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Green tea has long been firmly established in the culture of Russian tea drinking. Today, many are familiar with its properties and even learned how to make green tea correctly.

Some natural grades of green Chinese tea are known as a great tool for losing weight. Therefore now green tea for weight loss reviews deserve even from the greatest skeptics.

The secret of the popularity of green tea

First of all, it should be noted that green tea positively affects the health of the body as a whole, normalizing the metabolism, removing toxins and toxins .This complex action of tea leads to the normalization of body functions, and weight loss is one of the most important consequences. By the way, tea can not "burn" extra pounds, withdraw fat or reduce appetite. The whole secret lies in its ability to have a general normalizing effect on the body. Weight loss is one of the positive effects of this effect.

It is noteworthy that green tea is on the list of the most useful food products.

Tea against extra pounds

Green tea for weight loss has gained such love, because is able to have a beneficial effect on the body without much effort on our part. Even if you just drink green tea without sugar with periodic consistency, you can lose a kilogram of weight in a few months. This, please note, with the fact that you do not need anything at all. If you add a moderate diet and some physical activity, the result will be much more tangible.

Please note that has separate types of tea that give a more obvious effect to .For example, green tea for weight loss - Oolong variety. It contains polyphenol, which effectively fights excess fat in the body, and does it quickly enough. The results will appear in a month.

Green tea for weight loss( Oolong, Puer, Chinese varieties) regulate the level of glucose, the increased content of which passes into fat cells. It is important to make tea correctly, draining the first water and pouring the leaves again with water brought to a boil.

The only drawback of green tea is the caffeine content. At this point, you need to pay attention, especially to pregnant women and those who have problems with pressure.

Top list of types of tea for weight loss

1 place - green tea for weight loss. This tea very well restores the metabolism, which is so important for maintaining normal weight. Green tea removes slag and salt, and also enriches the body with vitamins( C, PP, P, K, B) and even trace elements( fluorine, zinc, copper manganese).

The influence of green tea catechins has been scientifically investigated in Japan. The results of the studies convincingly proved that with absolutely the same diet, people who also consumed green tea lose weight twice as fast. Scientists have deduced the optimal amount of tea a day, which contributes to the obvious effect of losing weight - 6 cups.

The best tea for weight loss is Puer tea. It has a very pleasant aroma and taste, and also has valuable healing properties. It is proven that a quality Puer can improve health and contribute to the adjustment of the figure by reducing the overall weight. Thus, Puer is a natural remedy that is absolutely safe for health. It helps to lose weight without additional diets.

2 place - ginger slimming tea .This tea, possessing spicy and burning taste, is able to strengthen blood circulation, stimulate digestion and improve metabolism. Ginger is one of the first products that dieticians recommend for weight loss.

3 place - herbal tea for weight loss .The harvest of herbs is also quite effective in reducing weight. The effect is due to the fact that herbs regulate digestion, cleanse the body, improve sleep. The best tea for weight loss among herbal - it is based on chamomile, nettle, mint, hawthorn, hibiscus and currant.