Clinical Children's Republican Hospital, Ufa

The Republican Children's Clinical Hospital( Ufa) is a large medical institution in Bashkortostan. At the inpatient treatment, there may be more than 700 patients at a time. Republican Children

General information

The Republican Children's Hospital( Ufa) is licensed to provide medical care in 152 directions. In its arsenal are the most advanced diagnostic tools that allow you to conduct the most comprehensive study in 20 areas. Thanks to the high-tech center of the center, more than 1500 patients a year can receive qualified medical assistance in oncohematology, neonatology, otorhinolaryngology, orthopedics, pediatrics, traumatology, neurosurgery, transplantation, maxillofacial surgery, urology.

Children's Republican Hospital( Ufa), reviews of many parents testify to this, is considered the best multi-profile medical institution in Bashkortostan. The quality of diagnostic and therapeutic measures was especially appreciated. Both the children themselves and their parents note the sensitive attitude of the staff to each patient.

Potential of

Each year, the Republican Children's Hospital( Ufa) receives about 20,000 patients and performs more than 6 thousand different operations. To date, doctors have already conducted more than 40 kidney transplants, here cochlear implantation is carried out, successfully treat scoliosis in severe form, as well as intracranial hemorrhages in infants. According to statistics, the survival of patients with cancer in 2012 increased to 75%( in 2001 this figure was only 50%).The Republican Children's Clinical Hospital( Ufa) also has everything necessary for nursing newborns with extremely low body weight - from 500 to 1500 gr.

More than 65,000 patients are referred to the polyclinic for qualified consultations. Under the supervision of the RCC( resuscitation consultative center) and RCCN( Republican Consultative Center for Newborns) there are more than 2 thousand children with the most severe forms of diseases. The help rendered by the clinic significantly influences the improvement of demographic indicators in Bashkortostan. The Republican Children's Hospital( Ufa) has a staff of 511 nurses and 247 doctors, 39 of whom are doctors and candidates for medical science. Almost 64% of the medical staff has the first and highest qualification category. Republican Children

The polyclinic department of

The history of the consultative polyclinic, one of the major specialized subdivisions that includes the children's republican hospital( Ufa), began in 1972. At all times this medical institution met the highest requirements, was equipped with modern equipment and competent staff. Particular attention was paid to the development of the internal working environment, conscientious fulfillment of professional medical duty, improvement of the attitude of medical personnel to their patients. In 2000 the polyclinic department changed its name, from that moment it became the Republican Children's Consultative and Diagnostic Polyclinic.

Achievements of

In June 2012 the polyclinic celebrated its 40th anniversary. To date, the institution operates under conditions of high productivity:

  • Each shift - 500 visits.
  • Surveyed up to 100 thousand people per year.
  • 70 well-deserved medical workers of the Republic of Bashkortostan work in the hospital.
  • Most nurses and doctors have the highest qualification category. children
  • On the basis of the clinic, the sanatorium-and-spa commission, rheumatological and auditory centers, as well as the logopedic service, operate.
  • Professional consultations are conducted in 35 directions.
  • The clinic conducts organizational and methodological work with the regions of the republic.
  • Conditions for the 1st and 2nd stage of audiological screening have been created.
  • The cabinets are equipped with unique equipment.
  • In recent years, the staff of the polyclinic has replenished with young staff, diligence and professionalism of which are worthy of respect for colleagues and patients.
  • The high potential of the medical institution allows it to look to the future with confidence and be in constant development. children

Reception of

The registration in the hospital is carried out by the Uniform Registry of the Children's Republican Hospital( Ufa).To do this, call on tel.+7( 347) 276 13 03. At the same time, infants( up to 1 year old), people with disabilities, as well as children in difficult life situations, can receive expert advice out of turn. If in-patient treatment is necessary, the issues of hospitalization are coordinated with Guzelya Marsovna Galiyeva - deputy.the head physician for the management of medical work - by phone.8( 347) 229-08-02 or Rezeda Maratovna Galimova - deputy.head physician for surgery - by phone.8( 347) 229-08-04.

Routine hospitalization

For in-patient treatment, the following series of documents should be prepared in a planned order:

  • Direction from a doctor signed by a district pediatrician( deputy head physician for childhood).
  • Birth certificate or passport( if any).
  • MI policy( if any).
  • A certificate confirming that the patient has not been in contact with carriers of infectious diseases for 21 days before hospitalization.
  • Information on the study for viral hepatitis and HIV infection( in case of need for surgical treatment or invasive medical and diagnostic manipulations).
  • An extract from the patient's medical record( outpatient card) indicating the results of the analysis of blood, urine, Rh factor and blood group, electrocardiogram.

Registration of children

  • Vaccination certificate and information on Mantoux reactions.
  • Finished results of feces analysis for helminths and enterobiasis, received no later than 10 days prior to admission.
  • Ready-made results of a nasopharyngeal smear test for the detection of diphtheria bacillus( for the neuropsychiatric department).The tests are valid for 1 month.
  • Ready-made results of the carried out researches on revealing pathogenic intestinal flora. The tests are valid for 10 days.
  • A certificate from a dermatologist confirming the absence of contagious skin diseases.

Children's Republican Hospital( Ufa).Address, location map

The hospital is located near the stop of UKBDMK( "Confectionery factory") on the street. Stepan Kuvykina, p. 98. Depending on the original location, you can reach it by the following transport:

  • From the South Bus Station - by tram No. 18 or by shuttle bus №№ 280, 220, 284, 17.
  • From the railway station to the bus stop"Halle County".You need to go by bus №№ 101, 74, 239, by bus №№ 101, 74 or by tram №1.
  • From "Halle County" you should take bus number 51-A, 51. You can take the trolleybus №12 or the route taxi №№ 284, 280, 220, 200, 270, 51-А, 51.