How to get rid of lice: traditional and new means

For a very long time there was an opinion that lice can appear only in those people who for one reason or another do not observe the rules of personal hygiene, in other words, do not wash. However, this assumption does not reflect the essence of the problem at all, as everyone can become infected with pediculosis.

how to get rid of lice

On how to get rid of lice, we'll talk a little later, now we will try to highlight the significant reasons for their appearance. Contrary to all assumptions, lice from the mass of the proposed options will choose exactly the head that they wash most often. Why is this happening? The fact is that on clean skin there are fewer substances that are secreted by the sebaceous glands, which means that the blood will suck the parasites much easier.

how can you get rid of lice

Unlike microbes, viruses and other microorganisms, lice are transmitted only with direct contact, that is, through hygiene items( towels, bed linens), personal belongings, and also in contact with the carrier of the disease itself. It is not surprising that children who visit nurseries, kindergartens, schools are most unprotected.

The disease is really unpleasant. Not only does a person have an unbearable itch in places where there are parasites, so it's also quite unaesthetic to scratch in public places. But the phrase "help get rid of lice" should appear not only for these reasons, but also because such parasites carry a dangerous disease - recurrent, or typhus, typhus. The danger of infection appears four days after infection and does not depend on how many lice you've been bitten.

How can I get rid of lice?

It is necessary to determine what kind of pediculosis is present in the patient. Lice can be head( most often), clothing and pubic. How to get rid of lice of the clothes? By the name it is clear that such parasites hide in the seams of clothing, bed linens, etc. Just washing in this case will be ineffective, as a minimum you need to boil all the laundry, iron it with a hot iron( sharpening the seams), and then leave it on a sunny airyplace for a whole week. It will not be superfluous to iron once more all the linen after airing.

How to get rid of pubic lice? This is the most lightweight species, here it will be enough to shave off all the vegetation( small prey), and then the places of bites to be treated with mercury white ointment( 10%).If the eyebrows or eyelashes are damaged, you can handle your hands - just pass the parasites with your nails.

help get rid of lice

The most difficult thing to deal with head lice. The best option is to shave off all the hair, but for women this is really a difficult situation, so you should consider other methods. How to get rid of head lice? Today, a large number of all kinds of drugs are sold in pharmacies, one of the most effective and accessible is the cynical water. You can try the "Nittifor", "Para-plus", and even shampoos from lice for animals, which, incidentally, cope with this problem is just fine.

Women who like to experiment, you can suggest changing the hair color, that is, coloring the hair with an ammonia paint, from whose vapors the amount of parasites on the head will significantly decrease. Of the folk remedies the most effective is kerosene, but to restore the hair after such compresses will have to oh how long, so do not pay attention to such bloodthirsty methods. If the head lice appeared in the child, do not hesitate to contact a specialist, as using various methods without consulting a doctor you can cause irreparable harm to your baby.