"Panavir Inlayt"( spray): price, reviews

"Panavir Inlayt" is a unique Russian herbal preparation. He continues the line of funds that have gained popularity among doctors with their effectiveness and lack of side effects. Based on the vegetable polysaccharide obtained from the plant of the Solanaceae family, the drug "Panavir" successfully treats various viral and fungal diseases of the skin and mucous membranes. In addition, the drug is available in the form of a solution for intravenous administration, which not only helps fight viruses, but also increases immunity, has analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects. Therefore, when "Panavir" was released in the form of a spray, it immediately became popular.

Composition of the drug

"Panavir" is a tool created by Russian scientists several years ago. Academician NN Semenov conducted studies of immunomodulating properties of rapidly dividing plant cells. panavir inayt And during the experiments it was discovered that the glycosides from the extract of ordinary potatoes have a high activity against viruses. Based on these substances, the Panavir preparation, known to doctors and patients since 2008, was created. It is produced in several forms, with various additives. Especially popular was "Panavir Inlayt" in the form of a spray. In addition to potato glycosides, it includes:

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- polyethylene glycol - facilitates the penetration of active active substance into cells;

- lanthanum nitrate - prevents the spread of viruses and other harmful microorganisms;

- eucalyptus oil - has anti-inflammatory and wound-healing effect, strengthens immunity and fights against viruses;

- castor oil - is also effective against various skin problems, relieves inflammation and pain, restores the skin and has antiviral properties.

The popularity of the drug can be explained by the fact that it does not contain alcohol, various dyes, flavors and other harmful substances.

Features of its action

Thanks to its unique composition, the active components of the drug, when applied to the skin and mucous membranes, quickly penetrate into its upper layers and are embedded in the virus molecules. The drug not only blocks the spread of microorganisms in healthy cells, but also prevents their reproduction. In addition, "Panavir Inlayt" has other positive effects:

- Stimulates the immunity and protective capabilities of the body. The drug does not contain artificial interferons. He induces the body to independently develop them.

- By activating leukocytes, the drug has an anti-inflammatory effect, regenerates tissues and slightly reduces body temperature.

- "Panavir" also has a wound healing, antipruritic and analgesic effect. panavir inlay price

- The drug not only destroys viruses, bacteria and fungi, but also prevents their spread, protecting the skin and mucous from secondary infection. This property of the spray can be used to prevent colds and flu.

Spray "Panavir Inlayt"

The use of the drug in the treatment of various infectious diseases in adults and children has been common for several years. Doctors and patients like it with their efficiency, ease of use and safety. This is one of the latest developments of Russian scientists on the basis of the unique drug Panavir. panavir inlay spray instruction Other active ingredients have been added to the active ingredient that enhance the effect of the drug. Consistency in the form of a gel helps to penetrate better into the upper layers of the epidermis, creating a barrier to the introduction of viruses and bacteria. The drug is available in pressure bottles with a convenient nozzle for spraying.

Its advantages over other drugs

- "Panavir Inlayt" is compatible with any antiviral and anti-inflammatory drugs.

- Non-toxic, easily tolerated, does not contain alcohol, dyes and hormonal substances.

- Has no contraindications, can be used even for pregnant women and infants.

- "Panavir Inlayt" is used not only for treatment, it effectively protects the skin and mucous membranes from infection. panavir inlay spray application

- The drug can be used for a long time without fear that side effects will occur.

- In addition to anti-inflammatory and antiviral effects, this medicine has a beneficial effect on the skin and mucous membranes: regenerates, heals wounds, prevents the appearance of scars.

When is it applied?

Why did Panavir Inlay( Spray) become so popular among doctors so quickly? The instruction explains this by the fact that the drug is effective in many infectious and inflammatory diseases caused by bacteria, viruses or fungi:

- in ARVI, influenza, viral and bacterial rhinitis, tonsillitis and pharyngitis;

- herpes, shingles, chicken pox;panavir inlay application

- for various damage to the oral mucosa: bleeding gums, after visiting the dentist, with insect bites;

- as a prophylactic for seasonal colds.

How to use it correctly?

Increasingly, patients instead of foreign preparations buy exactly Panavir Inlayt( Spray).The instruction explains in detail how to use the medicine correctly:

- before use, the vial should be shaken well;

- insert the nozzle into the mouth or nose and press the valve, while the bottle should be held vertically;panavir inlay reviews

- usually to achieve a therapeutic effect, just two or three clicks.

The recommended treatment regimen is 2 times a day after meals. The drug can be used indefinitely, but enough after the disappearance of the symptoms to use it for another 5-7 days to prevent re-infection.

If necessary, you can use an additional nozzle for irrigation of the genitals. In this case, the spray is also effective in the prevention and treatment of infectious and inflammatory diseases, even those that are sexually transmitted.

Can everyone use the drug?

Among all antiviral drugs, Panavir Inlay stands out favorably. Its application is possible at any age. The spray has no contraindications, except for individual intolerance to the components of the drug and severe damage to the kidneys. There was no evidence of allergic reactions, irritation or toxic poisoning, even with prolonged use of the drug at recommended doses. Spray is the safest form of the drug "Panavir" because of the small concentration of the active ingredient. Therefore, it is used to treat pregnant women. In pediatric practice, Panavir Inlay is also widely used.

Reviews of the drug, the price of

Only a few years used in medicine this medicine. But it already received a large number of reviews. Basically they are positive. Negatively respond about the drug to those to whom it did not help. Most often, this happens when it is not used for the intended purpose. But basically the reviews about this medicine are positive. It is noted that the spray not only helps to quickly cure for herpes, ARVI and other infectious diseases, but also allows to achieve a stable remission. That is, the drug strengthens immunity and prevents the penetration of viruses so much that at least six months the patient is not sick. Particularly enthusiastic about the drug parents who used it to treat children. They note its natural composition, the absence of side effects and high efficiency. That's why Panavir Inlay became so popular. Its price is more than 300 rubles, but even this does not stop people who tried the spray for treatment. People successfully apply it for the prevention of influenza, the treatment of a cold and sore throat, for healing of scratches and abrasions on the skin, against itching from insect bites and in all cases note its effectiveness.