Gemini is fraternal and odnoyaytsevye: differences

The birth of a child is an unusual, fascinating moment. The whole life of a young mother begins to revolve around a small miracle that has come to the world. And if a woman is given two( or more) toddlers, then happiness becomes more.

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The birth of twins carries with it excitement, upcoming cares for care, sleepless nights, but the moment of the birth of children is filled with happiness.

Kinds of twins

If a woman has a multiple pregnancy, she will have twins. Children can be both absolutely identical, and in general little similar, and even heterosexual. All this depends on how the fertilization of the egg occurred. Depending on this, the twins are divided into:

  • monozygotic;
  • of the fraternal( dizygotic).

Odnoyaytsevye twins

The birth of two absolutely identical children remains a mystery for mankind. Why at the initial stage begins to share the egg and create the same embryos, remains unknown.

Monozygotic twins are the result of fertilization of one egg with one sperm. The resultant diploid cell begins to divide, resulting in the formation of independent embryos. More often there are two, but there may be more. The likelihood of future babies from such a pregnancy is determined by the time of separation of embryos. If it occurred in the first 5 days, the embryos each have their own placenta and amniotic fluid. In this case, there will be minor differences in the appearance of future babies. If the division has come after the fifth day, the embryos have one common placenta and their similarity becomes absolute.

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An interesting fact: monozygotic twins in most cases have identical fingerprints.

monozygotic twins

The reasons for the division of the zygote into two or more identical embryos have not yet been studied. The probability of the birth of identical children is 3 to 1000 and does not depend on heredity.

Twins dissimilar

The conception of such twins is obtained as a result of the fertilization of two eggs with different spermatozoa. With intrauterine development, each embryo has its own placenta and develops independently of the other. Dizygotic twins can be either unisexual or unisexual. They will have an external resemblance, like those of brothers and sisters who have come into being from the usual single-pregnancy.

Gemini raznoyaytsevye zachaty can be with a difference of several hours, and perhaps even a few days.

Features of the development of dysygotic twins

There are known such facts about the born twin-sided twins:

  • their genes coincide approximately by 40-50%;
  • each embryo has its own placenta and its amniotic fluid;
  • babies born can be either same-sex or heterosexual;
  • children may have different blood types;
  • the likelihood of their occurrence increases in women over 35 years of age;
  • as a result of ECO-procedure, there are often twins, as a woman podsazhivaetsya several fertilized eggs.

Is it real to plan the birth of twins?

The birth of a child is an unusual, enchanting feeling that arises in a young mother who gave birth to a child. And the birth of twins( twins) is even more conducive to a sense of happiness. However, it is impossible to plan their appearance.

dizygotic twins

When fertilizing an egg, information is immediately laid on both the future baby and what kind of pregnancy it will be - singleton or multiple, so it is impossible to influence this process naturally. One can only find out the factors, which, if observed, increase the likelihood of the appearance of twins.

These factors include:

  • pregnancy at the age of 35-39 years;
  • presence of twins in the generation( the appearance of odnoyaytsovyh is not associated with hereditary factors.) To date, it has not been studied why and under what conditions the oocyte begins to divide);
  • short menstrual cycle( 20-21 days) - with this cycle the probability of maturation of several eggs increases;
  • treatment for infertility. In the treatment of infertility hormonal drugs are used that stimulate the maturation of the egg and ovulation, the result can be a multiple pregnancy;
  • artificial insemination - extracorporeal, often leads to the birth of twins or even more babies.

Differences between twins and twins

We can sum up as to what the identical twins differ from the differently twins. Let's consider the characteristic features that will be possessed by babies born in a multiple pregnancy.

Identical twins:

  • Children have identical similarities, but in some moments it can be mirrored. For example, a mirror image of the existing moles.
  • In addition to the external similarity, the physique, the structure of the hair, the location of the teeth, the timbre of the voice, and even the thoughts are quite similar.
  • Have the same blood type and most often similar fingerprints.
  • Always same-sex, they are also called natural clones.
  • It is impossible to plan the birth of monozygotic twins.

The difference between identical twins from the differentiated

Gemini fraternal:

  • There are both same-sex and opposite sex.
  • May have different blood types.
  • The outer similarity is superficial.

Apparently, there are no similarities between identical and differently identical twins, only one name is "twins".At the same time, it is customary in the people to call identical twins twins, and raznoyaytsevyh - twins, triplets, etc. The differences between them begin to manifest from the moment of conception.


The emergence of two or more toddlers as a result of one pregnancy brings with it the increased attention of surrounding people to children. In this case, the identical twins look like ordinary brothers and sisters( 2 sisters or 2 brothers), so they do not attract close attention.

twins are different

The same identical twins always cause interest in society. Most likely, this is due to the rarity of such a phenomenon. Therefore, seeing two absolutely identical people, a passerby will necessarily stop their eyes on them.

At the same time, it is necessary to know that a multiple pregnancy is observed under special control, since the organism experiences a greater load than with a normal pregnancy. The future mother should be attentive to her health. Therefore, in order to give birth to healthy twins, it is necessary to listen to the recommendations of the doctor, then the moment of meeting with the kids will be filled with only positive.