule is 150 rubles.
  • «Vigriks Plus».The price for a pill is about 50 rubles.

Drugs to increase the potency of men in the market are presented in a huge range, and it's hard not to get lost and choose the drug that suits you. The best thing in this situation is to consult a competent specialist.