Heal yourself: treatment of the thyroid gland folk remedies

The thyroid gland is the endocrine organ that is responsible for the normal metabolism in the cells of the human body, regulates most of its functions( contraction of the heart muscle, respiration, etc.), is responsible for physical, mental health and mental development. In addition, this gland of internal secretion, which produces several types of hormones( iodothyronine, thyroxine, triiodothyronine and calcitonin), plays a special role in the process of immune defense, prevents aging of organs, participates in the timely renewal of bone tissue. Performing such a number of vital functions, the thyroid gland, unfortunately, is very susceptible to negative external influences. So, poor ecological and radiological conditions, inappropriate climate, lack of iodine in food and the environment, stress, immune system failure or hereditary factor can cause a serious illness.

As a rule, after passing various tests, depending on the endocrinologist's diagnosis, the patient receives a prescription with the name of the medical product on a hormonal basis. Of course, the use of medicines allows a person suffering from diseases of this kind to maintain the normal life of the organism, but, unfortunately, they do not heal completely. Thus, gradually, the production of hormones by the gland itself decreases, so, the dosage of the hormone, with time, only increases. An original vicious circle. But in addition to traditional therapy, there is also treatment of the thyroid gland folk remedies. Often, it is herbal medicine, provided its long and regular use, in combination with a special diet, has a beneficial effect on this endocrine organ.

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The so-called folk treatment of the thyroid gland is the systematic use of various medicinal plants in the form of tinctures, broths or in a crushed form. From alcohol solutions, which can be purchased at the pharmacy, it is recommended to extract Eleutherococcus, tincture of ginseng, levisee, aralia, zamanichi, magnolia vine. Each of these funds must be taken 15-25 drops in the morning before meals.

You can also brew the following herbs: yarrow, celandine, nettle, St. John's wort, string, buckwheat. They are consumed 2 times a day in the form of tea. Useful and such treatment of the thyroid gland folk remedies, as various mixtures of medicinal plants and products. For example, a special cereal consisting of 100 g of buckwheat, boiled in the usual way, with additions of 20 g of turmeric and 50 g of sea kale. Decoction of oats, Greek nuts and even green tea are perfect for people who suffer from endocrine disruption of this kind.

Treating the thyroid gland with folk remedies is, first and foremost, cleansing the body. A good way of cleaning is to use decoction of flax seed. It is used for 2 weeks, 6 times a day for 150 g. To prepare this broth requires a liter of water and 12 teaspoons of flax seed, which should be boiled for about 10 minutes.

Using decoctions that act on the principle of hormonal drugs, it is possible to noticeably improve the thyroid gland and overall health of the body, while avoiding side effects and addiction. Beneficially affects the affected endocrine organ decoction of gorse dork. To make it, you need 20 g of dry grass and half a liter of water, which should be boiled until the volume of liquid is reduced to 320 g. After cooling and straining, the prepared broth is taken 2 tablespoons every other day and night.

Treatment of the thyroid gland folk remedies occurs with the use of herbs, which contain iodine. So, one teaspoon of grass cocklebur pour 200 g of boiling water, leaving the fire for 15 minutes. Cooling and filtering, this broth should be consumed on a cup of the glass 3 times a day.

To maintain the function of the thyroid gland, it is advised to increase the amount of the following foods in the diet: pomegranate, currant, apricots, sea buckthorn, mountain ash, cowberry, yolks of eggs, sea, legumes and cereals.

Treatment of the thyroid gland by folk methods is really a wonderful method, thanks to which complete recovery without surgery and side effects is possible.