Tablets for cough: instructions for use.

The slightest hypothermia of the body leads to the accumulation of sputum in the bronchi. There is a cough. It is a protective unconditioned reflex of the body. With the help of a cough, your body tries to get rid of sputum in the bronchi, which prevents proper breathing. Helping the immune and nervous system to remove phlegm will help the pill from coughing. Domestic inexpensive and effective drug.

What do tablets contain for cough? The instruction will help to understand this. They contain: codeine, sodium bicarbonate, licorice root, lanceolate thermopsis grass.

Codeine is a derivative of morphine. It is an extract of the alkaloid of opium, therefore it acts as an analgesic. Has also antitussive effect, affecting the center of cough in the brain.

Sodium bicarbonate, also baking soda, is used as an antiseptic in the formulation.

Licorice root is an underground part of a perennial herbaceous plant. Extracts found in it irritate the endocrine glands. Irritation leads to expectoration of sputum, located in the bronchi. Softens irritated lung membranes and heals ulcers.

Thermopsis lanceolate. The herbaceous part of this plant contains essential oils and alkaloids. Gives an expectorant effect, acts on bronchial tissue.

That's why tablets from cough apply for cough treatment of various nature in adults and children over 2 years old.

Tablets for cough, instruction for use

Make sure that the drug is always in your medicine cabinet. It should be taken at the first symptoms of a cough, whatever its origin.

Tablets for cough - how to drink? Take three times a day for one tablet. If the cough begins to progress at night, drink the pill before bed.

How to take pills for cough? The duration of the drug should not exceed ten days. Codeine can be addictive. If there is no positive effect, then stop taking the tablets from the cough.

Do you take pills for cough? The instruction contains all contraindications, as well as all allergic reactions that may be caused by the drug. Be careful if you:

  • are pregnant. The components have the property of penetrating the placenta and influencing the development of the fetus. Especially dangerous in the first three months. Laying the organs and systems of the child's organs can occur with significant disabilities;
  • you have hypertension of the uterus( threat of miscarriage).The components of the drug have an effect on the level of the hormone oxytocin;
  • breastfeeding. Codeine penetrates into breast milk and acts on the cough center. This can cause a decrease in the respiratory rate in the newborn.

Side effects of

Individual allergy to cough pill components is observed. It is expressed in the redness and itching of the skin, changes in breathing.

An adult is not recommended to take more than 3 tablets of cough per day. The instruction enclosed in each package will tell about this in more detail.

Symptoms of overdose: headache, drowsiness, decreased muscle tone and respiratory rate. Neutralize the symptoms can be activated charcoal, washing the stomach with potassium permanganate( manganese).When a patient is in serious condition, hospitalization with atropine administration is required.

Note the use of pills for cough with kidney failure, glomerulonephritis or pyelonephritis. Since the kidneys do not work at full strength, the breakdown products of codeine are not completely eliminated. There is an intoxication of the body.

Cough tablets can not be taken with sleeping pills, psychotropic, cardiac drugs. Also, it is not recommended to take pills if they are not prescribed by your doctor. But this applies to any drug.