Knocking in the ear: causes and treatment

Suddenly appeared and incessant thumping in the ear is capable of the most balanced person to bring to a nervous breakdown. In the daytime he does not give a normal focus on any kind of activity, and at night - rest from the day's work. Often the knocking is accompanied by a minor headache, which further increases the feeling of discomfort.

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Knocking in the ear: the causes of

The causes of this disease are quite a lot:

  • age changes in the cardiovascular system;
  • tumors of the middle and inner ear;
  • large accumulation of earwax, resulting in occlusion of the hearing aid;
  • osteochondrosis, excessive dose of medications taken;
  • thyroid disorders.

Causes in the Ear of a Cause

Prolonged use of drugs may be one of the reasons for the appearance of a knock. These are such well-known medicines as "Aspirin", "Furosemide", "Streptomycin", which are freely sold in pharmacies.

Knocking in the ears, pulsation in the ear can manifest in both children and adults, both in patients and in healthy people. In a person who does not have any abnormalities in his state of health, he can arise after heavy loads. Those people who have been doing sports and continue to give him all their free time have often faced the appearance of pulsating noise in the ears after a tense run, jumping, pulling up, lifting weights, swimming, diving. It can also occur when flying on an airplane, as well as in those situations where there was a pressure drop.

Knocking can occur against a background of feelings of fear and delight, when adrenaline rises in the blood. In a state of rest, in silence, after the body comes back to normal after high loads, an unpleasant sensation in the ears should disappear.

How to get rid of a knock in the ear?

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If the knocking in the ear does not give rest even in a calm state, this is a pathology requiring urgent treatment. Do not confuse the knock with noise in the ear. The knock goes throbbing jerks, and the noise has a long background.

Pulsation may occur in the patient for the following reasons:

  • due to high blood pressure;
  • diseases of the inner or middle ear;
  • osteochondrosis of cervical vertebral column.

If there is pain in the ear other than a knock, otitis is likely.

Diseases leading to a knocking in the ear

Causes and cures in the ear

A knock in the ear that appears for no apparent reason, does not coincide with the heart rhythm, accompanied by a headache, darkening in the eyes, dizziness, indicates the development of atherosclerosis. Possible fainting states only confirm the diagnosis of the disease of the cardiovascular system. Adopting strong drinks with caffeine, alcohol, stressful situations with atherosclerosis increase its manifestation.

A knocking in the ear, accompanied by a squeezing of the larynx, headache, dizziness, nausea, vomiting and coinciding with the heart rhythm, is usually manifested with hypertension. This disease is especially dangerous for the elderly. If the knock is accompanied by abnormalities such as incontinence, paralysis of the limbs, most likely, the patient suffers from multiple sclerosis.

Neurinoma of the auditory nerve, neck tumor can also cause a knocking in the ears. Neurinus of the auditory nerve can not always be immediately detected, its symptoms can manifest themselves after several years from the beginning of the neoplasm. Until the pulsating noise in the ears caused by neurinoma, a person may not even suspect of such a serious disease.

The knocking in the ear is not so harmless - it can hide quite serious diseases that can lead to disastrous consequences, and in any case it is impossible to ignore this discomfort. At stake is not only health, but most importantly - life. Any delay is fraught with the progression of the disease, which in the future is more difficult to treat.

Knocking in the ear: treatment of

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Since any disease has a basis of occurrence, it is necessary to get rid of the foundation, that is, the reason for the treatment.

Reliably it can be determined only by a professional doctor, first of all it is desirable to contact to the otolaryngologist .

Treatment of a knock in the ear caused by atherosclerosis

Along with a doctor-appointed treatment for eliminating a knock in the ear caused by atherosclerosis, you can use folk remedies that will only help. First of all, it is a diet designed to reduce weight. But it must be remembered that it must be agreed with the attending physician.

Baked apples in the morning on an empty stomach - a wonderful folk remedy in the fight against atherosclerosis. Infusion of dog rose, bark of mountain ash, decoction of garden parsley, fresh cabbage, juice and pulp of watermelon, walnuts, honey, sunflower seeds, Japanese sophora infusion, gooseberry fruit, melissa infusion, red clover, predominance of vegetables and fruits in the diet will only promote a speedy recovery.

Moving lifestyle is another step towards the recovery of someone who suffers from atherosclerosis. By the way, about a mobile way of life - in order to avoid self-harm by excessive workloads, the attending physician must coordinate the training.

Treatment of a knock in the ear caused by a tumor of the inner or middle ear

Treatment of the tumor of the inner and middle ear as the cause of the knocking in the ear will depend on the severity of the disease. The main method of treatment is surgical removal. Trying to treat a tumor with folk remedies is by no means impossible. It is necessary to completely trust in traditional medicine.

Treatment of a knock in the ear caused by the accumulation of earwax

It is quite difficult to know whether there is a sulfur plug in the ear, without an otolaryngologist. If it is available, the doctor will prescribe the necessary treatment, which basically consists in washing out the sulfur with saline or hydrogen peroxide. You can get rid of ear plugs and at home, every day digging in hydrogen peroxide inside the ear for 5 days.

Treatment of a knock in the ear caused by cervical osteochondrosis

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The appearance of a knocking in the ear as a consequence of cervical osteochondrosis can be diagnosed only by a doctor. But to guess the presence of osteochondrosis, you can also most on the following symptoms:

  • pain in the neck even with minor turns of the head, giving to the nape, ears, chest, frontal part, shoulders;
  • sensation of numbness of upper and lower extremities;
  • tingling in the ears;
  • fainting with a sharp turn of the head.

Treatment of osteochondrosis is complex: medicines, physiotherapy, therapeutic exercises, diet, traditional medicine are used. For example, warm honey in combination with a mummy with anti-inflammatory properties will be an excellent addition to the basic treatment of osteochondrosis. It must be remembered that any folk remedy should be used only with the permission of the attending physician.

The knocking in the ear is not always harmless. Causes and treatment are very often interrelated.

Preventing the occurrence of a knocking in the ears of

The appearance of this discomfort is a consequence of diseases caused by an incorrect way of life. Excessive overeating, a sedentary lifestyle, lack of sleep, overwork, and non-observance of personal hygiene can gradually lead to illness. And the causeless appearance of a knock in the ear is a signal - in the body there are deviations from the norm.

In order to prevent the occurrence of diseases that can cause a knock, you need to distribute your day so that it has a place and rest, and sports and sleep. A meal should be planned in such a way that the energy consumption was at the level of calories eaten. And then the chances that the knock in the ear as a herald of any disease will never bother, will increase.