Sanatoriums( Svalyava, Transcarpathia): "Kvitka Poloniny", "Sunny Transcarpathia", "Krishtalevo dzherelo".Treatment and rest in Ukraine

The sanatorium-and-spa zone covers the practical whole Svalyava district. The climate is temperate-continental, characterized by the absence of sudden fluctuations in temperatures and winds. Mineral sources are predominantly carbonic hydrocarbonate-sodium group. Sanatoria( Svalyava) offer comprehensive treatment of a large group of diseases.

General information

The city of Svalyava is located in the western part of the Carpathians. In Svalyava district there are more than a hundred mineral springs, the approximate age of which is about 65 million years. The first mention of the city appeared in the chronicles in the 12th century. About the healing power of the underground waters of the Carpathians knew in Ancient Byzantium and regularly asked the Hungarian kings to deliver them to the court.

The main natural factors:

  • Pure mountain air saturated with phytoncides of coniferous trees.
  • Mineral springs of natural origin.

Sanatoriums( Svalyava), boarding houses and recreation centers are far from the city center, in places where there have never been industrial enterprises, there were no ecological or man-made disasters.

sanatoria svalyava

"Kvitka Poloniny"

Sanatorium "Kvitka Poloniny" is located on the banks of the river Pini, in an ecologically clean countryside. The territory of the institution occupies about 10 hectares. The health resort is open all year round. Health-improving profile of the sanatorium:

  • Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract( gastritis, functional disorders of the stomach, ulcerous diseases, colitis, pathology of the liver, gall bladder and ducts, etc.).
  • Diseases of endocrinology( obesity primary, diabetes mellitus of two types, gout).
  • Diseases of the musculoskeletal system.
  • Diseases of the central nervous system( VSD, neurasthenia and others).

The list of procedures includes mineral water treatment( "Luzhanskaya-4", "Luzhanskaya-7", "Polyana Kvasova"), mineral baths, several types of therapeutic shower, massage, traditional physiotherapy and hardware treatment, medical support according to the instructions of the attending physician. Sanatorium "Kvitka Poloniny" is equipped with modern medical equipment, laboratory studies are conducted on the main directions of diagnostics. Consultations are provided for the following medical specialties: endocrinology, gynecology, vertebrology, pediatrics, urology, etc.

Accommodation and leisure

There are two buildings for living: "Kvitka Poloniny" and "Suzirya", the total number of seats is 400 units. In the buildings there are single, double and three-room rooms of 3 categories for comfortable living: standard, junior suite and suite. All rooms have a bathroom, refrigerator, cable TV, air conditioning, iron, hair dryer, electric kettle. The food in the health resort is three meals a day, according to the "buffet" system.

Leisure in the hospital is provided by the cinema hall, outdoor pool, sports grounds, billiards, library. There is an equipped beach, places for fishing, in winter near the sanatorium there is a lift to a height of 400 and 800 meters. Tour tours are always active. The cost of a voucher with a basic course of treatment includes full board( accommodation, meals), a course of procedures.



Sanatorium "Sunny" is located in the village of Polyana( Transcarpathia), in the valley of the Pini River, near the source of water of the carbon type "Polyana Kvasova".This is a modern complex, which includes 44 rooms for accommodation. Rooms are provided as follows: suite, standard, junior suite, family apartments.
Medical profile: gastroenterological diseases, diseases of the musculoskeletal system, nervous diseases, otorhinolaryngology. In addition to medical services in the health resort, health procedures are offered in the spa area in the following directions:

  • Water from the source "Glade Kvasova".
  • Massages, fitness room, swimming pool, solarium.
  • Aroma and fitovanny, halotherapy.
  • Ozonotherapy, salt cave.

All procedures are accompanied by highly qualified personnel, appointments are issued after consultation with a doctor. The complex of the medical center includes: inhalatorium, kolonogidromat, 3 types of therapeutic showers, 6 kinds of baths, ozokeritotherapy, physio cabinet with 7 kinds of hardware procedures. Sanatorium "Sunny" is equipped with diagnostic equipment, which allows to conduct clinical tests to confirm, correct or clarify the diagnosis.

There are two tariff packages in the health resort: "Wellness" and "Medical", but if there is no desire to use the medical complex of services, then you can settle down at the cost of living in rooms. Full board is provided to all and provides three meals a day.

sanatorium is sunny

"Krishtaleva dzherelo"

The health resort "Krishtalevo dzherelo" was founded in 1984 in the village of Solochin, Svalyava district. On the territory of the clinic there is own pump-room with water "Luzhanskaya-12" and "Luzhanskaya-3R".The number of rooms is concentrated in one residential building for 164 places. Accommodation is possible in 1-, 2-, 3-bed rooms, as well as two-room apartments and rooms of increased comfort. All rooms for living are equipped with a bathroom. The superior rooms have a refrigerator, TV.Meals three meals a day, diet, is included in the price of accommodation, as well as medical services. Also, those who wish can receive additional health procedures on a commercial basis.

glade sanatorium

Comfortable recovery

The balneological resort "Krishtalevo dzherelo" accepts patients on the following indications: gastrointestinal diseases, kidney diseases, lung diseases, endocrine system diseases. The therapeutic base is one of the best in Transcarpathia and provides clients with several types of massage, hydrotherapy( drinking according to the developed scheme, mineral baths), inhalations, several types of therapeutic shower, hardware procedures and diagnostics. The diagnosis and treatment are performed after a thorough examination. The reception is conducted by the following specialists: gastroenterologist, therapist, ENT, urologist, climatotherapist, gynecologist.

All the sanatoria( Svalyava) in Transcarpathia provide guests with a wide range of events and rest time besides recreational facilities. Zdravnitsa "Krishtalevo dzherelo" is not an exception, here you can spend leisure time with advantage, for this purpose an infrastructure has been created, which includes:

  • Sauna, fitness room, massage room.
  • Sports grounds of open type, swimming pools( indoor and outdoor), gym.
  • Library, cinema hall.
  • In winter, there is a ski lift, a ski slope, ski equipment rental.
  • Horseback riding, excursions, fishing, if desired - hunting.
  • Conference hall, parking.

The sanatorium is open all year round, the cost of living and treatment varies depending on the season.

Krishtaleva dzherelo

Health resort in Transcarpathia

Sanatorium "Solnechnoe Zakarpattya" was founded in 1965, in the village of. Glade of Svalyava district. Near the territory of the health resort is the Malaya Pinya river. The complex includes three hotel buildings: "Saffron", "Fourchette", "Main Building".Room categories: standard, junior suite, suite. The settlement is one-, two-, three-bedded, in the residential fund there are two- and three-room rooms. The total number of places for living is over 500 units.

Medical profile: chronic gastrointestinal diseases, metabolic disorders, pathology of the endocrine system and cardiovascular diseases, CNS diseases, ENT diseases, problems of the genitourinary system, general improvement. The main therapeutic factor is the natural environment and the mineral spring with the water "Glade Kvasova"( carbonate hydrocarbonate-sodium group with the inclusion of active elements of fluorine and boron), located on the territory of the complex, remote from the center of the village of Polyana. The sanatorium provides specialized treatment and health procedures.

solar transcarpathia

Health improvement according to the rules of

Medical support is provided by a friendly team consisting of 23 doctors and more than fifty people of medical personnel. Our own medical and diagnostic facilities allow our guests to receive expert help, consultations and correction of treatment, depending on the current results. The complex of procedures of the sanatorium "Solnechnoe Zakarpattya" includes several types of mineral baths, massages, climatotherapy, physiotherapy procedures on modern equipment, health-improving physical training, spa zone.

All the complexes of the sanatorium and resort zone of Svalyava( Transcarpathia) are focused on providing balneological treatment, one of the most important aspects of which is dietotherapy. In "Sunny Transcarpathia" for the guests are offered seven dietary menus, the doctor will help you to choose the best option. For those who wish to work a restaurant.

Infrastructure for leisure: tennis court, table tennis, volleyball court, sports town, football field, outdoor pool. In winter time - a ski lift and equipment rental. Excursions are offered, there is a library, concerts are held.

sviliava zakarpattya

Sanatoriums( Svalyava) offer established traditions of treatment and the provision of health procedures. In Transcarpathia, for everyone there is an opportunity to relax, recharge with new forces, get qualified balneotherapy. The beauty of the Carpathians fascinates and conquers at first sight, there is no bad weather or inappropriate season. Nature in these places is the chief healer.