Clinic "Genesis": reviews. Private clinics of Crimea

More and more people today prefer private medical clinics. For quality services have to pay. But health is priceless. It is much better to spend several thousand rubles for examination and treatment, rather than for meaningless entertainment. Excellent in the Crimea, the clinic "Genesis".Reviews about this medical institution at most can be heard positive.

History of the medical institution

The Genesis clinic began functioning in 1993.The date of birth of the hospital is July 16.Gynecology and obstetrics - this was the main direction of her until 2002.Thanks to the clinic, many families managed to give birth to healthy babies, and some women - even to cure infertility. Since 2002, the medical institution has begun to expand. There was a department of endoscopic surgery. The hospital in the clinic Genesis was also organized. The patients' feedback shows that the staff provided qualified assistance already at the first stages of the medical institution's existence.

genesis reviews Since 2006, the clinic has begun to provide assistance to patients in any medical field. There was an advanced diagnostic center, thanks to which many managed to identify a complex ailment at an early stage. Today, one of the most popular on the peninsula is the Genesis clinic. The Crimea is famous for this medical institution. Many CIS citizens come here to get qualified treatment.

Procedure for the provision of

services Any Russian citizen can receive medical assistance on a paid basis. To do this, you only need to provide a passport or other document proving your identity. Foreigners can also apply for services. It is enough for citizens of other countries to show in the registry a migration card. In the clinic reception is conducted by appointment. You can call every day, from 7.00 to 20.00.The phone of the Genesis Clinic: 8( 978) 732-50-50.Without a queue and an appointment, patients with acute pain are admitted. In this case, the absence of documents or an insurance policy is not a reason for refusal to the patient in an emergency. First aid is the responsibility of the doctor.

clinic genesis After a series of studies, the patient can be directed to a planned hospitalization. Here the patient is under the watchful eye of specialists. All possible measures are taken to ensure a speedy recovery. The private clinic provides a comfortable ward and provides the patient with quality nutrition. With children, one of the parents or guardian can be around the clock. Extra bed is available.

The latest techniques and technologies

Genesis Clinic( Simferopol) is equipped with the latest equipment, which allows diagnosing diseases at an early stage of development. If the patient turns in time for help, he has every chance of a full recovery. Thanks to modern technologies used in European countries, it is possible to conduct surgical interventions with minimal risk to health.

clinic genesis simferopol Today a large laboratory complex operates in the medical institution. Virtually all processes here are automated. For a minimum period of time, many types of analyzes can be performed: biochemical, clinical, histological. Ultrasound diagnosis of abdominal organs, computed tomography, high-quality x-ray equipment is used. This allows the specialist to accurately identify the focus of the disease and prescribe appropriate treatment.

Specialists of the Genesis Clinic( Simferopol) are trying to conduct surgical interventions with minimal risk for the patient. The organ-preserving surgery is welcomed. However, the treatment with minimal losses is possible only if the patient promptly seek help.

"Genesis" in figures

The medical institution gathered high-level specialists in its walls. Doctors are interested in getting people the desired result. After all, the staff receives the appropriate payment for their work. Every year more than 5,000 people turn to the medical center for help. Half of them undergo full diagnosis and treatment in a hospital. Every month, the Genesis Clinic conducts about 100 surgical operations, thanks to which the patients manage to start a normal life without pain.

private clinic The level of services that are provided in a medical institution is fully in line with international standards. The hospital has many awards and certificates of European level. You can see them in the main hall of the clinic, near the reception.

Payment for

services Assistance to patients is provided on a fee basis. Everyone can get acquainted with the price list before the beginning of therapy. The cost of treatment depends on the procedures performed, as well as the duration of the course. For the first consultation the doctor will have to pay 500 rubles. How much will have to spend money in the future, the expert will tell after conducting a series of studies. The cost of surgery varies from 20 to 30 thousand rubles. This amount includes payment for the work of medical personnel, as well as the cost of all necessary medicines.

genesis of Simferopol In accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation, a medical institution Genesis operates. The patient's testimonies show that you have to pay for the treatment through the cashier. In this case, each patient may require a check.


Many people in the Crimea know the Genesis clinic. Simferopol is proud of this medical institution. The main clinical hospital is located at: Semashko Street, 4a. Enroll here at the reception can be on the numbers: 8( 978) 732-50-50 and 8( 978) 732-50-05.At the same address is the children's polyclinic, as well as the center for the observation of pregnancy.

Genesis is a clinic( St. Petersburg has a representative office of this medical institution), which was able to present the joy of motherhood to many women of Russia and the near abroad. Patients who have been planning pregnancy for a long time without success, can apply to the St. Petersburg branch at: Kirochnaya Street, 24. This department specializes in artificial insemination.

Stationary offices are open 24 hours a day. But you can get to the scheduled reception only during working hours, from 8.00 to 18.00.On Saturday the clinic is open until 14.00.The day off is Sunday.

Genesis Clinic. Reviews

You can hear a lot of positive statements about the medical institution. Patients who had to undergo surgery indicated that the recovery took only a few days. Specialists here use sparing technology with minimal risk to health. Poor patients respond only about the cost of treatment. Service in the clinic is really quite expensive. But high prices for services are fully justified. After all, high-quality equipment of European level is used.

phone of genesis clinic Today the patients of the clinic are not only Crimeans, but also residents of other regions of Russia. And families who have already lost hope of finding the happiness of motherhood and paternity go to St. Petersburg. It is here that the Genesis Clinic conducts infertility treatment for men and women. Extracorporeal fertilization is almost painless.

Good reviews can be heard about other medical institutions in the Crimea. Every patient should always have an alternative. This is especially important when it comes to a complex disease. Below are described the most popular medical institutions of the peninsula.

"Mediur Service"

In Sevastopol, along Admiral Oktyabrsky Street, 29, this private clinic takes visitors. The main direction of the medical institution is urolithiasis. Not only people from Crimea are being treated, but also from other regions of Russia, as well as Ukraine. A great achievement is the possibility of contactless lithotripsy. Stones are removed with a laser with minimal risk to the patient's health. After surgery, the patient needs to undergo a rehabilitation course. Comfort chambers and a full three meals a day are provided.

Patients with urolithiasis should be registered in advance with a doctor. You can do this through the official website of the medical center or by contacting the registry directly.


This is the most popular ophthalmic private clinic in Simferopol."Genesis" can also help people with poor eyesight, but many experts recommend contacting institutions with a narrow specialization. The Retina Restoration Clinic has all the necessary equipment for painless cataract treatment, myopia and hyperopia. There are operations on the lens and retina.

genesis of the St. Petersburg clinic Thanks to the diagnostic platform ZYOPTIX can identify the problem at an early stage of its development. The optical system of research allows to carry out measurements in 9 thousand points. All manipulations are done without contact and do not cause any discomfort to the patient.

The clinic "Aquamarine"

The medical center started its work more than 20 years ago. During this time, specialists managed to cure thousands of patients and save many lives. Like the clinic Genesis( Simferopol), Aquamarine offers its visitors a wide range of services. Patients with diseases of the cardiovascular system, the nervous system can address here. The center also provides assistance in the field of urology, gynecology, dermatology. Patients with problems of the musculoskeletal system are referred to here.

Clinic specialists understand that beauty is as important as health. Therefore, services are also provided in the field of aesthetic medicine. Each woman has the opportunity to rejuvenate the skin of the face and neck in just a few sessions.

Medical family center

The main specialization of the medical institution is family planning. Any woman can register for a private clinic in Sevastopol in the early stages of pregnancy. Foreigners who presented a migration card are also accepted. In addition to obstetrics and gynecology, the clinic works in such specializations as urology and mammology. Effective research methods are used to identify the disease at an early stage.

The clinic has a stationary department. Patients from other regions can be treated under the 24-hour supervision of medical personnel. In the gynecological department, methods are used to keep the pregnancy even in the most difficult cases. The probability of a happy outcome is increased if the expectant mother promptly seeks help when there are incomprehensible symptoms.

You can get to the Medical Family Center on Lenin Street, 72 by appointment. For the first consultation you have to pay 400 rubles. The cost of further treatment or management of pregnancy will depend on the individual characteristics of the individual patient.