"Gistaglobulin": instructions for use, price

Allergy is always accompanied by unpleasant symptoms that prevent a person from living normally. Depending on the type of stimulus, the reaction manifests itself as a runny nose or cough, itching or irritation of the mucous membranes. Seasonal allergy is easier to prevent than to treat later. The product "Histaglobulin" will help you in this. Instructions for use, the price of the medication will be presented to you in today's article.

histoglobulin instruction

Description and characteristics of

What does the instruction on the "Histaglobulin" medication tell about? At the very beginning of the leaflet, the composition of the preparation and its form are described. The drug "Histaglobulin" has in its kit for one-time use two ampoules. In one you will find a loose substance, and in another there is a solution.

The composition of the drug includes a complex of histamine dihydrochloride and human immunoglobulin. As a filler, sodium thiosulfate acts. In the solvent there is water for injection and sodium chloride.

Several medicines are available. The Russian firm provides 5 doses of medicines in a box. In other words, in a pack you will find 5 ampoules of loose powder and the same capacity with a solvent. The Polish pharmacological company sells medicines for 3 doses.

histaglobulin instructions for use

Indications: What helps the medicine?

When is the drug Histaglobulin used? The instruction says that the medicine can prevent the acute form of an allergic reaction. It is used as a prophylaxis. Indications for use are the following situations:

  • chronic urticaria;
  • rhinitis and allergic conjunctivitis;
  • dermatitis, eczema;
  • pollinosis and recurrent swelling of Quincke;
  • asthmatic bronchitis.

All described diseases should be in remission at the time of use. Before using, be sure to read the contraindications and get medical advice.

Side effects and contraindications

The drug "Histaglobulin" does not recommend the use with hypersensitivity to the components. Contraindication will also be any allergy in the acute stage. The medication is not prescribed for infectious diseases of a viral or bacterial nature, during lactation and pregnancy. Prohibits the introduction of the means "Histaglobulin" instruction and in diseases of the circulatory, nervous systems, pathologies of the digestive tract, various hormonal disorders.

The drug is incompatible with the vaccine components, preparations based on corticosteroids. As side effects, the manufacturer describes the headache, fatigue, exacerbation of chronic diseases.

histoglobulin instruction price

"Histaglobulin": instructions for use

Before you enter a medicine, it must be prepared. You already know that the dose of the drug "Histaglobulin" consists of two ampoules. The instruction indicates that they need to be mixed. To do this, use a sterile disposable syringe to collect the solvent, then transfer it to the powder. Wait until the loose substance acquires a uniform liquid consistency and enter it into the syringe.

The drug is administered subcutaneously. Advantage is given to the upper part of the shoulder. Be sure to observe aseptic when using a medication. Dosage of the drug for adults - from 1 to 3 milliliters. Usually the portion contained in the ampoule( 2 ml) is prescribed. Repeat the medication every 2-4 days. The course involves the use of ten injections. For children, the dose of the drug is selected individually and varies from 0.1 to 1.5 ml.

The price of the drug and the opinions of specialists

You have already managed to find out what the information about the medicine "Histaglobulin" instruction. The price of the drug is also of interest to many consumers. Patients say that it is quite difficult to purchase a medicine in Russia and Ukraine. Apparently, the manufacturer has some problems. Therefore, it is impossible to say exactly how much the Russian medicine will cost now. Despite this, the medicine is widely advertised on the Internet. Polish sites offer to buy a medicine. At the same time, the cost of 5 to 9 thousand Russian rubles for 3 ampoules of the drug is indicated.

Doctors have a dual opinion about such an acquisition. Doctors say that you can not order drugs on unknown sites. In addition, you do not know in what conditions the drug was stored and how it will be delivered. After all, the medicine should be stored at a temperature of not more than 8 degrees. Other experts say that since there is no other way out, then you need to purchase a medicine from this supplier. How to act and what to choose - everyone decides for himself.

gistaglobulin instructions for use price

Summing up

From the article you learned about a preventive tool to prevent the allergy "Histaglobulin".Instructions for use, the price is presented to you. Please note that the medication should not be used alone. If you often suffer from allergies, you need to consult a doctor and get individual recommendations. Good luck!