Healing decoction of oats for the liver

The older we become, the more toxins accumulate in our body. Therefore, if you care about your health, then you should clean the internal organs with a frequency of at least once a year.

The main body for processing and removing slags is our favorite liver. Without a well-organized work of this body, a person will not have health. Unfortunately, the liver rarely gives us signals about a malfunction in its work and is quietly destroyed.

When we think about the need to cleanse your body, the liver is already badly damaged, and we have a whole bunch of diseases. Hence, a sufficiently strong, but at the same time, mild cleanser is needed.

The most suitable decoction of oats for the liver. A perfect folk remedy, tested for years and with positive results. Decoction of oats for the liver will suit any category of people with various diseases. This remedy can be used for allergies and diseases of the digestive tract.

Let's look at how to clean the liver with oats. The method is fairly simple, and all the necessary components can be bought freely in any pharmacy. To prepare a decoction of oats for the liver, you will need: one glass of unpeeled oats, two tablespoons of birch buds or leaves and spores, three tablespoons of cranberry leaves, one glass of hips.

Prepare two pots. In one we put oats, leaves of cowberry and birch, pour boiling water in the amount of four liters and insist for a day. In the second pot we lay grass spores and berries of dogrose. Fill the mixture with one glass of water and boil for at least 20 minutes, after which one hour, we insist, we cool and filter. After the expiration of a day, we filter the first infusion and mix it with our broth.

The obtained mixture is consumed daily, at least ten days, before each meal, preheated. First day we drink fifty grams. The second day - a hundred grams. From the third day until the end of the course, we drink one hundred and fifty grams for each reception. Throughout the course, you will have to completely eliminate alcoholic beverages and meat from your diet.

You can use an easier way. Everyone should know how to treat liver with oats. In this variant, only two glasses of still unrefined grain will be required. We fall asleep oats in a saucepan, pour three liters of cold water and cook. Cooking, until there is only a glass of liquid. The course of treatment takes one month, during which we drink a cup of oats for the liver once a day.

You can cook oatmeal. To do this, a glass of oats with a peel pour two liters of water and long boil over low heat. It is necessary to watch, so that the broth does not boil. The boiled oats are insisted for another 4 hours, after which we mix and drink the resulting broth daily several times.

Cleaning the liver with oats will help not only to remove the numerous slags accumulated in our body, but also to reduce weight, normalize pressure and improve skin color. Before the procedure, it is advisable to consult with your doctor. After all, this method has its contraindications.

It is not recommended to engage in liver cleansing during pregnancy, if there is diabetes or stones in the bile duct and bladder. Broth from oats can provoke the advancement of pebbles along the ducts, which will result in urgent hospitalization. Therefore, caution should be exercised.

Refuse to perform cleaning procedures if there are any signs of an infection in the body. It can be a headache, cough, severe weakness, aches in joints and muscles, and also high fever. It is necessary to wait for full recovery and only after that to clean the body.