Gel "Fleksen": instructions for use, reviews, analogues

Medications for external use are usually prescribed for symptomatic treatment. Additionally, various preparations for oral and intravenous administration are used with them. In this combination, therapy is more effective. In this article we will talk about the drug "Flexen"( gel).Instructions for use will be presented to your attention. Also you can get acquainted with reviews about this medicine and its main counterparts.

gel flelex instructions for use

What's this?

How can I describe the Flexan gel? Instruction for use says that this drug belongs to a series of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. It is intended for external use only. The main active substance of the drug is ketoprofen. In one gram of the medicine there is 25 milligrams of this component. Also there are additional connections. Among them, glycerol, ethanol, purified water and others. They do not have a therapeutic effect on the body. However, with the help of additional components, the corresponding form of the drug is obtained.

The preparation "Flexen" has other forms of release. These are capsules for oral administration and rectal suppositories. They also contain the main active substance - ketoprofen. Additional components have a different type and distinctive names.

"Flexen"( gel): analogues

Often when a drug is prescribed, a consumer tries to find his analogue. What is it for? In most cases, a person has only one goal - saving. Picking up a substitute, the patient can spend a smaller amount. However, not always such a success really does pay off. Often, substitutes for one or another remedy are simply ineffective. Therefore, in order not to be in a similar situation, it is necessary to consult with the doctors before choosing the drug.

The drug "Flexen"( gel), like many other medicines, has its own substitutes. When selecting an analogue, the composition of the prescribed drug is always taken into account. Absolute substitutes for the remedy are those medicines that contain the substance of the same name. These include "Fastum-gel", "Ketoprofen", "Ketonal", "Fibrofid", "Artrozilen".The most inexpensive of these drugs can be considered a gel "Ketoprofen".When you purchase it, you will need to pay no more than 60 rubles. While the original "Flexan" means is not less than 200. It is worth saying that there are even more expensive analogues of the drug.

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Prescribing the drug

Before starting treatment, it is worthwhile examining in what situations a person may need the Flexan gel. Instruction for use says that indications for the use of a medicament are inflammatory diseases accompanied by pain syndrome. To be more precise, these are the following cases:

  • diseases of the musculoskeletal system: arthrosis, arthritis, bursitis;
  • myalgia and neuralgia;
  • injuries of joints and bruises( including those of professional athletes);
  • postoperative pain;
  • algodismenorrhea;
  • renal colic of various origin.

flexen gel

The word specialists

Doctors say that often appointed "Fleksen"( gel) from the hygroma. In this case, the medicine has virtually no effect on the disease itself. It only removes the signs of its manifestation. It is worth recalling that the hygroma usually occurs due to trauma. In the early stages of the disease does not manifest itself in any way, and subsequently there are quite unpleasant sensations.

Doctors also recommend using Fleksen( gel) after the removal of this formation. The drug will help relieve pain, swelling and inflammation. The medicine will promote the rapid healing of the wound.

Restrictions on use: pay special attention to them

Like all medicines, it has its contra-indications "Flexen"( gel).The instruction says that the drug for external use is never used in case of increased sensitivity to any component. Contraindicated to use the composition in renal or hepatic insufficiency, as well as pathologies of the gastrointestinal tract in the phase of exacerbation.

Some blood diseases are incompatible with this therapy, for example, leukopenia, thrombosis, bleeding disorders. The product is not used in pediatrics for children under 15 years of age. The drug is contraindicated in pregnant women and lactating mothers. If previously there was an allergic reaction to acetylsalicylic acid or other NSAIDs, the medication should be replaced by another remedy.

flexin gel instruction

Gel Flexen: instructions for use

As you already know, the drug is applied exclusively to the surface of the skin. Do not use medication inside. It is also unacceptable to lubricate the mucous membranes. Dosage and duration of use are usually chosen by the doctor. If the expert has not given you specific recommendations, then you need to follow the algorithm, which the instruction tells.

Abstract recommends that you apply the medicine directly to the affected area. The layer must be thin. Beforehand, wash your hands. Multiplicity of application - 2 or 3 times a day( as required).The duration of therapy is two weeks. Without consulting a doctor, it is prohibited to use the compound for a long time.

fleksen gel reviews

Probability of side effects

The drug "Fleksen"( gel) reviews from consumers has good. However, there are patients who still remain unhappy with the use of the ointment. Doctors say that most of these situations refer to self-management. A consumer without a doctor's appointment uses a medicine, and then complains of negative reactions. All because of the wrong dose and treatment regimen.

Most often, the drug causes allergies in patients. It is manifested by burning, itching and reddening of the skin. With prolonged use of large doses, a person may get dizzy, nauseous, and have a headache. On the part of the digestive organs, side effects occur extremely rarely. More often they are observed when using tablets or rectal suppositories. If you feel worse during treatment, then it's worth to go to the doctor as soon as possible. The doctor will conduct an examination and, if necessary, replace the treatment.

flexene gel analogues

Positive opinions of

Most of the consumers talk about the drug only in a positive tone. Patients claim that the medicine acts very quickly. After the first application, the pain syndrome decreases after a few minutes. The effect of the drug is quite long. For about 4-6 hours a person can forget about what bothered him. Many patients use medication before night sleep. The medicine helps them to sleep peacefully and not to worry about the unpleasant symptoms of the disease.

Also, some consumers report that the product has an unpleasant smell. But these are only isolated opinions. The product is well absorbed into the skin and does not leave an adhesive coating. Also the composition does not spoil clothes. But you need to wait a while after applying to completely absorb the ointment.

Separately it is necessary to tell about responses of women. Many people use the "Fleksen" gel during menstruation. What is this for? There are groups of representatives of the weaker sex who for one reason or another do not want or can not take oral painkillers. In such situations, the "Flexan" gel will come to the rescue. It must be rubbed into the painful area according to the instructions. After a while the woman begins to feel much better. Doctors do not recommend using this method regularly. To completely eliminate painful menstruation, it is worth to consult a gynecologist for advice.

Some women reported that they used the gel during pregnancy. At the same time the composition did not affect the health of the child. Indeed, the drug does not have toxic effects in these doses. Such information is reported by the manufacturer. However, he does not recommend the similar use of the described preparation. Gynecologists categorically prohibit the use of the gel on their own, especially in the first trimester. After all, it is then that the main formation of systems and all organs of a future child occurs. If you have any troubling symptoms, then you should contact the doctor to get the right appointment. It is also necessary to get a gynecologist's permission to use the drug.

flexene gel from hygroma

Let's summarize the small result of

You learned how to apply the Flexan gel( instructions for use).The medicine is sold in almost every pharmacy chain. It is released without a special recipe. Often in the absence of a necessary drug, pharmacists recommend its analogues. However, doctors are strongly advised not to take this trick. Remember that you can not predict how an unknown drug will affect your condition. Try to acquire exactly what the doctor recommended. Have a good health, do not be ill!