Thai massage is what? Technique of performing massage

Back in ancient times, people used to remove tension and pain such tricks as stroking, mashing, rubbing. Later they were given the name - massage. A large number of ancient manuscripts, rock paintings, hieroglyphs were found about this art in India, Ancient China, Egypt, Indonesia. Over time, massage began to be used not only for relaxation and pain relief, but also as one of the methods of treatment. There are a large number of species and techniques for its implementation. Let us dwell on such a popular variety as Thai massage. Technique, the basic methods of performing massage will be considered further.

The history of the Thai massage

The origins of Thai massage originate in the northern part of India. Dr. Jiva Kumar Bhakka is considered the founder of this ancient art. It is known that he was a friend of Gautama Buddha. At that difficult time with the help of a miraculous Thai massage he managed to cure the Indian king, whose personal physician he was.

Unfortunately, in those days, and that's a thousand years ago, writing was not developed. And so the secrets of massage, skills passed from generation to generation, word of mouth, but not fixed on paper.

In 1832 in Thailand, at the monastery of Wat Pho, the first university appeared, in which ordinary citizens were trained in massage techniques and medicine. On the marble slabs, lines of influence on the body and acupressure points were depicted. The statues were performed in various yoga postures, as well as in stretch postures. And only in the 17th century in the voluminous medical treatise were described the subtleties of Thai massage. However, it is not completely preserved. Only some slabs and statues have been preserved to this day. And the monastery of Wat Pho and is now considered the center of traditional Thai medicine and massage. Thai massage is

If you decide to try Thai massage, the benefits and contraindications for this type of exposure should be well known to you.

To whom Thai massage is shown

Thai massage is an integral part of health systems. It is recommended for the treatment of the following conditions:

  • Depressive state.
  • Sleep disturbance.
  • Fatigue.
  • Increased fatigue.
  • Frequent headaches.
  • Mood swings.
  • Muscle spasms. Thai massage benefit

Thai massage is a therapeutic massage, therefore, before the passage of the session, it is necessary to establish the true cause of the disease, namely the cause of headaches or severe fatigue, so as not to harm the body, as there are contraindications for Thai massage. Just like tablets can cure one disease, but damage the other.

Who should not do Thai massage

Thai massage is a medical massage, so you should consider what the health of a person is and whether there are contraindications to it for this kind of treatment. Here is a list of diseases and conditions in which it is better to refrain from a massage.

  • Exacerbation of chronic diseases.
  • Recently suffered surgical intervention.
  • Elevated body temperature.
  • Inflamed wounds on the body.
  • Presence of skin diseases.
  • Oncology.
  • Violation of the cardiovascular system.
  • Pregnancy.
  • Presence of mental disorders.
  • You can not massage the places of damage to muscles, joints, recently transferred fractures.
  • Intoxication of the body.

The masseur can not act as a doctor. Be sure, before you decide to go through Thai massage, the benefits and contraindications for you should be clarified in conjunction with the doctor. Only after such consultation and conversation with the masseur you can not harm the body, but provide the necessary help. The specialist must take into account the doctor's recommendations and contraindications. Properly performed procedure of Thai massage will have a healthy effect on your health.

Thai massage benefits and contraindications

The use of Thai massage

Thai massage is first of all relaxation of the body and removal of stress from the body. And yet:

  • The massaged part of the body warms up well.
  • Significantly improves blood circulation, swelling goes away.
  • The tension is removed from the muscles, they become more elastic.
  • Improves the condition of the skin due to blood flow.
  • Smoothing of scars.
  • Breathing becomes deep, even, thereby relieving tension from the nervous system, the person relaxes, stress goes away.
  • Improves the digestive tract. Massage of the stomach area promotes good digestion of food, prevents the formation of gases.
  • Improves the work of the nervous system.
  • Skin rejuvenation occurs.

If you get a Thai massage, the benefits of this procedure will be felt after just one session. You can also do this for children.

Types of Thai massage

There are two types of Thai massage:

  1. General.
  2. Royal.

General Thai massage is more common and more often used in practice. Also it is he who is taught to everyone. Its peculiarity is that the masseur has a close contact with the client and when using the massage he uses:

  • Thumbs.
  • Surface and base of the palm.
  • The outer side of the wrist.
  • Elbows and forearm.
  • Knees and feet.
  • Bamboo sticks or stones.

Thai massage is a therapeutic massage

Also used are postures for stretching the muscles.

Thai royal massage differs from the general fact that the masseur is located from the body at a certain distance, one foot. He moves around, kneeling. The patient does not occupy the posture lying on his stomach. The masseuse uses only:

  • Thumbs.
  • Rarely wrist from the outside.

The patient has a contact with the patient only by touching it with the working surface of his hands. Perhaps, because the royal people have the status of inviolability. The stretch marks are not used. The massage starts from the knee and continues up the legs, ending with the foot.

Regardless of what type of massage you do, the benefits will be felt even after one session.

Thai massage can be performed using the following materials:

  • Bags with herbs.
  • Stones.
  • Thai sticks.
  • Essential Oils.

It is worth noting that Thai massage is carried out on different parts of the body:

  • Foot and foot massage.
  • Heads and faces.
  • Back massage.

Thai massage technique

By direction, you can divide the procedure into:

  • Yoga massage. Thai massage with yoga elements helps to engage muscles that do not work in traditional exercises.
  • Slim massage. This kind of Thai massage helps to fight with cellulite and lose weight. You should be ready, perhaps even painful.
  • Massage-tayray. This Thai massage is a kind of ritual that brings your body and soul into order. In this case, the objects mentioned earlier, that is, herbal sacs, stones, Thai sticks, essential oils, can be used.

How to prepare for a Thai massage

Thai massage is a procedure to which you must correctly prepare to avoid unpleasant consequences. Here are a few tips for preparing:

  • Be sure to consult a doctor if you can do such a massage.
  • Clothing should be light, natural and not interfere with the effect on the massaged part of the body.
  • Jewelry before the massage session must be removed.
  • You must eat at least two hours before the massage.
  • Always go to the toilet before the session.
  • You need to take a shower and do not need to use perfume. The best smell is the smell of a clean body.
  • In case of discomfort, pain during the massage, this should be reported to the massage therapist. Together with you, he will choose a more comfortable massage technique. If there is an allergy to any oil, you must also notify the patient before the session.
  • Thai massage is performed on a special mattress on the floor. He must choose the masseur himself.
  • Immediately after the massage procedure, you do not need to get up and go. It takes a few minutes to lie down to get a real pleasure from the procedure. You will feel at once how your body has come to form, the mind has become purer, and the mood has improved after only one session.
  • If you want to achieve weight loss, say goodbye to cellulite, then you need to go through several sessions to feel the result. And he really is.
  • During the session, nothing should distract you. It's better to turn off the phone for this time.

Thai massage is like a departure from reality in a world of comfort and tranquility for the restoration of forces and renewal.

Technique for performing a Thai massage

Before starting a Thai massage, a true master always reads a mantra in which he addresses the spirit of Dr. Jeeve. The meaning of it is this: the masseur asks for the healing of the patient through his body and skill.

The master should be positively tuned and emanate calmness and friendliness. Between the patient and the massage therapist should have a trusting and positive relationship.

The environment around should help to relax. Only such an atmosphere allows us to open energy channels, and the released energy will return the lost forces. Thai massage is a kind of massage

At the very beginning of the session, the main task of a specialist is that the breathing of the masseur and patient coincides. Professionals of their business say that the longer the massage lasts, the better. So, the session can last about one and a half or two and a half hours. This is if the whole body is massaged. If you do not have enough time, you can stop on one part, for example, feet or back, but do not massage the whole body in 20 minutes, as you will not get the desired effect.

The session starts with the kneading of the feet. By working on special points on them, the masseur achieves relaxation of the patient to work through all the deep muscles, relieve tension and stiffness from them.

During the whole session the masseur introduces the patient as if into a trance, the person's consciousness changes. This is due to the use of special points on the body.

Technique of performing Thai massage is very similar to passive yoga. At the same time, the masseur moves smoothly and rhythmically, as if dancing. With the usual massage, the expert rubs, kneads and strokes the body, and the technique of Thai massage uses very different techniques. Great value plays in such procedure, as Thai massage, technics of performance. Examples of what methods are used in this case, we will consider further.

What techniques are used by

The technique of performing a massage consists of special techniques. Let's consider a feature of their performance.

  • Pressing with your thumb. Only a finger pad is involved. You can push and stretch at the same time, this is the uniqueness of this technique.
  • Big fingers "steps."Fingers are placed close and alternately make the pressing. They move in the direction of the energy channels.
  • Pressing the palm. They can be combined with the vibrations of the hand. Hands must be straight. Pressures are made in three versions:
  1. One palm.
  2. Two palms.
  3. "Butterfly".

It should be taken into account that pressure starts with light pressure and gradually shifts to strong ones.

Pressures are also made with:

  1. The Foot.
  2. Buttocks.
  3. Elbow.
  4. of the Knee.

Each of these pressures has its effectiveness for different parts of the body. So, the feet use the middle for hip massage, and for the massage of the buttocks use the heels or the front part of the foot.

Buttocks are more suitable for fixing the trunk in order to perform the necessary manipulation.

When using the elbow, there is more pressure than the palm, it can be replaced by the upper arm if the patient is experiencing pain.

Knee pressure releases the hands of the masseur with which to stretch.

The master must have an individual approach to each, if a Thai massage is performed. Technique( photos show it) can be used different.

  • Pressing in standing position. In this case, the patient experiences very strong pressure. Care must be taken. Used for the back, legs, hands and buttocks.
  • Stretching. It is very important first to properly relax the patient and not to damage the muscles. Therefore, it is necessary to follow attentively the reaction of the patient when performing stretching of the limbs.
  • Rises. You need to do slowly without jolting. The reception is considered the simplest.
  • Shaking limbs. It is very effective if the patient is driven to pull himself towards him.
  • Rotations. With the correct reception, there is a uniform stretching of the muscles around the joints. Regular exercises will help in the treatment of arthrosis.
  • Extrusions with pushing. In this case, one part of the body must be fixed.

Thai massage technique photo

The masseuse can occupy various poses near the patient:

  • Sitting.
  • Sitting on his heels, knees.
  • Standing on one knee.

Special points in Thai massage

When Thai massage is performed, the technique of the masseur necessarily involves special lines on the body, through which our vital energy moves. There are ten such lines, and they all originate in the area around the navel, at a distance of two fingers below the abdominal surface. These lines, like the meridians, pass through the whole body in different directions, as if enveloping our body and leaving at ten points. These points and lines have their names:

  1. Saint Itha - the line ends in the left nostril.
  2. Sen Pingkla is the line in the right nostril.
  3. Sep Sumna - reaches the tip of the tongue.
  4. Sen Kanlatari - is divided into four branches, and they end on the fingers and toes.
  5. Sen Sahasarungsi - ends in the left eye.
  6. Sen Tavari - in the right eye.
  7. Sen Tientapusung - ends in the left ear.
  8. Saint Rusum - stops in the right ear.
  9. Sen Sukumung - ends in the anus.
  10. Sen Sikkini - in the urethra.

If you ask a question: "Thai massage is a kind of massage?" - you can answer that miraculous. This is a procedure for the return and activation of vital energy through the impact on vital points and lines.

Teaching Thai massage

Everyone can learn the skill of Thai massage. Although many are wondering about whether strong hands and a strong body are needed for this. After all, to perform any manipulation of the body need physical strength. But it is worth noting that Thai massage, the technique of teaching this skill, first of all, is based not on the force influence on the patient, but on the correct approach to performance. And as we described above, this is an impact on the life lines and special points on the body. Also, fragile Thai girls use their body weight virtuously.

Of course, the most prestigious and now is the massage school of the monastery Wat Pho. This center is considered the southern school. This procedure has been widely developed in the northern part of Thailand. And until now, the technique of Thai massage is being perfected and enriched with new techniques.

Thai massage is a massage that will undoubtedly have a beneficial effect on your body. The most important thing is for a competent specialist to perform it, then the benefits will be undoubted.