Osteoarthritis of the knee joint

Osteoarthritis - articular disease, which in everyday life is usually called "salt deposition".Medicine has faced a similar problem for more than a hundred years. As a rule, knee joints are the most susceptible to this disease. Along with the prescribed complex treatment, gymnastics should be actively used.

Arthrosis of the knee joint develops with age in almost every person. At the initial stage, this is the so-called primary arthrosis, that is, when the disease occurs on its own, and not because of a chronic illness or a trauma. With the onset of a certain age, the cartilage tissue in a person begins to gradually wear out and thin out, which becomes the cause of the disease. As a rule, all initial changes in tissues proceed imperceptibly. But after a certain time they become more pronounced: there is a darkening of the cartilage, its stratification, and then cracking in different directions.

If the arthrosis of the knee joint progresses, it will all end with the complete disappearance of the cartilaginous tissue, and the bone beneath it will be completely exposed. On such a disappearance of the cartilaginous coating, bone begins to react in its own way, sclerosis of tissues is formed which cover it, in other words, bone tissue begins to expand around the periphery. The outgrowths or outgrowths are called thorns. All these leads to the fact that bone without a cartilaginous coating begins to change shape, and quickly enough, and already developing deforming arthrosis.

Women are more susceptible to this disease than a strong half of humanity. Particularly influential in the development of the disease is heightened weight. This is the case with primary arthrosis. But there is also a secondary one. As a rule, the disease begins to develop after a severe knee joint injury, a fracture suffered, various meniscus lesions and ligament rupture.

Osteoarthritis of the knee joint is characterized by some stiffness in the joint region, a kind of constriction may be felt under the knee, and there is a likelihood of pain after a long walk. Many patients begin to complain of morning stiffness of movement or stiffness after a long stay of the joint in one position. After some motor activity, the mobility of the joint begins to return to normal.

In the absence of any treatment, arthrosis of the knee joint begins to progress. The pain becomes stronger, more prolonged in time. When moving or flexing in the knee, a certain crunch can be heard. After some time, some limitation begins in flexion of the knee, lameness appears. Relaxation of pain symptoms is observed in the night, but if the disease is badly triggered, the pain may occur at night.

When answering the question how to treat arthrosis of the knee joint, we can say that the approach should be complex. Among the various methods that include medicines and folk remedies, not the last place should be given to curative gymnastics. As a rule, it greatly improves the metabolism in the joint and in the entire limb, too. Also contributes to the strengthening of the general muscle tone, serves as an excellent prevention of the development of stiffness of movement.

Exercises for knee arthrosis are recommended to be performed in the morning in bed before full recovery. And then repeat the complex during the day at least three times. What kind of exercises you need to do, you can see in the relevant literature, but before starting the complex, you need to consult a doctor. After evening gymnastics on a joint it is possible to impose any warming compress, to accept a warm coniferous bath. All this will be an excellent means of combating the disease, which can be used at home.