Children's sanatoriums in Evpatoria: addresses, descriptions, treatment, reviews

The summer vacation period is an excellent opportunity for children to gain strength before the new school year and improve the body. Be sure to plan a trip to the sea. And if parents can not afford a small trip, it is worth buying a ticket to a sanatorium for a child. School groups for a trip to the health resorts of Evpatoria are recruited throughout the summer.

Evpatoria is the best choice!

The sun, the gentle sea and warm sand - what could be better? In Evpatoria there is everything necessary for a quality stay. There is also an aquapark, playgrounds, entertainment complexes. A lot of positive feedback can be heard about treatment in Evpatoria. Here there are more than 20 health resorts. Each institution offers a huge range of services. Children with chronic diseases can get a ticket on preferential terms.

To think of summer rest on the sea follows still in the winter. Children's sanatoriums in Evpatoria are very popular. Here come the guys from Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine and Belarus. The beach season in the Crimea opens in May. To reserve places for rest it is necessary still in the early spring. What kind of health center should I choose for a child? Below, the most popular children's sanatoriums in Evpatoria will be described.


The territory of the sanatorium is perfectly enriched. Green plantations will save the guys in the summer heat. Sanatorium "Brigantine" - this is connected with mysterious land transitions of the hull. The health resort annually accepts both adults and small tourists. There is an opportunity to come to rest with the family. There are also school groups accompanied by several adults.

children The "Brigantina" sanatorium is located on the very coast of the Black Sea. There is a private beach. The center of Evpatoria is just 7 km away. The territory has everything you need for a quality stay. There is a food store, a library, a cinema. There are children's and sports grounds. For school groups can be qualitatively organized leisure. Various events and competitions are held.

The main task of staying in a sanatorium is the recovery of the body. The sanatorium specializes in diseases of the respiratory system. On concessional terms, vouchers are provided for children suffering from bronchial asthma.


Children's specialized clinical sanatorium "Zdravnitsa"( Evpatoria) accepts children at any time of the year. Treatment is carried out in the areas associated with the respiratory and cardiovascular systems. Families with children over two years of age are accepted, as well as children's groups accompanied by adults.

brigantine sanatorium The territory of the sanatorium is a beautiful green zone. There are three buildings - one administrative and two sleeping. Also in the territory there is a cafe, an insulator, a hairdresser, a cinema hall, a salt cave, a basketball court, a children's playground with attractions. Sanatorium "Zdravnitsa"( Evpatoria) is a place where it is possible to organize quality leisure for both adults and children. There is an institution at the address: 21 Gorkogo Street, not far from the railway station.


The health resort is located 4 km from the railway station, along Frunze street, 4. The sanatorium is very popular with tourists from the near abroad. On the territory there is a large 9-storey building with 500 seats. The main direction is the treatment of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. Like other children's sanatoriums in Evpatoria, Pobeda has its own beach. There is a possibility to rent a sunbed, an umbrella from the sun, an air mattress.

The resort accommodates both families and large children's groups, accompanied by several adults. There are comfortable rooms with simultaneous accommodation of two, three or four people. It is possible to book a deluxe apartment with a private bathroom, TV and fridge. On the territory of the health resort there is a children's playroom, a cinema hall, a sports ground, and a guarded parking lot.


The sanatorium accepts visitors at any time of the year. At the same time, up to 1,550 tourists can stay on the health resort territory. It can be both families with children, and school groups. Sanatorium "Mayak" is located in a suburban area on the Black Sea coast. In the immediate vicinity there is a water park, cafes, restaurants, entertainment complexes. The health resort is famous for its large park area. A large number of trees protects holidaymakers from debilitating heat in the summer.

health resort Yevpatoria The "Mayak" sanatorium has a large medical and diagnostic base. Specialized health resort for diseases of the respiratory system and motor apparatus. On the territory there is a large gym. Popular water treatments - medical bathrooms, hydromassage and therapeutic showers. A huge benefit for children is vitamin-oxygen therapy.

Those who want to relax in the summer, to purchase a ticket to the sanatorium "Mayak" should be in advance. For people with chronic diseases, there is a system of discounts. Holidaymakers say that you can buy a ticket for a week for only 7500 rubles.


The sanatorium is located in the village of Zaozernoye, near Evpatoria. Every year, in the summer, children and their parents, as well as school groups, are encouraged to improve their health. The main method of treatment is pulsating energy-resonance therapy, applicable for diseases of the motor apparatus and cardiovascular system. In addition, small patients can be prescribed therapeutic swimming, massage, phytotherapy, apparatus physiotherapy.

health resort lighthouse Evpatoria children's sanatorium is represented by a large 6-storey building, a medical building, a sports hall, a summer cafe and a laundry. The health resort has its own beach. It is possible to rent sun loungers and umbrellas.

The health resort is located at:Zaozernoe, Alley of Friendship, 18. The reviews show that it is advisable to book tours for the summer period already at the end of April.


Annually more than 20 thousand children aged from 7 to 15 visit health resorts. The reviews show that more vacationers can be found in the summer. And it's not accidental. After all, the "Emerald" sanatorium( Evpatoria) is located on the very shore of the Black Sea. The health resort has its own refined beach. There is everything necessary for a quality stay.

Emerald Evpatoria Health Resort The sanatorium is specialized in diseases of the upper respiratory tract. In the direction of the doctor on preferential terms, a voucher can be purchased for children who suffer from chronic bronchitis and sinusitis. You can come here to recover from a previous pneumonia. The sanatorium "Emerald"( Evpatoria) has more positive reviews.


Pension is located in the village Zaozernoye. Pleases holidaymakers landscaped territory with the original shaded deciduous and coniferous trees. Also the sanatorium has its own sandy beach, equipped with canopies. You can have a great time here even on a rainy day. Sanatorium "Mercury"( Evpatoria) is a place where it is possible to organize a quality family rest, school groups are also accepted accompanied by adults.

Accommodation for holidaymakers is held in buildings with comfortable rooms. Also on the territory there is a cinema, a library, a bar, a billiard, a sports and children's playground. For children, leisure can be perfectly organized. Various events and competitions are held regularly. In the evening, you can spend an interesting time at the disco in the open air.

Children's sanatoriums in Evpatoria are an excellent opportunity to be healthy before the beginning of the school year. Guest reviews show that the most popular are water procedures( baths with medicinal herbs, hydromassage).The physiotherapeutic procedures prescribed by the doctor also benefit.


Children's groups, children under 14 years old, as well as parents with kids from 2 years are accepted for rest. The health resort is located in the very center of Evpatoria on the Black Sea coast at the address: Mayakovsky street, 3. Accommodation of holidaymakers is held in a 6-storey building. In the summer one-storey wooden houses with all conveniences are offered. In a separate territory there are buildings for a children's camp, which operates in June, July and August.

treatment in Evpatoria The territory of the Orlyonok sanatorium is a beautiful park area with deciduous and coniferous trees. There is also a well-equipped sandy beach with large canopies. It is possible to rent sun loungers and umbrellas.

In the sanatorium "Eaglet" much attention is paid to improving the body. When entering the health resort, children undergo a comprehensive examination with specialists. A decision is made on the appointment of a set of procedures. Sanatorium "Orlyonok" specializes in diseases of the respiratory system and the musculoskeletal system. Sanatorium named after Krupskaya

The health resort is located in the very center of Evpatoria, on the shore of Kalamitsky Bay. A huge advantage is the shallow coastal zone. That is why the sanatorium. Krupskaya( Evpatoria) is chosen by many families for recreation with young children. On the territory of the health resort there is an administrative building, three sleeping buildings, a medical and diagnostic department. School groups are accepted for rehabilitation at any time of the year. Therefore, a 9-year school is functioning on the territory of the sanatorium.

Mercator Evpatoria sanatorium In the Krupskaya sanatorium everyone can organize leisure in accordance with their preferences. On the territory there is a library, a sports ground, a gym, a summer dance floor. In the evening, various concerts and other entertainment events are organized.

A lot of positive feedback can be heard about hydrodynamic tablet therapy, which has no analogues in other health resorts in Evpatoria. The technique combines various options for impact on the body. Therapy improves blood circulation in the tissues, helps strengthen the immune system.

Reviews about the rest in the sanatoriums of Evpatoria

The opportunity to spend some time on the Black Sea coast causes only positive emotions. Therefore, bad reviews about the sanatoriums can be heard quite rarely. Children like accommodation in comfortable buildings. From school children, bad reviews can be heard only about therapeutic procedures and nutrition. Adults can not be satisfied only with the "price-quality" ratio. In some cases, old furniture is used, which is long overdue. The prices for accommodation are quite high.

The most positive reviews can be heard about the sanatorium "Eaglet".Modern buildings, equipped beach and beautiful territory - what else can a tourist want? At the same time, you can purchase a holiday voucher at an affordable price. In the sanatorium you can spend time at any time of the year. In the summer the health resort is most in demand. Therefore, the place to stay should be booked in advance.