Why does urine smell like fish? Possible diseases and treatment. Unpleasant smell of urine in women: causes

The body fluids of a healthy person do not have any strongly pronounced flavor. Therefore, if the urine smells like fish, this should be cause for real concern. This manifestation indicates the presence of malfunctions in the body.

When does urine smell like fish in women? What should I do to eliminate discomfort? We will try to answer these and other questions further in the material.


the urine smells of fish

If a person suffers from a pronounced fishy smell of urine, to determine the real cause of the phenomenon, he should go through the following diagnostic procedures:

  • pass urine for analysis;
  • perform a smear from the conductive urine ducts to determine the nature of the microflora;
  • make bacterial seeding;
  • to carry out ultrasound of the organs of the sexual and urinary system.


unpleasant smell of urine in women causes

Why does urine smell like fish? This can contribute to a specific female disease, like trimethylaminuria. The presented deviation is also called the fish smell syndrome. Failure in the body affects the change in the aroma of other bodily fluids, in particular sweat. Thus, with trimethylaminuria, not only does urine smell like fish, but the whole body.

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It should be noted that this condition does not pose a danger to humans in the physiological plan. In most cases, a woman does not feel a strong unpleasant odor from her own body. Notice the stench more likely surrounding. The phenomenon negatively affects the social life of a person, brings emotional irritation, causes moral dissatisfaction.

Why does urine smell rotten fish in case of development of trimethylaminuria? This failure in the body is a genetic pathology. In this case, trimethylamine - a chemical compound with an extremely sharp aroma - is not excreted from the body qualitatively. The substance is synthesized in the process of digestion in the intestine. In a significant amount it is found in seafood, fish, eggs, legumes. Therefore, in the presence of disease, after the fish urine smells of fish.

In a healthy person, the liver produces a specific enzyme - flavin. The substance facilitates the processing of trimethylamine in its oxide form, without a pungent odor. Subsequently, these compounds are excreted from the body together with urine. The whole process is controlled by the FMO3 gene. In its absence or malfunction in functioning, there is accumulation of trimethylamine in the tissues of the body. In a person who is prone to an illness, urine smells of fish, a foul breath is felt, sweat has an extremely repulsive odor.

What treatment is used for trimethylaminuria?

why urine smells like fish

The effects of fish-smell syndrome can not be eliminated medically, based on the genetic nature of the problem. In this case, the only more or less effective way of eliminating trouble is the appointment of a special dietary program to the patient. From the diet, all products that are the source of supersaturation of the body with trimethylamine are gradually eliminated. As practice shows, even such actions only have an insignificant effect. The effective method for complete recovery from trimethylaminuria doctors has not yet been developed. Therefore, people who are exposed to the syndrome have to struggle with the elimination of an unpleasant odor throughout life.

Appearance of an unpleasant smell of urine as a result of taking medication

after the fish, the urine smells of fish

Why does an unpleasant smell of urine appear in women? The reasons may lie in the intake of certain medicines. Most often this leads to the use of B vitamins, as well as strong antibiotics with ciprofloxacin. The problem is usually eliminated in a natural way. Enough to stop taking medications.

Unpleasant odor of urine in violation of metabolic processes

If urine smells of salted fish, this may indicate a change in the balance of substances in the body. It happens like this when dehydrated, as well as with diets. To eliminate an unpleasant, repellent flavor, it is recommended to drink at least 1.5 liters of water daily. With strict adherence to the diet, you need to balance the diet, saturating the food with foods high in various vitamins. Such actions will lead to the exchange processes in the norm, to accelerate the cleavage in the body of chemical compounds, which are a source of unpleasant odor.

To which doctor should I seek help?

If the urine smells like fish, it is recommended to make an appointment for a consultation with a gynecologist. When there is a violation of metabolic processes in the body, the endocrinologist will help. If there is a suspicion that the root of the problem lies in the wrong, unbalanced diet, it is better to go to a nutritionist. To exclude the genetic nature of the phenomenon, it will be useful to visit a geneticist.

What other diseases cause an unpleasant smell of urine?

urine smells of fish in women

Why does an unpleasant smell of urine occur in women? The causes often concern the development of cystitis. The disease develops against the background of inflammation of the urinary tract as a result of hypothermia. With such an ailment, the unpleasant odor of bodily fluid is almost imperceptible. Greater discomfort brings pain in the lower abdomen. To eliminate the unpleasant odor of urine in cystitis and to remove discomfort, doctors prescribe the use of antibacterial drugs, as well as trays with medicinal herbs.

There are a number of other diseases, the development of which leads to the appearance of an unpleasant smell of urine. This is primarily such venereal ailments as ureaplasmosis and chlamydia. Without a timely call to the doctor, these diseases quite quickly pass into a chronic form. Usually these infections not only affect the appearance of an unpleasant smell of urine, but also lead to a change in its composition and color. In this case, for the treatment are appointed potent antibiotics of a specific action.

To lead to the appearance of an unpleasant odor of urine, diseases of the digestive system, in particular, dysbiosis and gastritis, can occur. In these cases, bodily fluids acquire a pronounced acidic odor.

Features of therapy

urine smells of salted fish

To eliminate fish odor of urine in inflammatory and infectious diseases of the genitourinary sphere, antibacterial agents are prescribed. Patients may be prescribed immunomodulating drugs, vitamin complexes.

In the course of therapy, alcohol abuse is contraindicated in patients. Doctors are also advised to refrain from regular, active sex life. To reduce the feeling of an unpleasant smell of urine, all the prescriptions of a specialist will be required. Usually it takes months to eliminate the expressed discomfort.

Improving the quality of life and eliminating the discomfort associated with an unpleasant body odor is facilitated by:

  • regular hygiene procedures using soap and shower gels with a pH level of at least 5.5;
  • decrease in the number of serious physical exertion, during which metabolic processes in the body are activated;
  • avoidance of emotional shocks and stresses;
  • use of activated charcoal after meals;
  • frequent change of clothes.

In conclusion

urine smells of rotten fish

Trying to find out why urine, like the body, acquire an unusual, unpleasant odor, women often resort to therapy using all sorts of folk remedies. But it is much more effective to immediately determine the real cause of the problem. To do this, it is enough to go through a comprehensive diagnosis and consult a doctor. In any case, do not be embarrassed by having such a delicate problem. After all, applying for qualified help, it will be possible to start effective treatment much sooner and eliminate troubles more quickly.