Proper nutrition during training: diet, menus and reviews. Proper nutrition before and after exercise

From year to year, a healthy lifestyle is becoming more popular. Proper nutrition, sport, rejection of bad habits - in the trend in all developed countries of the world. Some people, to be slim and beautiful, choose a diet for themselves, others - go to training. The ideal option is to combine a healthy diet and active activities in the gym or at the stadium.

Principles of proper nutrition

Proper nutrition before and after training is one of the most important moments in your lifestyle. Agree, many come to the hall when they notice that the situation is critical: the sides are filled with fat, a "beer" belly appears, and hateful cellulite is formed on the legs. Such people after long years of sloth and idleness, starting training, severely limit themselves in nutrition. And then they realize that they have absolutely no strength. This is logical. Any athlete will say that the lack of calories will also negatively affect your appearance, as well as their excess. Therefore, experts recommend switching to a special diet - sports, in which you will eat enough food, while it will be useful and nutritious.

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proper nutrition during training Proper nutrition during training has a number of features:

  • No hunger.
  • You can not overeat and eat in a hurry.
  • There is a need at a certain time.
  • Before starting classes, you need to consult a sports doctor or a nutritionist.

Ideally, if the menu for you is a professional. It will take into account your physical form, the level of loads, as well as the sport that you are engaged in.

mode The training program and proper nutrition will be the two whales on which your day will be built. Make a schedule of the daily diet so that before you practice in the hall you get enough protein. A serving should be eaten 2 hours before the workout. Best of all, if it's a baked piece of meat in the oven or a large fish steak, pea porridge or boiled lentils will fit into the garnish. If due to an unregulated work schedule it's impossible to eat normally, you can have a snack with fruit or dairy products half an hour before classes, and afterwards eat home at home.

proper nutrition during exercise A good option will be a split meal: there is a need often, but in small portions. Ideally - 6 times a day for 200-300 grams. The emphasis is on protein products. Carbohydrates should also be present in the diet, because without them you will not have the energy and strength for physical exertion. No fat can not be avoided, but it should be a little in the daily diet. Regime of the day build so that you have time not only for sports and work, but for a well-deserved rest.

The role of breakfast

Its presence necessarily provides for proper nutrition. During training his mission becomes more important and responsible. Unfortunately, many people do not eat anything in the morning, referring to the fact that their body has not yet woken up after an overnight rest. But it's not right. Breakfast is necessary, without it you can not go in for sports, because you will feel yourself unsatisfactory. An hour of training a day plus a regular morning meal is the most successful combination in terms of physiology. If for some reason you do not have breakfast, gradually accustom yourself to this process. Believe me, in the near future you will not be able to imagine how you previously refused such pleasure.

After a hearty breakfast, you limit yourself to overeating during lunch and dinner. Those people who have accustomed themselves to the morning meal, do not have problems with metabolism, they are more active and active, they have a good mood. If, having woken up, you have no appetite, go for a run and take a contrast shower. These manipulations stimulate the appearance of hunger. An excellent option for breakfast for the athlete will be porridge, omelet with vegetables, cereal bread with skim cheese. When there is no time, you can drink a milkshake, and breakfast will take to work.

Get plenty of water and fiber

This rule is hacked to your nose. Proper nutrition during exercise involves the use of fiber, which helps the body to clear itself, get rid of toxins. In addition, with its help you can achieve the absorption of all nutrients. Fiber is found in vegetables, fruits, herbs, mushrooms. In the diet of an athlete should be about 400 grams of these products. And the lion's share should be given to vegetables - they are most useful. The exception is potatoes, its use should be limited to a minimum. Instead, lean on pumpkin and broccoli purée soups, vegetable casseroles from courgettes, aubergines and carrots.

program of training and proper nutrition Also, drink plenty of fluids. Under its influence, the fiber in the intestine swells, thereby stimulating digestion. The minimum daily allowance is 2 liters of still fresh water. But the more intense you are in sports, the more liquid you need to replenish the lost stock. Check if you have enough water, easily. To do this, you need to look at the urine: if its color is saturated, it is necessary to drink more liquid.

Is it necessary to exclude fats?

Proper nutrition during training for girls and boys involves the use of lipids, although many categorically refuse them. Remember: with intensive exercise, fats are necessary. They consist of a large number of hormones that take an active part in the burning of deferred lipids. Also, the presence of fats in the diet reduces the secretion of insulin, which transforms glucose into subcutaneous fat. Accordingly, your hips will just become thin and beautiful just before your eyes.

proper nutrition when exercising in the gym The body needs so-called correct fats: Omega-6 and Omega-3.In large quantities, they are found in fish and seafood, so be sure to include them in the diet. Fish can be any, except for fried and smoked options. It is best if it is boiled, baked or steamed. Animal fats are less useful, although they are also needed for absorption of certain vitamins. To meet the need for them, you can eat a little bit of butter for breakfast.

Power before training

As already mentioned, the body needs fuel before classes start. Proper nutrition before exercise provides such a menu: low-fat steak and buckwheat, poultry and rice, scrambled eggs and vegetables, oatmeal and nuts. These dishes have already become a classic of the genre for athletes. Caloric content should be sufficient. Bulk dishes, such as a bowl of soup or a large amount of salad, you need to eat 2 hours before classes. A substantial meal of a small size - a piece of meat, for example, is allowed to eat for half an hour before training.

proper nutrition during training days If you are doing sports to build muscle mass, 40 minutes before going to the gym, eat a few fruits with a low glycemic index: grapefruit, apples, prunes, apricots, sweet cherries. Admitted berries: black currant, blackberries, blueberries. It is good to have a protein cocktail and a cup of coffee. The first will give the substances necessary for muscle building, the second - mobilizes fat, so that the body uses it as fuel.

When practicing sports in the midst of

Before and after classes, proper nutrition is important, during exercise - drinking fluid. While engaged in the hall, drink as much as possible. Otherwise, you will be sleepy, sluggish and unproductive. Do not be guided by thirst, drink constantly. When you want to swallow some liquid, your body will already be dehydrated. And this is unacceptable. With age, the receptors responsible for the need for fluid lose their sensitivity. Therefore, you do not immediately feel that you need water. The main signs of dehydration are:

  • Headache.
  • Dry mouth.
  • Cracked lips.
  • Dizziness.
  • Nervousness.

proper nutrition in training for girls The drinking mode should look like this: before drinking, drink a glass of water, during exercise drink every 15 minutes. If the physical load is intense and lasts for more than an hour, you can use any natural energy one hour before the start: green tea, vegetable vitamin fresh juice, berry smoothies, freshly squeezed fruit juice. Do not trust store analogs, make drinks yourself.

After training

It is recommended to eat tightly in the first 20 minutes after classes. If you do not sit at the table for 2 hours after the end of training, the sense from it will be small: the increase in the mass of muscles will remain at the minimum level. Bodybuilders call this period of time "an anabolic window" for the use of proteins and carbohydrates. What you will eat in this period, go to increase the amount of muscle. There are many options for the menu: omelet with vegetables and lavash, turkey with black bread, fruit juice and cheese, fish steak and salad, flakes with milk, pea porridge and boiled meat and so on.

proper nutrition before exercise Proper nutrition during exercise is aimed at low-fat meals, which are one-third of carbohydrates, two - of proteins. To even more replenish their stock, drink milkshakes. A natural protein drink is a mixture of egg, milk, cottage cheese and nuts beaten in a blender. For sweetness, you can add honey and a piece of banana. Such a cocktail can be consumed both before training and at the height of training.

What's prohibited?

Proper nutrition on the days of training has one objective function - to eliminate fat and gain muscle mass. Therefore, lipids in food should be minimal. If they are in the diet a lot, they slow down the splitting and assimilation of nutrients and vitamins. Protein dishes should also be as low-fat as possible: no pork and chicken legs. Instead of them, weave the brisket of poultry or veal. Be careful with dairy products. Buy exclusively low-fat cheeses, cottage cheese, yoghurt, milk and kefir. But fatty fish will be useful. This is a pleasant exception to the rules.

Proper nutrition when exercising in the gym is the basis of the basics. If you ignore it, the effect of the lessons will actually be invisible. Therefore, observe the basic rules of a healthy and healthy diet. In addition, if possible, spend a lot of time in the fresh air, play sports games, ride a bike, swim. In a word, lead an active lifestyle. All this will help to achieve the result faster and make it more effective.