"Allokin-Alfa": Russian analogues, instructions for use, side effects, contraindications

"Allokin-Alfa" is an antiviral drug that is used to treat two common unpleasant diseases: herpes and papillomavirus. The causative agents of these viral diseases constantly live in the human body, making themselves felt only when immunity is weakened. This is where the manifestation of these insidious diseases begins. Special ointments, of course, help to remove them, but the virus still has to live in the body and sooner or later it will manifest itself again."Allokin-Alpha" will help to release a person forever from pathogens. Analogues Russian, the form of release, indications and contraindications to the application will be considered in detail in this article. The drug Allokin-alpha

Pharmacological action of

When receiving the drug "Allokin-Alpha"( instructions for use, price, analogs are presented below), all links of immunity are effectively strengthened, and two of them are known: humoral and cellular.

This agent helps to increase the activity of T-lymphocytes, which suppress and destroy the virus when interacting with the drug. These cells are the most important link between congenital and acquired immunity.

According to medical reports, the drug Allokin-Alfa, whose Russian counterparts differ only in value, produces endogenous interferon, which gives the body strength to actively fight the disease.

The reception of an antiviral agent helps to regulate the excitation through the cells and nerves of smooth muscles, the normalization of the transmission of neuromuscular impulses, disturbed by the blockade of K-channels. In addition, thanks to the drug Allokin-Alfa, the effect on smooth muscle of substances such as histamine, oxytocin, serotonin and acetylcholine increases.

The use of an antiviral agent does not have a toxic effect on the human body, nor does the nonspecific activation of the immune system after the transferred illness.

The main results of pharmacological action of the drug include:

  • The disappearance of signs of a viral infection.
  • Reducing the likelihood of complications.
  • Reduction of the period of exacerbation.
  • Elimination of recurrence of the disease.


The drug "Allokin-Alpha" is available in the form of a white powder or a porous mass that does not have a smell. Used for the preparation of injection solution. It is produced in three forms:

  • Vials with 1 mg of substance, packed in contour pallets of plastic for three pieces.
  • Ampoules in an amount of 10 pieces, placed in one contour cell.
  • Ampoules with 1 mg of the drug complete with ampoule scarifier, packed in 5 pieces.

Indications for use

A wide range of effects on the links of the human immune system is provided by the drug Allokin-Alfa. Typically, the remedy is used with:

  • Chronic papilloma virus and a high probability of cancerous growths.
  • Cervical lesions in women and anogenital area in men. In such cases, the drug is used as an auxiliary.
  • Chronic and often recurrent herpes virus. For maximum effect, use of "Allokin-Alpha" is recommended for the first appearance of bubbles.
  • Acute and chronic hepatitis groups B and C. The drug should be taken from the first days of jaundice on the skin and mucous membranes. If the treatment was started later than a week later, the maximum effect will not be achieved. Allokin-alfa instructions for use price

"Allokin-Alfa": how to breed?

In order to properly prepare a solution for injection, the contents of the ampoule must be dissolved in saline solution in a ratio of 1: 1.To avoid the occurrence of side effects, it is not recommended to dilute in any other drugs. It is prohibited to mix "Allokin-Alpha" powder with parenteral administration in one medical syringe. The diluted solution should be used immediately, without leaving it until the next injection. Allokin-alpha how to plant

Application and dosage

According to the instructions, the drug "Allokin-Alpha" is injected subcutaneously. Duration of treatment includes 6 injections of 1 mg of antiviral agent performed every other day. Such therapy is designed to treat infection caused by papillomaviruses of the oncogenic type.

For treatment of recurrent herpes it will be enough to administer three injections with the same dose and delivered every other day.

As for the moderate form of hepatitis B, the course of treatment in such cases is increased to 9 injections of 1 mg. You can start therapy only after the diagnosis is confirmed. Allokin-alpha subcutaneously


Russian medical scientists managed to invent a medication with a minimum of contraindications, since Allokin-Alpha( instructions for use, the price of which is considered in this material) is not recommended for use only in the presence of autoimmune pathologies, individual intolerance of the components, during pregnancy andin the lactation period. It is worth noting that the drug is not intended for the treatment of children.

Side effects of

The reviews testify to the good tolerability of the drug Allokin-Alpha, Russian analogs may have other responses. Side effects in rare cases are manifested in the form of muscle weakness, dizziness and the appearance of new herpes bubbles.

All these symptoms are usually associated with improperly formulated treatment. The cause of the appearance of adverse symptoms may lie in exceeding the recommended doses, improper combination of medications, ignoring the contraindications to the use of the drug "Allokin-Alfa", violation of the frequency of injection, improper manipulation of the injection and non-compliance with personal hygiene.

Pregnancy and lactation period

Despite the fact that the teratogenic and mutagenic effect of the main active substance on the fetus and its development is absent, the use of the drug "Allokin-Alpha" in pregnancy is prohibited. In the period of breastfeeding, it is also worth giving up treatment with this medication. If it is necessary to use this antiviral for treatment, the baby will have to be fed with a milk formula.

Interaction with other medicines

In the treatment of viral diseases with the alloferon-based drug, the use of drugs detrimental to herpes simplex, papillomavirus and hepatitis B and C can be tolerated. Gardasil instructions

Allokin-Alfa: Russian analogues and

prices With the acquisition of an antiviral agent onThis moment does not raise any problems in any region of Russia, especially in Moscow. The cost of the drug is quite high and differs significantly from pharmacies and manufacturers. On average, the price of one package costs 70-150 dollars.

To date, the drug "Allokin-Alpha" has many analogs, the most common:

  • "Cervarix" .A vaccine aimed at treating the papilloma virus. The composition of the drug "Cervarix", whose price in the Russian Federation ranges from 4250 to 5400 rubles, does not include the causative agents themselves, including inactivated. The basis of this medication is virus-like particles deposited on the surface of carrier proteins. The papilloma virus poses a huge danger to a person, since in some cases it leads to the appearance of malignant tumors in the cervix of the uterus. After completing the full vaccination course, all patients were assessed for immunity to HPV.The duration of the immune response to the effect of "Cervarix" since the first injection is 4 years. During the research, the high effectiveness of the vaccine was confirmed to prevent infection of the virus in patients of different age groups."Cervarix", whose price is significantly higher than no less than a good counterpart of "Groprinosin," is capable of causing cross immunity, which provides protection for the body from various variants of the papilloma virus. Cervarix price
  • "Gardasil". The instructions for use allow the use of the vaccine for the treatment of children and adolescents aged 9 years to prevent precancerous dysplastic conditions and cervical cancer, as well as genital warts on the genitals and around the anus associated with HPV.In Russia, the cost of medicines is 3500-6400 rubles.
  • The main form of the drug "Grosprinosin" - tablets. The instruction says that the active substance of the drug is inosine pranobex. In the network of drugstores the drug comes in blisters, 10 tablets each. The average cost of a package with 20 tablets is 500 rubles, 30 - 700 rubles, and 50 - 1250 rubles. Effective drug in the treatment of encephalitis Davson, most commonly found in children who had been ill with measles before the age of two."Grogrinosine"( tablets) instruction recommends taking with reduced immunity, if the cause of this were all sorts of viruses. Grogrinosine tablets instructions

Combination with alcohol

Do not mix any medication with alcohol. The drug "Allokin-Alfa" was no exception. Doctors adhere to this position: interferons, which develops the human body under the influence of drugs, are very sensitive to the smallest changes in the chemical composition of the blood. And to foresee the outcome of their interaction and antiviral means is rather difficult. It can be said with certainty that the consequences of such a combination will be unambiguously negative. In addition to reducing the effectiveness of treatment, the risk of harm to human health increases.