The drug "Nimotop": instructions for use."Nimotop": reviews of doctors and patients

Almost every person is sure that nothing can happen to him. Look back at your life. After all, it is filled with stress, overexcitement, unrest, turbulent emotions. .. Of course, this is a natural process, so no one even argues with this. But if you do not know how to control your overexcitement, which increases the pressure, then it is impossible to say one hundred percent that you are not threatened with a stroke or rupture of an aneurysm.

Such pathological changes occur directly in the brain and are associated with hemorrhages. An aneurysm is a protrusion or rupture of cerebral vessels. Stroke is a more serious consequence of diseases of the circulatory system, associated with hypo- and hypertension.

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Medical statistics show that one third of the most dangerous diagnoses are precisely the ailments of the brain. They can develop due to lack of blood circulation, overexcitation, agitation and intracranial injuries. Get the last person can as a result of a fall from height, during an automobile accident, as well as when inflicting bodily injuries on other persons. So, to argue that someone is insured against the ailments of the brain is not appropriate. Even, apparently, seemingly healthy person can be in a hospital bed in one minute.

New drug - a chance for survival for many

Fighting in the medical field with bleeding in the brain about ten years ago was a problem. Most of the patients died within a few hours after the hemorrhage. If there is a closed process of rupture of blood vessels in the brain, the leakage of blood can reach half a liter. The result is an intracranial hematoma.

Decay products are not eliminated, and because of this many brain cells die completely or partially. Those people who survive after strokes turn out to be incapacitated disabled, and their rehabilitation is very difficult and time-consuming. After all, the control center for all the important functional capabilities of the body is the brain, and if it is practically destroyed, then the person becomes completely helpless.

Survival problem after hemorrhages in the brain has been studied for decades, searching for ways to save many patients and return them to a full life. As a result of multicolored scientific research, a brilliant decision has emerged on how they can be helped and prevent a high mortality rate. It consists in a new, developed by medical luminaries. This is the drug Nimotop. Its properties, features and analogues will be described below.

Pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic essence of the preparation

What does the instruction for use tell us about this tool?"Nimotop" - a medicine that positively affects the blood vessels of the brain. According to its pharmacological action, the drug belongs to anti-ischemic and cerebrozodilating substances.

Characterizing the drug "Nimotop", the instruction says that it has the property of blocking the flow of calcium ions into the cells of the brain vessels, which allows to reduce their tone and eliminate numerous spasms. After the application of this remedy, due to its highly selective influence on the vessels, the brain arterioles are enlarged, which significantly increases the blood supply of those areas that are deficient.

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New, tried-and-tested drug Nimotop is most often used in the treatment of ischemic failures in the blood circulation of the brain. Today this is the only effective remedy available for such a diagnosis as subarachnoid hemorrhage. It is thanks to its properties, as already indicated above, it is possible to reduce the death rate among patients.

What else does the instruction manual say?"Nimotop" is a remedy that stabilizes the functions of nerve cells. It has a nootropic effect on the brain: improves memory several times, increases the concentration of attention in patients with impaired brain functionality. As a result of this influence, the behavioral responses of sick people are also significantly improved.

The drug "Nimotop" describes the instruction as a rapidly-consumable medicine. Getting into the body of a sick person, it starts to act in ten minutes. Its maximum concentration in the blood is reached one hour after admission.

The medicine is excreted from the body by the kidneys. The decay time of the active substance included in the preparation is five to ten hours.

Form release. Composition of the drug

The drug "Nimotop"( the description also focuses on this attention) is available in two medical forms.

In pharmacies you can find tablets "Nimotop".One package can contain three or ten blisters, each of which is sealed with 10 pills covered with a yellow sheath with the inscription SK.Also, the solution is sold in a dark glass container. It also has a yellowish tint and is available in 50 ml vials. This form of the drug is for infusion.

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Tablets are considered more effective. The amount of active substance nimodipine in them is 30 mg, whereas in solution it is only 10 mg. The excipients included in the tablets are microcrystalline cellulose, povidone, corn starch, magnesium stearate, crospovidone. The film membrane of the pills consists of yellow iron oxide, titanium dioxide, hypromellose and macrogol. The excipients included in the solution are ethanol, water for injection, sodium citrate, anhydrous citric acid.

The Nimotop solution recommends that you do not use ultraviolet to influence the solution, as it loses its properties, so it is sold in dark glass vials. Many people are looking for drugs in pharmacies in the form of ampoules. However, the instruction for the use of the ampoule does not mention the drug Nimotop, describing only the solution in vials and tablets.

Who prescribes the medicine?

How does the medication advise you to use the instructions for use?"Nimotop"( solution, tablets) is prescribed with:

  • transient ischemic attacks;
  • subarachnoid hemorrhage in the brain;
  • elimination of the consequences of aneurysm rupture;
  • significant decrease in memory( sclerosis), manifested in elderly people;
  • emotional instability in nervous shocks;
  • is an intellectual-mnestic disorder.

Who is contraindicated with this drug?

The Nimotop solution and tablets do not recommend acceptance and administration if the patient is under 18 years of age, or if there is an allergic reaction to the ingredients included in the drug. It is inappropriate to administer the drug during pregnancy( any trimester) and breastfeeding.

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Also, the instruction manual "Nimotop" does not recommend taking people suffering from severe forms of liver disease. With special care, medication is prescribed to patients, and an analysis of the patients' condition is always carried out. Simultaneous administration of Nimotop with antiepileptic drugs, as well as with a substance such as rifampicin, is not allowed.

Under strict medical supervision, a drug is prescribed for patients with arterial hypotension, unstable angina, in the first weeks after a heart attack, with severe ailments of the kidneys, alcoholism, alcohol metabolism, and epileptics, with severe myocardial ischemia, heart failure, increased intracranial pressure,puffiness of the brain. Reception of the drug is accompanied by regular observations of the attending physician.

Methods of application of the drug during treatment. Recommended dosage for

Nimotop medication( tablets) recommends the use of the infusion solution after a therapeutic course. The pills are swallowed by the patient and are washed down with water. You do not need to bite the tablets. Single doses are taken with an interval of four hours.

When aneurysm ruptures accompanied by subarachnoid hemorrhage, tablets are given after a two-week therapy with a solution. A single dose is prescribed in two tablets for six times a day. The course of treatment is one week.

In case of impaired brain function, elderly people are prescribed one tablet for three times a day. The intake of tablets is not characterized by any complex features. Dose always appoints exclusively the attending physician. Only a specialist can either increase the dosage of the drug, or reduce it.

The use of a solution for infusion is more complicated. He is often prescribed at the first stages of cerebral hemorrhage. Patients are injected intravenously gradually with one mg of the substance for two hours. If the drug is transferred perfectly, its dose is doubled. The initial dose for patients weighing less than 70 kg is 0.5 mg per hour. You should know that in a pure form, the Nimotop solution is not introduced into the human body. It is diluted in the following way: 0.9% sodium chloride, Ringer's solution with magnesium, 5% dextrose, 6% hydroxyethyl starch solution in a 1: 4 ratio.

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Infusion solution is administered during anesthesia, surgery, angiography. The earlier the therapy with a solution is started, the less are the consequences of a negative effect on the brain. Infusion solution is also applicable for preventive purposes. In such cases, he is appointed no later than the fourth day after the hemorrhage occurred. In surgical intervention, the solution heated to a certain temperature is injected directly into the brain cisterns. If there is a negative reaction of the body to the medication administered, its dose is reduced or completely abolished.

When entering the body of the solution used medical accessories brown, yellow, red or black, so as not to expose the substance to the negative influence of light. For the infusion, only systems with polyethylene pipes are applicable. Medication "Nimotop"( pills) instruction for use recommends taking not only in acute phases. The solution is also a tool for reducing the risk of mortality in cases of complex hemorrhages in the brain.

What side effects can the drug cause?

Characterizing the drug "Nimotop", the instruction for use says not only about its unique properties, but also about possible side effects, the cause of which can be its use. Doctors always put on the scales the benefits of the drug and the possible negative consequences.

How does the solution and Nimotop tablets work? Indications for use imply a strict dosage of the drug. During treatment, the following symptoms may occur:

  • nausea;
  • lowering blood pressure;
  • headaches;
  • skin itching and rash;
  • formation of blood clots;
  • dizziness and tremor;
  • body swelling;
  • fainting.

Cost of medicine

The medicine is issued by the German company "Bayer".The drug is not a means of a number of inexpensive. Thus, a package of 100 tablets costs within 1200 rubles, a bottle( 50 ml) of a solution for infusions can be purchased for 600 rubles. Medication is not a deficit, its wide use in medicine speaks only of high rates of effective influence on the brain.

Analogues of the drug

Many express the desire to replace cheaper drugs and solution, and tablets "Nimotop".Analogues to them can, of course, be selected from a large list, but to say that they are equally effective, it is impossible, because the quality of produced drugs can differ significantly. Physicians are advised to use replacement only in cases where the drug is not suitable for treatment. The above recommendations are taken into account.

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Similar drugs for the replacement of Nimotop:

  • tablets and solution of "Breinal"( Spain);
  • tablets Diltzeren( Slovak Republic);
  • solution and Nimopin tablets( India).

These synonyms, like the original, have the same active substance. It is worth noting that the medicines of European manufacture have more trust among doctors than to Indian medicines.

Reviews of specialists and patients about the medicine

Thanks to such a product as the drug "Nimotop"( reviews of many medical doctors confirm this), it became possible to save thousands of patients diagnosed with a "brain haematoma".Doctors from all over the world searched for the solution of the problem for a long time, were searching for the means that would allow to influence small vessels and capillaries of the brain, penetrate into its thin tissues and prevent the undamaged parts of the think tank from withering away.

This tool is designed and has a double benefit:

  • resumes the activity of the main brain tissue( the so-called neurons);
  • influences the improvement of blood circulation in the brain, saving healthy vessels from the effects of damaged blood vessels, namely, localizing pathological changes leading to a person's incapacity.

The drug was developed in the early 90's. It was investigated by many Western European clinics and received confirmation of its effectiveness. Today, doctors all over the world emphasize this medicine, saving lives of many people. And it's not just about elderly patients, but about the young. The indicator of positive changes during treatment speaks for itself. The drug "Nimotop" promotes the withdrawal of blood decay products from the body and does not allow the situation to worsen until the death. Many medical luminaries, professors and candidates of medical sciences, assign this medication a place of honor in the promising areas of treatment of the ailments of the brain associated with circulatory disorders.

Compared to other drugs, Nimotop is the leader. It is quickly absorbed by the body, penetrates into the finest tissues of the brain, while other drugs are mostly powerless. The maximum effect of taking the medication is manifested if it is applicable no later than eight hours after getting a skull or stroke injury. Positive effect is noticeable in cases of a later prescription of the drug.

According to doctors, the main task, namely the protection of the brain from death, the drug "Nimotop" performs one hundred percent. The salvation of human life with its use in medicine has become a reality. Positive responses to the drug concern its two forms of release - solution and tablets. Observing the conditions of application of these, it is possible to bring back to life many people who previously were simply doomed.

Many people positively characterize the solution and Nimotop tablets. Reviews mostly leave relatives of patients. Using the doctors as prescribed, they notice significant improvements in restoring the health of their loved ones. Especially visually the effect of the drug they traced at the time of rehabilitation of the patient after a stroke, when the processes of movement, thinking, perception of reality were violated.

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Preparations of a new generation can prolong the life of people and improve at times its quality after suffering complex ailments."Nimotop" is available to everyone today, and its value does not play a big role when it comes to saving human life. In medicine, more expensive drugs are also applicable. If unforeseen situations occur in life, you need to trust clinically proven medications, which include the drug Nimotop.

Many articles and scientific developments are devoted to this effective tool. The world's medical luminaries worked tirelessly to eventually obtain a unique medicine and be able to return people to a full life without outside help. Heavy work has paid off with the production of an effective drug, the use of which has a positive effect even in the most seemingly hopeless clinical cases.

This medicine has earned the trust of doctors, patients and their relatives. It is possible to protect the brain today in the most complex physiological defects obtained as a result of trauma, as well as as a result of disturbances in the processes of feeding cells.

The use of the drug Nimotop is a modern and effective practical solution when providing emergency assistance to people. Nothing can characterize a medication in the same way as the utility score obtained during the treatment of patients.