Whether there are secrets - Valerian in tablets( the instruction on application)

The bottle with valerian tablets or alcohol tincture, probably, is in the house of each person. In the medicine cabinet there is a valerian in tablets, the instruction for use is usually absent, since the majority are sure that everything you need to know about this medicine, they know. This fragrant plant saves if the hands tremble with excitement, and if the heart knocks like crazy, worried because of the news received, and if after a stormy and difficult day does not manage to fall asleep. Even if the stomach grasped the spasm, there is no strength to endure renal colic or PMS, it will help again, such a habitual medicine.

It seems that this is a family medicine for everyone, and it must be in every medicine cabinet. Why do valerians have such popular love? And do we all know how to take valerian tablets correctly?

This medicine is completely natural and contains the main active ingredient - valerian root extract, in the amount of 0.2 g. The rest of the substances do not play a special role, because they are auxiliary, not medicinal. It can even be taken for children and pregnant women( although it is not recommended to take in the first trimester, it is during this period that all important organs, the nervous system of the fetus are laid, and it is desirable to exclude the influence of all possible drugs and medications).And if you are prescribed valerian in tablets, instructions for use should be read before admission. Pregnant women are often prescribed this drug, since their unstable psyche has already become a terrible nightmare for all loved ones.

Adults recommend taking it three times a day for 2 pieces, for three weeks, if the problem with nervousness or spasms occurs systematically. Pediatric Dose - 1 tablet at a time, three times a day. If problems have arisen for the first time, then we can limit ourselves to a one-time reception. All medications should be taken according to the doctor's prescription, be it valerian in tablets, the instruction will replace the doctor's recommendations if the drug is over-the-counter.

Valerian extract is a wonderful antispasmodic and sedative. Its effect is mild, the result is long-term and without consequences for health( when observing the instructions for admission).But to take this medicine is desirable a whole cycle, then its effect becomes equal, and stable, otherwise, when taking several tablets once, the effect will be temporary.

This valerian is well proven in tablets( the manual describes in detail the scheme and duration of admission) in the treatment of insomnia. In addition, that slowly, but noticeably calms down the nervous system, there is empty anxiety, vasospasms are relieved, the headache is reduced, and there comes a sleep that practically does not differ from natural sleep. Addiction and accumulation of this drug in the body is not observed.

This natural product can be used for hyperactive children, in case of sleep disturbance. Such children, running into the day, in the evening can not calm down, and normally fall asleep. A soft, safe, relaxing nervous system will be very helpful, especially since hyperactivity among schoolchildren is a very common phenomenon in the last ten years. Children take valerian in tablets is recommended for 1 piece, 3 times a day. The treatment cycle is 3 weeks. Then it's worth taking a break, and if necessary, repeat the course. If the problem with sleep is single, it is enough to take one pill at night. Do not rely on memory, read again the manufacturer's recommendations on how to take valerian in tablets for various diseases.

In case of renal colic, with spasms in the gastrointestinal system, headache caused by vasospasm, with depressive conditions, with pains in the uterus( spasms, tone), with increased gas production and colic in the intestine - sure valerian will always help. And whatever form you choose( tablets, tincture or decoction), the result will always be excellent.

Do not forget that this drug, like any other, has its side effects. Yes, and this, so natural and harmless, at first glance, valerian in tablets, the instruction for the use of which clearly describes all side effects and contraindications, may be forbidden to receive.

But, basically, they are caused only by the duration of administration and greater than the recommended doses, and not the toxicity of the active substances. This is retardation, fatigue, drowsiness during the day, worsening of working capacity, constipation, allergic rashes or other reactions. Even if you are always helped by valerian in tablets, the instructions for use should be regularly re-read so as not to harm yourself and others.