Tachycardia in a child: causes, treatment. Children's Cardiology Center

More and more often parents start to notice such a disease in their children, like tachycardia. At the child this illness is shown in the same way, as well as at adults. Moreover, it is not so rare. It is important to know and understand why heartbeat disorders occur in order to cure this disease in time. After all, in adult life it will necessarily make itself felt. Now a tachycardia can be defined already from the first days of a life of the child, even earlier. It is enough to conduct some simple procedures. This disease is not a sentence. It is not necessary to be afraid of it too much, but also to ignore it, too. So why can a tachycardia occur in a child? How to detect and cure it? tachycardia in a child


To begin with, what kind of a general disease is it? How does it manifest itself? Tachycardia is a common heart disease. And, as in children, and in adults. Accompanied by a violation of the heartbeat, in other words, this rapid heart rate. Very common phenomenon. It should be immediately said that sometimes it is considered the norm. For example, with strong physical exertion. So, you should not panic much. But you can not leave this disease without attention either.

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Tachycardia in a child( and an adult as well) can also be accompanied by pressure jumps with all "consequent" consequences. This is a heart disease that can not be treated by itself. If you can diagnose it yourself, then you can not cure it.

What is

There are two types of disease, sinus and chronic( paroxysmal).Depending on the type of disease, this or that treatment will be prescribed. How do these types differ from each other? ekg to the child

Sinus tachycardia in a child is often considered the norm. It's just a heart palpitations. Infants generally have a tachycardia of this type - a normal state of the body. You can say a natural process, which is provoked by circumstances.

And here the paroxysmal tachycardia is already a pathology. Cardiorhythm is sharply, most often, groundlessly increases, weakness and malaise are felt in the body. It arises quickly, in the same way it can pass. This type occurs in children of any age, most often the disease affects children from 5 years.

Manifestation of

The heart of a child initially works faster than an adult. Therefore, it is often necessary to consult a doctor for the correct diagnosis. Just first you need to know how the disease manifests itself. It has already been said that the symptoms of the disease are no different from the "adult" variant.

When tachycardia in children begins to increase pulse, there is a general malaise, fainting, pallor of the face. Dizziness, pressure jumps, fainting and sweating are signs of an ailment. In addition, with tachycardia, lethargy, nausea, and shortness of breath are common. If the child has also complained of chest pain, know - he has a tachycardia. In principle, it is not so difficult to determine independently this affliction. But for treatment it is necessary to address in the cardiological center. Only there after certain manipulations you will be told exactly if your child is seriously ill or not. cardiac center

Diagnosis of a doctor

Who should I contact if you suspect that your baby has a tachycardia? Only a cardiologist can help. It is this specialist that deals with the diagnosis and treatment of heart diseases. Identification of the disease is carried out with the help of a specific study.

Which one? An ECG will be assigned to the baby. Just a few minutes - and you will know for sure if there is a tachycardia or not. It is this variant of diagnosis that best suits both children and adults. The procedure is absolutely painless.

If questionable results can appoint a repeat procedure or even send your child to ECHO.This is another way to track heart disease. Maybe the baby does not have tachycardia at all. These two studies will help you to make out in full the diagnosis. Already after the cardiologist will appoint treatment. chronic tachycardia

Reasons for

Well, a child's tachycardia is 7 years old and even younger - it's not that rare. Recently, all people are affected by this disease. And for that there are reasons. Why do children face this ailment? What are the true causes of the disease? From them, it should be noted immediately, depends on the treatment and success of the procedures.

For example, often tachycardia appears due to anxiety, emotional shaking, and also under physical stress. Such causes are not dangerous, they usually lead to a sinus type of disease.

But much more serious moments are heart defects( and other diseases of the cardiac system), as well as stresses. Here you can also include anemia, endocrine diseases. Plus heredity is taken into account. If a pregnant woman had such an ailment, and when she was pregnant, she was not given rest, created stressful situations, then the child may have chronic tachycardia. It is not treated, it can only be relieved. In any case, you'll have to go to the cardiology center to get more accurate information about the treatment. baby


However strange it may sound, but sometimes tachycardia is adjusted by adherence to a special diet. She agrees with the cardiologist. From the diet of the child will have to remove certain foods and watch the changes for a while.

What can not be eaten with tachycardia? The child will be banned energy drinks, coffee, tea, chocolate, soda, sweet, salty and fatty. They also include sharp, floury food. Now only healthy food! Unfortunately, it is not always possible to comply with these rules. In fact, the child will actually have to eat food cooked for a couple. Moreover, adherence to a diet is not a guarantee of successful treatment. It is prescribed in order to maintain the body.

The course of treatment of

Have you made an ECG to a child and found out that it has a tachycardia? It is not necessary to sound the alarm. Especially if it is not a chronic form of ailment. Remember, sometimes this phenomenon is normal. But how can it be treated?

As a rule, cardiologists with tachycardia limit physical and mental loads. In other words, no fatigue! It is also necessary to exclude stressful situations or reduce them to a minimum. Occasionally, sedatives are prescribed( valerian, for example), as well as medicines for vasodilation. tachycardia in a child of 7 years

It can be said that all treatment is reduced to the fact that the body is provided with all the forces of calmness. Stress is the main source of most problems. And the child's tachycardia, with these simple rules, passes very quickly. But do not deal with self-medication, only a cardiologist will be able to prescribe the right treatment. Do not exclude classes in special health groups in the pool or gym.