How to make treatment of pyelonephritis pleasant with folk remedies

In acute process, doctors recommend washing the kidneys with a large volume of fluid, at least 2.5 liters a day, as it perfectly removes inflammation. You can drink herbal infusions, decoctions, but they must be strictly dose, so as not to harm yourself.

But cranberry juice can be drunk all year round, in any quantity, and even taste pleasant tastes. It is useful to add cranberries to pies, to prepare jelly and jam, that is, to combine pleasant with useful. After all, the composition of cranberry includes benzoic acid, which can dissolve stones and clean the kidneys of toxins.

The use of plain unboiled water with lemon is widely used in modern conditions for washing the kidneys and how treatment of pyelonephritis with folk remedies. Only simple water cleanses the body at the cellular level, removes toxins and toxins and fills every cell with life-giving moisture.

Everyone wants to be healthy, therefore, in the period of long remissions before him, there may be a question how to treat pyelonephritis, what to use first of all for this. You can, of course, go to the pharmacy, buy herbs on the advice of the attending physician and take them, alternating reception of broths and infusions weekly, to get more effect from the treatment and so that the body does not become addicted.

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And when traveling to nature, especially in the woods, you can gather a lot of eco-friendly grasses, leaves, berries. And already in the forest to receive pyelonephritis treatment with folk remedies. Berries and leaves of bones, wild strawberries can be brewed right on a picnic. And what bliss to put on the tongue small berry bones and enjoy their sour taste, especially in the morning, when they are dewdrops! Delicious treatment and useful at the same time.

It is very useful in spring and early summer to collect pine branches in the forest and use them to prepare baths. To do this, pour boiling water on the branches in the bucket, allow to stand well for several hours and pour the solution into a prepared warm bath. Such coniferous baths in ancient times are used as folk treatment of pyelonephritis, relieve tension, soothe and deliver pleasant moments of rest after a working day.

The same curative effect has on the human body and a bath with straw from oats. In addition, such a bath can serve as a cosmetic procedure, which is especially important for women. Treatment and beauty, can perfectly combine with the skillful use of plants. All these procedures are fun, do not take a lot of time and effort in cooking, which is important for a busy modern man. And the use of sprouted oats will be useful not only for diseases of the kidneys

Watermelon, melon, pumpkin have an excellent diuretic and anti-inflammatory effect. It is unlikely that there will be a person who refuses to accept such medicines. From the pumpkin you can prepare different dishes, but you can eat it raw with honey.

Always treatment of pyelonephritis with folk remedies can be made pleasant, comfortable for yourself, pamper yourself with delicious. Figs with milk, strawberries with cream and sugar are used for making cocktails and desserts and, at the same time, is a medicinal drug for kidney diseases.

I did not specifically address the treatment with herbs, since the treatment of pyelonephritis with folk remedies is much broader and more extensive than the simple use of the contents of drugstores. After all, you can be treated with pleasure!

So it's not always necessary to use bitter decoctions and infusions of herbs, although they are very necessary and useful in due time. If you creatively approach the treatment of pyelonephritis, then during the periods of remission you can feel great, maintaining your health and well-being for many years.