Tenoten reviews as an effective and safe soothing homeopathic remedy

Among numerous publications on the Internet on the topic of sedatives, Tenoten is often seen as an effective and safe medication. In connection with the active controversy about the drug tenotene, let's get acquainted with its properties.

Tenoten tablets are a homeopathic remedy in which the active ingredient is contained in microscopically small doses. Its action, like all other preparations from the group of homeopathic ones, has not been studied to the end. However, one thing is for sure-the drug is as safe as possible, since it contains ultra-small doses of chemicals.

Tenoten tablets are used in both adult and pediatric practice to eliminate moderately expressed fears, anxieties, restless states and obsessive-obsessive depressions. Most of all about the medicine Tenoten reviews contain information about its use in children. As a rule, it is much more difficult for children to choose the necessary soothing drug due to the special sensitivity of their growing body. And far from every medicine is allowed to be used in children's practice, the principle "do no harm!"

is the first place here. The homeopathic medicine Tenoten fully complies with all safety standards accepted in pediatrics and officially approved for use in children. The specific immunoglobulin that contains this drug interacts with the special proteins of the brain cells, stimulating their work in the right( natural-physiological rhythm). In practice, this means that children with a problem of restlessness and a distraction syndrome( when the child is unable to engage in anyone thing more than 1-2 minutes), as well as those that are too impulsive, even prone to hysterical reactions, become more calm and able to concentrate on one thing. This has a very positive effect on the learning process and the acquisition of new skills, for which Tenoten is especially valued. Use the drug to correct the behavior of the child can be from the earliest age - from 3 years and older without the risk of developing any side effects. Maximum, than risk the parents in this case is the lack of effect from the drug treatment. But to date there is no such medicine that could help absolutely everyone. In extreme cases, you can always try something else.

In addition, about the drug Tenoten reviews say, as not causing drowsiness and retardation, and it really is. The fact is that, unlike chemical medicines, such as, for example, tranquilizers, the Tenoten drug does not cause artificial inhibition of the nervous system, but only regulates its own natural processes that should occur in the body in the norm. Tenoten tablets seem to eliminate the disruptions that have arisen for one reason or another, enabling the body to come to the physiological norm itself.

Sometimes the Tenoten product is seen in the sense that it was used in combination with magnesium preparations( magnesium B6, for example) and there was an increase in its soothing effect. The drug's instructions say that it can be used in conjunction with other soothing medications. And how to apply it in each specific case - as a monotherapeutic agent or in combination with other medicines the best doctor can best explain. To consult with such a specialist in any case will be useful before starting to take Tenoten tablets.

It should be remembered that no matter how positive the feedback about the preparation of Tenoten was from the people who applied it, it is not a universal "panacea" for treating all successive cases of fears or depressions, but is only a mild sedative.