Why do I need to rinse my throat with soda and salt

Let's start with the fact that rinsing with soda generally receives a wide spread recently. In fact, our grandmothers used this procedure with considerable success. In general, soda as a healing agent, it seems, returns its position. Today on the pages of the Internet even there are statements that with her help they treat cancer.

Rinse with soda and salt not only for colds. Thus, you can soothe toothache, help yourself with the flux. Personally, I rinsed the soda with the oral cavity during stomatitis and sore throats. Also, almost all members of our family thus whiten their teeth and strengthen their gums. The results are impressive.

Sore throat does not necessarily occur due to colds. The expression "to break the throat from screaming" is known to many. In any case, we are interested not only in pathology itself, but rather in effective methods of healing. Rinsing is one such proven method. In pharmacies, of course, funds are offered for every occasion and taste. These are aerosols, sprays, and even candies. Suck yourself a candy, continue to work and heal the throat at the same time.

But national methods of treatment are not the last role, and sometimes the first. Traditional medicine also applies gargling with soda and salt in the fight against angina. Therapy with anginas, both traditional and traditional medicine, generally rinses the throat rinsing an important role.

What does the throat rinse with soda and salt? First of all, of course, there is disinfection. This rinse helps to heal. Purification of the mucous membrane of the throat and oral cavity from accumulated mucous formations. A solution of soda for rinsing the throat is prepared as follows. One teaspoon of soda dissolves in a glass of warm water.

With a similar solution, the throat needs to be rinsed several times( up to five) a day. Rinsing of the throat with soda and salt is carried out with the help of such a solution: salt and soda in a glass of water dissolve in equal amounts - on a teaspoonful. To this solution, you can add and three to five drops of iodine tincture.

It should be remembered that water should be warm. Excellent results can be obtained by dissolving these ingredients in hot milk. In addition to soda and salt, a tablespoon of honey and the same amount of butter are added to the milk. The resulting suspension should be drunk at a time. Sometimes the inflammatory process in the throat passes through a few receptions.

Very unpleasant, when the inflammatory process in the throat finds on the sea rest. In this case, sin is not used to rinse with sea water. This can be done for preventive purposes. Seawater, of course, should be taken clean, away from places of mass bathing. If such a procedure is carried out more often during a holiday at sea, then an excellent and long-lasting protection of the throat from the sore throat is ensured.

At home, you can also easily make a similar solution. It is necessary to take sea salt and dissolve one tsp in a glass of water. Previously, gargling with soda and salt was called - "rinsing with children's sea water."The rinse procedure for obtaining the greatest effect should be carried out more often, with a duration of at least five minutes.

The throat can also be rinsed with solutions prepared from other ingredients.

Freshly squeezed lemon juice

If you did not help rinse your throat with soda and salt, and the pain continues to interfere with food intake, prevent talking, try the following recipe. In a glass or a cup of warm water squeeze the juice from the lemon. After stirring, rinse your throat. Simple, but effective.

Well, we will not forget about medications. Despite the widespread use of folk methods, at an early stage, fucialin tablets diluted in warm water are excellent. One or two shredded tablets are enough for a glass of water. Be sound!