Sanatoriums of Evpatoria for children and adults. Reviews of holidaymakers

The Crimean peninsula invariably attracts tourists who want to get everything from rest: a wonderful climate, a huge number of attractions, elegant nature and reasonable prices. One of the popular destinations is Evpatoria. This town is famous for its curative mud, brine, thermal springs. The resorts of Evpatoria attract about 300 thousand tourists from different parts of the world every year.

A few words about the city

Why does such a huge number of tourists come here? It is noteworthy that there is a mineral water well on the territory of the city. Vacationers are attracted and melko sandy beaches, on which to stay - a pleasure. Evpatoria awarded the title of the largest on the peninsula of a children's health resort. In addition, there are many unique monuments of antiquity. This region has a 25-century history of existence. And there is something to see here.

What else is Evpatoria famous for? Sanatoria with treatment - that's what many visitors of the city are looking for. After all, almost everyone has health problems. And I want to get rid of them in parallel with quality rest. In the health resorts of Evpatoria treat any diseases: respiratory, nervous, cardiovascular and others.

This resort is recognized as one of the cleanest on the whole peninsula. You will not be disturbed on vacation by sudden temperature changes. This will allow you to adapt very quickly in new climatic conditions, especially if you come here from afar. sanatoriums of Evpatoria

Beaches and warm sea

Not only the resorts of Evpatoria attract tourists. Usually people prefer beach rest to anyone else. The Black Sea in this area is shallow, very warm. On the beaches - only soft sand and small seashells. There is absolutely no dust here, so allergic people and families with children are especially fond of coming here. Beaches and parks belonging to the sanatoriums are usually closed to outsiders. Therefore, no one will disturb your peace. If you go to the beach in the city center, then be ready to pay the entrance to it. However, nearby villages offer free recreation at the water's edge.

Sanatoriums of the city: Evpatoria invites guests

It is such health resorts that this place is famous for. Approximate number of health facilities in Evpatoria - 80 pieces. And in each work only professionals, physicians with experience and appropriate education;each has the richest traditions and offers high quality services.

Usually, the cost of a tour of the sanatorium of Evpatoria includes physiotherapeutic and health procedures, diagnostics of diseases with the help of high-quality equipment, therapeutic gymnastics and so on. Evpatoria sanatorium with treatment

The resort is great for kids. Evpatoria sanatorium for children offers cozy and completely appropriate to all parents expectations. Family holiday here is held on a "cheers".Its contribution to this is made by sandy beaches, shallow sea, mild climate. Many sanatoria occupy a huge area, reaching up to tens of hectares. Also, health resorts offer a rich infrastructure, own, equipped by all the rules beaches. Not only can you be treated in such institutions, but also fun and interesting to organize leisure.

Among the famous guests of the city and its admirers are Vladimir Mayakovsky, Nikolai Ostrovsky and many other persons who have earned recognition in this or that area. They once noted that Evpatoria is a place with a special color that can liberate the soul of anyone who comes here from captivity, it brings bright colors into his life, makes him look at the world around him in a new way.

So, is not it time you checked these statements? And that rest was not only qualitative, but also cheerful and useful for health, it's time to consider popular and popular sanatoriums and boarding houses in Evpatoria.

Sanatorium "Orlyonok"

This institution is located in a park area and is characterized by a landscaped area. Considering the sanatoriums( the city of Evpatoria offers a huge range of them), it is impossible to get around it. From the sea, the establishment is only 30 meters away. You can come here at any time of the year. At the same time, the sanatorium accepts 50 people.

The institution has its own sandy beach, which has canopies, a rescue station( which is very important), a medical center and a cafe. The six-story building offers guests single-room double rooms( separate and in a block).The rooms are equipped with a full set of necessary hotel furniture, a bathroom, a refrigerator, a TV.You will not have to starve here. Meals are supposed to be four meals a day. At the same time, it is possible to select dietary meals.

The infrastructure of this place receives only positive feedback. The library, gym, children's and sports grounds are functioning. For children there is a children's room. Your child can be there with a tutor from 8 am to 5 pm. And it's completely free - the service is included in the cost of the tour. Cold water is always, but the hot give on schedule.

sanatoriums and boarding houses of Evpatoria

Do you like Evpatoria? Sanatoria with treatment are presented here in a wide range. It includes the establishment of the Eaglet. Here those who suffer from problems with the cardiovascular, respiratory, peripheral nervous system seek help. If you have chronic gynecological diseases, urological, allergic, skin problems - in this place you will definitely get health adjusted.

The maximum price for a ticket with treatment is 1700 Russian rubles per day for an adult. You can choose an option that offers just accommodation, beach and food.

Sanatorium "Yevpatoria"

If you want to improve your health and have a productive holiday, then the "Evpatoria" sanatorium is suitable for you. Rest with children is possible from May to August. The unit for parents with kids is designed for 150 seats. There is also just a children's sanatorium for 312 places( for guests from 5 to 15 years) and even a health camp - for 300 seats( from 7 to 15 years).

The profile of this institution is obscheomatic. It treats diseases of the genitourinary system, circulation, eliminates problems with metabolism, digestion. The ailments of the musculoskeletal system and the diseases of the upper respiratory tract can also be eliminated by local doctors. The sanatorium is famous for its rich diagnostic and medical base. There is everything from the functional diagnostics room to balneotherapy and orthopedic surgery. With vacationers, sports and creative pursuits are also held.

Rooms in all three divisions of the sanatorium are clean, well-maintained, equipped with everything that can be needed for a comfortable stay. This is an excellent choice for holidaymakers. Rest in the sanatorium of Evpatoria will give you a lot of fun. The price of the tour depends on which department you are staying in.

Sanatorium "Dnepr"

This institution is rightly recognized as one of the best in the city. Sanatoriums of Evpatoria on the seashore always attract tourists. From the establishment to the beach only 50 meters. It is located on a vast territory( 14 hectares).There are five sleeping buildings, there are playgrounds, sports grounds, a beautiful park. The territory of the sanatorium is fenced and well guarded.

Here you will be able to consult such specialists as dentist, gynecologist, ENT doctor, therapist, endoscopist, gastroenterologist etc. The sanatorium offers a whole range of services customary for such a place: from computer diagnostic examinations to mud procedures, Charcot shower and bioresonance correction.

evpatoria sanatorium for children

The double single and double rooms have a toilet, shower, balcony - not everywhere. TV and fridge are also present. The furniture is modern, new and comfortable. Meals are offered 4 times a day. At the same time, a therapeutic menu is provided, rational, it can be made to order. Services and services are represented by a wide range. There is an exchange office, a sauna, a chess club, a cinema, a cafe. Guests can leave their belongings in the luggage room, visit the reading pavilion, the gym, break away on the dance floor, play tennis, volleyball, go to the indoor pool with sea water. A special playground was built for the kids.

The maximum price per room is 2335 rubles per day. It includes a lot of things: food, accommodation, entertainment and leisure, medical services, use of the beach.

Sanatorium "Primorye"

The sanatorium of Evpatoria represents this institution with dignity. It is great for family and children's rest. It is the winner of various competitions in the field of recovery. From the sea it is only 100 meters away. On the beach( covered with fine sand) you will find a medical center, large awnings, comfortable dressing rooms. In the six-story modern building there are one-room and two-room rooms. They can be designed for one and two people. Everywhere there are beds, chairs, table, TV, balcony, wardrobe, refrigerator, bathroom. In the category "Improved" there is also a sofa, air conditioning.

telephones of the Yevpatoria sanatoriums

Four meals a day can be ordered and integrated. In the sanatorium there are swimming pools with mineral water, a library, a hairdresser, a shop. There is an opportunity to visit the bathroom section, a games room, a cinema hall, take photo services and parking.

Treatment of a variety of diseases is expected: nervous, genitourinary, respiratory, cardiovascular systems. Doctors relieve of problems with the skin, blood circulation, musculoskeletal system. The extensive list of services includes massage, balneotherapy, mud therapy, physiotherapy, light therapy, inhalation, etc.

In the high season, the maximum price can reach 4260 rubles per person per day.

Pension "Severny"

Discussing the sanatoriums and boarding houses of Evpatoria, this institution should not be ignored. It is located just 8 kilometers from the city.4-storey building hospitably welcomes the guests. The territory is divided into a magnificent park, populated by exotic and endemic plants. The beach is 450 meters from the buildings. But rest assured that sometimes it's not so bad, because you can walk, enjoying the fresh air. The beach is well guarded, no strangers are allowed to enter it. There are showers, and locker rooms, and canopies.

sanatoria of Evpatoria on the shore

Accommodation is offered in single and double rooms of the category "Standard".TV, bathroom, comfortable furniture, refrigerator - all this is there. The rooms of the first category are designed for two guests and are complemented by air-conditioning.

The food is built on such a system: early breakfast, lunch, then dinner and at bedtime the second dinner( kefir with a bun).

In the sanatorium you can visit the indoor pool( water here is bromine, chloride-sodium, mineralized), hydropathic, procedural rooms, electric mud and mud. The park has a tennis court, playgrounds for basketball, badminton and volleyball. There is also a football field, a sauna, and a gym. Everything for your leisure and health. For children a children's town is built. You can go to the library, enjoy watching movies in the cinema for 400 people, sit in a phyto-bar, dance at a disco.

In addition to treating the general therapeutic profile( diseases of the respiratory system, heart, vessels, endocrine system, etc.), many syndromes are also eliminated here: "overwork," "tired legs," "overweight", "reducing the body's defenses in children" and so on.

The maximum price in high season is 2620 rubles per room for two rooms( "junior suite") per day.

As evidenced by the reviews, almost all the sanatoriums of Evpatoria( the photo you see in the article) meet all the requirements and provide the services of the highest class. And the boarding house "Severny" is one of their brightest representatives.

Sanatorium "Gold Coast"

This establishment is located in the resort area, where it is separated from the sea by 30 meters. On the beach, there are a rescue station and a medical center, so you do not have to worry about safety. In the four-storey building you will be offered double and triple rooms. There are rooms with a sea view. The rooms have all the conveniences, so comfort is provided to you.

The food here is built on the principle of "buffet".In the dining room, the service is provided by the waiters. The infrastructure of this place is pleasantly surprising: there are sports, children's playgrounds, a cinema hall, a dance floor. You can play table tennis, basketball, billiards, volleyball.

Having arrived here, you can improve your health quickly and qualitatively. Retreat diseases of ENT organs, musculoskeletal tissue, skin, heart and blood vessels.

The maximum price for the main place is 2 thousand rubles per day.

health resort evpatoria holidays with children

Sanatorium "Mayak"

Attracting vacation in Evpatoria? Boarding houses, sanatoriums do not end on the list of the above listed establishments. Complex "Mayak" is the dream of any tourist. It is located 6 kilometers from Evpatoria. Its territory is huge - it occupies 52 hectares. And all this is the coastal sea strip. There is also a children's sanatorium, a department for family recreation, and a unit for mother and child, and health camps for toddlers. The complex welcomes guests all year round. It is designed for the simultaneous stay of 1550 tourists.

Adults with children are accommodated in 3 buildings:

  • "Fregat" offers single and double rooms, as well as block-type rooms( 1 + 2).In all of them there is everything that can be needed in the process of rest. There is a storage room in the building, there is a hygiene room, a large hall with a TV and a procedural room.
  • "Brigantine".Here you can settle in double and triple rooms. Furniture, a refrigerator, a balcony, a TV set, a bathroom are all available for guests.
  • Building "Primorsky" - here only double rooms. A complete set of furniture and household items makes the rest comfortable.

Children's camp offers accommodation in 6-bed rooms of a four-story building. In addition, there is a school, a medical building, a dining room. All this is connected by corridors.

rest in the Yevpatoria sanatorium There are three meals a day in the sanatorium. Many diseases are treated here: from problems with the locomotor apparatus to thyroid diseases.

The maximum price for a room is 1450 rubles per day.

Rest in Evpatoria( boarding houses, motels): reviews

The institutions described in this article are among the best in the city. They receive rave reviews from those who were fortunate enough to visit them. These resorts offer a huge range of medical services. After all, the most important thing when choosing such an institution is to find an option, the rest in which will really bring health benefits. Modern equipment, a competent approach to treatment of the most serious and chronic diseases, according to tourists, in these institutions are present. Sending children to rest in the listed camps and boarding houses, you can not worry for their safety and health. Everywhere professionals work, meals are organized clearly, dishes are cooked very tasty based on the needs of the growing organism.

The phones of the health resorts of Evpatoria can be found on the official websites of these institutions.

health resorts evpatoria photos In between procedures, you can always learn something new and interesting. In Evpatoria there are a lot of attractions that attract tourists. The entertainment industry is also represented by an impressive number of clubs, restaurants, discos. So the youth here also will not be able to get bored.