Treatment of gout with folk remedies goes well with the methods of official medicine

Gout is called acute inflammation of the joints( polyarthritis) as a result of the deposition of uric acid crystals in them. A feature of the disease is the fact that exacerbation in the form of pains often occur suddenly during movement and acuity of pain sensations practically immobilizes a person. Hence the name "gout", which in Greek means "grabbing a leg" or "foot trap".The deposited uric acid crystals rapidly form a connective tissue, forming nodules called "tophi", which are one of the most characteristic( pathognomonic) signs of the disease. The causes of accumulation of uric acid are usually of a combined nature. This is a reduction in excretion by her kidneys and a decrease in the level of internal metabolism and hormonal changes in the body. All these changes appear in the body, usually after 50 years, but with the wrong diet, the disease can manifest itself at a much earlier age.

Of course, modern medicine has a vast arsenal of medicines that have both pathogenetic and symptomatic( analgesic) effects in the development of the disease. But there are also a lot of folk recipes for treating gout, and nothing prevents them from successfully combining them with the doctor's prescriptions.

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Treatment of gout with folk remedies includes both external and internal use. For example, from domestic remedies treatment of gout with folk remedies is recommended to be carried out with decoction of the roots of medicinal plants, madder red. For its preparation, take one teaspoon of crushed dried roots and pour two hundred milliliters of boiling water and keep using a water bath for 10 to 15 minutes, then the infusion should be filtered and cool down to room temperature. Reception of the prepared broth is carried out in quantity of 2 times a day - in the morning immediately after waking up and in the evening just before bedtime. Such a popular treatment of gout is well combined with an external remedy. To make it, you need 3 bottles of the usual pharmacy tincture of valerian, which must be mixed with 100 milliliters of triple cologne. The mixture is wiped with sore spots for the night with a swab of gauze or fleece. Before going to bed, after wiping, apply a piece of polyethylene to the treated area and wrap it with something warm. According to people who have been cured in this way, burning and itching in the affected area are possible in the first 3-4 days, but then the signs of the disease and pain go away without a trace. Treatment of gout with folk remedies can also be carried out using another medicinal plant - chamomile flowers of chemist's. You can make baths with gouty lesions of the hands or feet. To do this, chamomile flowers in the amount of 100 grams of dry weight are added to 10 liters of hot water of the same temperature to withstand the limb, 200 grams of a large salt are added to the solution. The duration of such a procedure is 10-15 minutes, the skin should be steamed. Immediately after taking a bath, the limb must be wrapped in heat.

Another method that makes it possible to treat gout with folk remedies at home is known from Soviet times, when Pomorin toothpaste from Bulgaria was widely distributed. You can buy it now and, according to the statements that used this method, the effectiveness of the cure is very high. So, it is necessary to steam out the legs well in hot water, where it is good to add dry mustard( 1 table spoon for 10 l of water). Then the lower limbs are wiped dry and lubricated with toothpaste, which after drying can be left overnight. In the morning, the paste is washed off with warm water. The above described treatment procedure can be conducted in courses of 10-12 days, during which time the symptoms of the disease usually completely pass. But we must be careful, sometimes on the skin after applying Pomorin paste ┬╗irritation may appear. In this case, treatment of gout with folk remedies can be done in a different way. Toothpaste can be tried to replace with a mixture of 1 teaspoon of mustard powder, honey( better than lime) and baking soda. Pre-steamed in the same way, the legs are lubricated with a mushy mass, wrapped with a piece of cellophane and left for 2-4 hours, wearing woolen socks. You can leave it for the night, but this is by individual sensitivity.

When applying gout treatment with folk remedies, it must be remembered that this is not an excuse for the abolition of medical appointments, but only an effective addition to them.