Why do my feet get cold? Let's understand

Surprisingly, some people have cold extremities even in the warm season. Of course, they can not help but wonder why their feet get cold when it's sunny and hot outside. Perhaps this is a symptom of some disease?

And is it worth worrying

At first glance, it may seem that the problem, as they say, is not worth eating an egg. Just a small amount of discomfort is felt. However, it often happens that the person at the same time not only lower, but also upper limbs. And then you begin to think about it involuntarily.

Why do my feet get cold?

The statistics show that the question of why the feet are freezing is more of a question from the fairer sex, because they have this problem more often than men.

What is the cause of

It is necessary to determine the source of the above symptom. It should be noted that the lower limbs of a person are very susceptible to cold. Any fatty deposits that would protect from negative temperatures, they simply do not exist.

Why do my feet get cold? This may be a sign that a person suffers from vegetovascular dystonia. Secondly, cold lower limbs may indicate that thyroid function is impaired. As the accompanying symptoms, the following can be here: decreased body temperature, slowing of the pulse.

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Why do your feet freeze? The cause may be a decrease in the level of hemoglobin in the blood.

Some "female" ailments can provoke rigor mortis. Among other things, the above symptom may be caused by the side effects of certain medications. Also, the lower extremities often become colder in those who have bad habits: they smoke and abuse alcoholic beverages. Know that nicotine, getting into the human body, leads to spasm of blood vessels.

Some may ask: "Why are your feet cold all the time?".Of course, this can also be. As a rule, the symptom in question is observed in those who previously suffered from such an ailment as diathesis. Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to get rid of discomfort.

What are the treatment options for

? Is there any way to get rid of this unpleasant symptom in general? Oh sure!

What practice can recommend treatment? After all, many of them get cold feet. First of all, you need to rehabilitate blood vessels. It is necessary to take special contrasting foot baths. At least twice a week they should be kept in hot water for about an hour. Also, it will not be superfluous to periodically take the bath, alternately lowering the lower limbs, then in hot, then in cold water.

This way you can eliminate the spasm. Experts advise, among other things, to exercise - they will help to normalize the work of the heart and disperse blood through the vessels.

To protect your feet from the cold in the winter, wear woolen socks. Also protect your hands, neck and head from frost.

If the lower extremities freeze in a child, then this may be due to the adolescent changes that occur in the body precisely in adolescence.