Center for Traditional Obstetrics and Family Medicine: description, services, doctors, reviews

The appearance of a baby in the light is a real happiness for parents. It is no accident that many couples at the first sign of pregnancy prefer to go to a medical institution, about which one can only hear positive reviews. This is the Moscow Center for Traditional Obstetrics and Gynecology.

Information about the center

The Moscow Center for Traditional Obstetrics and Gynecology is the only medical institution of its kind in Russia. Here, a woman can not only prepare for future childbirth, but also plan a pregnancy. Leading specialists observe the future mother during all 9 months of bearing the fetus. In addition, a married couple can ask for help even after the baby's birth. The Moscow Center provides high-quality pediatric services. Reviews of young parents about the work of specialists can only be heard positive.

Services in the center are provided for a fee. The management is interested in the patients being satisfied and recommending the medical institution to their relatives and friends. Therefore, the service is carried out really at a high level. If you believe the feedback of employees, the mission of the center is to take care of the healthy baby.

center of traditional obstetrics

Many girls recommend to their friends the Center of Traditional Obstetrics. A huge advantage is the individual approach to each patient. At the same time, attention is paid not only to the future mother, but also to the married couple as a whole. Before putting the pregnant woman on the account the expert finds out the detailed information on the diseases transferred by the future parents. Any information is important in order to minimize the risk of complications during pregnancy.

The ethical code of specialists is an important characteristic of a medical institution. The center of traditional obstetrics is a place where each patient feels respect for himself from medical personnel. The work of doctors comes from the fact that each woman has its own unique characteristics. This refers not only to physical data, but also to character traits. Each specialist is in part a psychologist, able to find an approach to each, even the most capricious patient.

Comments on specialists

The general director of the medical institution is Sadovaya Tamara Grigoryevna. This is a specialist with a long record of work. A woman from her own experience knows the great importance of caring for a future mother during pregnancy. In 1991, Tamara Grigoryevna graduated from the Moscow State Pedagogical University, specializing in obstetrics and gynecology. The doctor specializes in the management of physiological delivery. However, according to the reviews, Tamara Grigoryevna repeatedly carried out emergency operations.

The main physician of the center is Gavrilenko Alexander Sergeevich. The specialist not only accepts women who plan to become a mother, but also deals with the strategic development of medical direction. Of great importance, according to Alexander Sergeevich, is the constant improvement of the qualifications of the employees. A good doctor should regularly improve his knowledge. The reviews show that this doctor is a supporter of physiological births. Operative intervention, in his opinion, is an extreme measure.

Center for Traditional Obstetrics and Medicine

The center of traditional obstetrics and medicine provides a huge range of services. A lot of positive feedback can be heard about the specialists conducting the courses "Soft childbirth".Girls claim that the knowledge they have gained really helps to relive the process of the baby's appearance. Great importance is given in the medical center of homeopathy. Patients well speak about Nazarova Veronica Anatolyevna and Mishchenko Elena Borisovna. These doctors regularly conduct courses "Home Homeopathy".

Preparing for the upcoming pregnancy

To give birth to a healthy baby, a future mother is important to lead a correct lifestyle during pregnancy. But this is not always enough. Many pathologies of fetal development are related to the behavior of parents before conception. Pregnancy planning is an important stage in the birth of a baby. Couples who plan to have a baby, should first go to a consultation with a gynecologist. We will have to undergo a survey of the main specialists and pass a number of tests.

The Center for Traditional Obstetrics( CTA) is a medical institution whose activities are aimed at maximum patient comfort. The couples who decided to undergo the examination will not have to stand in long lines. The reviews show that all procedures are carried out by appointment.

At the first contact of a young couple in the Center of Traditional Obstetrics a medical card is started. All the data from the surveys and analyzes fit here. This makes it possible for specialists to make a decision about the advisability of conducting any medical procedures. Data is also preserved if the patient again calls for help in a few years. To get a card on hand, you need to name the passport data in the registry.

Center for Traditional Obstetrics

An important stage in the preparation of a woman for the upcoming pregnancy is the treatment of identified gynecological diseases. Often, the banal erosion of the cervix leads to miscarriages in the early stages. The Center of Traditional Obstetrics( Moscow) allows you to get rid of the problem in the shortest possible time. Specialists have vast experience in the treatment of diseases of this kind. Good reviews can be heard about the radio wave method of treatment, which is used in a medical institution. It is possible to eliminate erosion practically without pain.

Pregnancy management

The observation of a woman who carries a baby is carried out for nine months. Particular attention is paid to patients who have chronic diseases, as well as to women over 40 years of age. When registering, an individual card of the pregnant woman is put on the register. Here all information on the transferred diseases fits in, the results of the analyzes are indicated. Experts say that an individual card is the most important document of a future mother, which allows you to carry out the procedure of birth as comfortably as possible, wherever the future mother is. If possible, the individual card should always be worn with you, taken on a trip.

Today, many future mothers of the capital prefer to register with the Center of Traditional Obstetrics and Family Medicine. The reviews show that the patient has the opportunity to choose which doctor to watch. They speak well of such specialists as Samsonova Olga Aleksandrovna, Petrova Julia Vasilievna, Mustafina Anna Ilgizarovna, Manihina Larissa Viktorovna.

All specialists are inclined to believe that the delivery should take place physiologically. Operation is an extreme measure. If the intervention is not possible, and the woman is shown a cesarean section, the preparation takes place beforehand. This includes special physical exercises, as well as psychological training.

Preparing for childbirth

The "Soft childbirth" of the Center for Traditional Obstetrics deserves special attention. Specialists of the medical institution have developed a special program that allows women to prepare for a future meeting with the baby. Classes include both physical exercises and psychological ones. The mood of both parents is very important. This is especially true if joint deliveries are planned. ooo Center for Traditional Obstetrics and Family Medicine

Many good reviews can be heard about Ivanova Irina Vladimirovna. This is an obstetrician with many years of experience. The courses "Soft childbirth", led by Irina Vladimirovna, was attended by more than 500 women. They all waited to see their baby. The mothers say that the correct mood, which is taught in class, allows you to survive the birth without complications. Also courses are conducted by such specialists as Bartuli Violetta Alexandrovna, Bykova Natalia Sergeevna, Ekaterina Vladimirovna Larionova, Julia Petrova, Olga Aleksandrovna Samsonova. You can attend courses with your husband. The only thing you need to do is pre-register in the registry.

A lot of positive feedback can also be heard about the courses "Awareness of parenthood".Particularly useful lessons will be for couples who expect the appearance of the firstborn. The main task is the psychological preparation of the family for the upcoming changes in their lives. A huge delight in those who had to attend courses, a special art album "Diary of Pregnancy."On the example of a woman, one can learn how the perception of the world by the family changes. The Center of Traditional Obstetrics and Family Medicine changes the outlook of young couples. They become more responsible even before the birth of the baby.


The Center for Traditional Medicine and Obstetrics in Tula regularly holds meetings on the topic of natural childbirth. You can sign up for a free seminar on the number 8( 495) 9885252.Women who are already awaiting the appearance of the baby, you can conclude a contract with the selected obstetrician. When is it worth visiting the center of traditional obstetrics? The responses of experts show that it is desirable to learn the basic information even at the stage of pregnancy planning.

Those who contract under the program "Natural childbirth" are provided with comfortable single maternity wards. If desired, accommodation with a husband or other close relative may be planned. The apartments have everything you need for a cozy stay with a newborn. It is a soft bed, a place for resting accompanying, a comfortable bathroom with a place for bathing a newborn. The windows have dense blinds, allowing the woman in good quality to rest at any time of the day.

soft genera of the traditional obstetrics center

Makes everything possible for the comfort of the mother and newborn Center of traditional obstetrics. Testimonials on childbirth show that immediately after the birth of a baby, a doctor puts the baby on the mother's abdomen. Thus, it is possible to establish the first contact necessary for the formation of the immune system of crumbs.


During pregnancy many traditional medicines of the future mother are contraindicated. The center of traditional obstetrics at Tula is a place where they adhere to the principles of homeopathy. Medicines created on the basis of natural components are practically harmless. In this case, any medications are used in minimal doses. So specialists can avoid the development of side effects. Provided a healthy diet and moderate physical activity, the need for using any medication during pregnancy is almost completely eliminated. In extreme cases, homeopathy will come to the rescue.

Unfortunately, it is difficult to insure against colds, poisoning or infections transmitted by airborne droplets. A future mother who is vigilant about her health can also get sick. The center of traditional obstetrics and family medicine is a place where specialists know how to treat a pregnant woman. Therapists of the medical institution choose the safest homeopathic remedies. The risk of harming the fetus is minimal. Soft stimulating therapy by means of homeopathic medicines allows to normalize the work of the gastrointestinal tract of a pregnant woman, stimulates the work of the immune system, improves sleep and well-being in general.


Labor is a natural termination of pregnancy. In fact, the difficulties are just beginning. The first few months of life crumbs are the most important for the family. The newborn must adapt to life in a normal environment, and a woman has a long way to recover from childbirth. Quality pediatric services are offered by the Center for Traditional Obstetrics and Family Medicine.

Traditional Center of Obstetrics Doctors support a young family throughout the year after giving birth. Several variants of programs are offered. You can sign a home maintenance contract. In this case, the pediatrician will visit crumbs at the indicated address on a monthly basis. If a child has a fever or other anxiety symptoms, the specialist will come to the call.

After the baby turns a year, you can sign a contract for the program "Personal Doctor".The family gets the opportunity to rely on the pediatrician in case of a crumbling disease. You can contact your personal doctor at any time via a mobile phone.

Price policy

Service is carried out on a fee basis. Do not have to pay only for the first consultation. Prices depend on the format of services. The most expensive is the reception of the chief doctor. For one visit you will have to pay 4000 rubles. You can save money if you conclude a contract for comprehensive services. The cost of the basic program of pregnancy is 25,000 rubles. You will have to pay extra if there is a need to visit the narrow specialists. Reception of the therapist costs or stands 1500 rubles. The program of delivery support is 30,000 rubles( this includes the possibility of emergency surgery).

Special attention is paid to the preparation courses for childbirth. One lesson in the hospital costs 4,500 rubles. If you buy a subscription for a full course, you will have to pay 12,000 rubles.

The contract for the "Healthy Child" program is for 12 months. Its cost is 97500 rubles. The price of maternity support after giving birth is 28,000 rubles.

What do patients say?

The Center of Traditional Obstetrics( Tula) offers a whole range of services. The patients' feedback shows that the "price-quality" principle works in a medical institution. The services are really expensive. But the service is carried out at a high level. Many families trust their health precisely to this medical institution.

Center for Traditional Obstetrics and Family Medicine Reviews The lack of queues and friendly attitude towards patients are the main advantages. To get on reception to the chosen expert, it is necessary to pre-register only. Today there are two branches of the Center for Traditional Obstetrics. One of them is located near the metro station "Tulskaya", the other - in the city of Odintsovo. Both medical institutions work every day without a weekend.

Reviews of employees show that the number of patients of the center increases daily. Many couples who have had the opportunity to meet with the first child with the help of medical staff are returning to plan a repeat pregnancy.