Indinol specialist reviews and side effects

Food biologically active additives( BAA) play an increasing role in our lives. Most of them do really benefit, however, the fact that in our country there is an active advertisement of dietary supplements as medicinal products is alarming. Such advertising on the part of manufacturing companies does not explain to consumers their products, that these funds should not replace medicines, but be used only with complex therapy or with a preventive purpose.

One such tool is the Indinol reviews, which are now so common in discussions at various women's forums. This biologically active additive contains food indole and is available in capsule form of gelatin. Food indole is found in cruciferous vegetables( turnip, radish, rutabaga and various kinds of cabbage).It has long been known that vegetables contain many substances that benefit the human body. At the end of the last century, scientists have determined that the constant consumption of vegetables from the cruciferous family significantly reduces the risk of a tumor of the breast, intestines and female genital organs.

The results of the research showed that food indole, contained in cruciferous vegetables, can lower the level of female sex hormones in the blood. Thus, when taking the means of Indinol, the opinions of those who received it show the effectiveness of its action on the female body. The drug Indinol makes it possible to prevent the development of tumors from excessive amounts of hormones, and also regulates the menstrual cycle in the case of too much production of estrogens in the body in the case of premenstrual syndrome. Therefore, this drug is a good preventive tool that helps the normalization of the menstrual cycle.

Indinin prophylactically acts on the development of human papilloma, producing a decrease in the amount of estrogens, thereby normalizing the hormonal background, and this in turn ensures the mobilization of all the body's defenses. Discussing the drug Indinol reviews of medical specialists clearly indicate that it can be taken only for preventive purposes, and in no case for the treatment of tumors. The world medical practice has already accumulated sufficient experience of using preparations containing dietary supplements obtained from plants of the cruciferous family.

Therefore, Indinol analogues of which are produced in many countries, gives good results in the prevention( including in the case of relapses) of cervical cancer, since its development is mainly associated with the human papillomavirus. The instructions indicate the indications for the use of the drug, such as: mastopathy, endometriosis, breast cancer, uterine fibroids, dysplasia and cervical cancer, ovarian cyst and papillomavirus infection. Before use, you should always consult your doctor. It is recommended to take the drug for three months 2 times a day for 2 capsules before meals. Indinol is contraindicated in pregnancy and lactation.

Studying among the receiving Indinol reviews, it is important to consider that in some cases, its side effects are noted. Although the instructions of the drug indicate that it has no side effects, it is necessary to know that dietary supplements do not undergo any clinical tests. Therefore it is necessary to be interested in the opinion of other patients. Many women indicate that taking the drug can increase weight. This is not at all surprising when the level of estrogens in the blood drops. In addition, the duration of the egg maturation process can increase. Such an impact will create problems with conception. However, in any case, Indinol is a nutritional supplement that is beneficial to the body.