Why can I treat apple cider vinegar at home

Apple cider vinegar includes minerals such as potassium, magnesium sodium, iron, calcium, boron, vitamins, enzymes, fiber and essential amino acids. Using the useful properties of this remedy, many diseases can be treated.

When starting to treat apple cider vinegar, it is very important to determine the goal and take into account contraindications for use. This product will be able to become a real assistant in the recovery of health, but will not become an elixir from everything. Therefore, it is necessary to carefully observe the dosage and the duration of its use. Do not wait for a miraculous healing at once, but with a long and competent application, you can count on success.

Apple cider vinegar can never replace medicines prescribed by a doctor, but it can improve immunity, speed up recovery and even strengthen the effects of medicines on the human body. After the illness, to prevent exacerbation and the fastest recovery of health, it is simply irreplaceable. Apple acid in the body in humans is produced by itself, but with its lack of treatment with apple cider vinegar will allow the body to function normally.

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Since ancient times, the property of vinegar is known to break down fats and carbohydrates, reduce appetite and maintain the harmony of the figure. This is documented by the example of Cleopatra and Byron, who daily drank a cup of diluted vinegar.

Currently, apple cider vinegar is used to combat excess weight. It is used for dressing salads and for making sauces and snacks. The popular "Mediterranean" diet in Europe and the "Vermont" diet in the US guarantee health and longevity, thanks to the use of apple cider vinegar in garnishes and salads.

Food and pharmacological production is preparing this popular product in an industrial way. But it will be more useful to use it for medical purposes, if it is cooked at home. Such apple cider vinegar removes harmful substances from the body, stimulates the production of digestive juices, normalizes metabolic processes and microflora in the intestines, quickly restores the strength of a person after a serious illness.

Treatment with apple cider vinegar is useful in hypertension and arthritis, with skin diseases and intestinal disorders. It relieves headache and joint pain, reduces blood pressure and reduces swelling, eliminates inflammation with angina and helps with wound healing. High content of potassium normalizes the work of the nervous system and heart, maintains normal blood pressure, strengthens the immune system. As a natural preservative, it has an antimicrobial and antifungal effect.

Apple cider vinegar has a positive effect on blood circulation, increases blood coagulability and is a preventive agent in the development of vascular arteriosclerosis. It perfectly removes negative symptoms in menopause, it serves as prevention of cataracts and oncological diseases, bronchial asthma and allergic diseases.

External it is used to treat hemorrhoids and ulcers, to rinse the throat and mouth, to relieve pain with arthritis in the form of ointments and as infusions with gout, used to treat psoriasis and eczema, corns and calluses. Compresses with apple cider vinegar are treated with hematomas with bruises. With burns of 1 and 2 degrees at home, you can immediately apply a bandage to the site of injury with concentrated apple cider vinegar. This method allows you to quickly remove the pain and in the future does not leave scarring on the skin.

Natural product is used to help bite mosquitoes and bees, to stop bleeding from the nose, with stomatitis, to massage the skin of the body, to remove pimples, to wash with pustules on the face, to rinse hair, to strengthen the nails and relieve fatigue.

With varicose veins, it is effective to use wipes and cool foot baths with apple cider vinegar. After the procedure, dry feet should not be dried, on the contrary, they should be allowed to air dry. A good effect gives the wrapping of apple cider vinegar in the morning and evening for 1.5 months. To do this, wet the napkin in undiluted apple cider vinegar, lightly squeeze it and wrap the legs. From above, you must wrap your feet with a terry towel and lie down with your feet raised for half an hour.

Apply and anti-cellulite wraps thighs, shoulders, abdomen and buttocks. At the same time, it is necessary to put on a long warm robe, wrap the body with a tissue moistened with apple cider vinegar, cover these places with a film and lie under the blanket for an hour. After the procedure, rinse the vinegar with water, wipe the skin dry and apply cream. The course of procedures is 15-20 times every other day.

Treatment of varicose with apple cider vinegar provides, in addition to external use and ingestion. To do this, 1 tbsp.l.the means are diluted in a glass of cold water, stirred and drunk in small sips.

This natural remedy is used in folk medicine, in cooking, in cosmetology and in everyday life. A useful product gives dishes a refined taste, is used as a natural cleanser, and is used to treat diseases that do not require urgent medical attention.