Feedback on "Vitalgar"

Recently my husband has started serious digestive problems. The picture is not pleasant: nausea, general weakness, severe pain and bloating in the abdomen, the temperature rose to 37.6 degrees, the appetite lost. I wanted to help him, and I started looking for a solution to the problem on the Internet. It is best to treat with such symptoms something natural, so as not to injure the stomach. So I learned about the benefits of marine products, in particular brown algae. The Internet reported: very useful in duodenitis, gastritis, colitis and further - a whole list of even more terrible and long diagnoses."We need to act," I thought, and began to look for where to buy algae and how they can be taken. I dug up many pages of sites, read reviews of people, articles. After a focused study of what algae is on the market, I found a unique product -

review about Vitalgar

"Vitalgar" - gel from kelp.

On the website of the company "Vita-Li", which is, incidentally, the gold medalist of the recently held "Zdravnitsa" forum in Kazan, the information on "Vitalgar" was exhaustive, in my opinion. Such as: indications for the use of biogel( we have already three points from this list coincided), the way, contra-indications, conditions and terms of storage of the product, etc.

In general, I want to write a little about the useful properties of brown algae. They actually have quite a wide range of applications. In addition, that they can be eaten, algae is often used in cosmetics. Laminaria, for example, contains amino acids, phytohormones that favorably affect the skin, polysaccharides and a whole list of minerals: sulfur, manganese, phosphorus, silicon, magnesium, sodium, iodine, calcium. As you can understand, most of them are definitely useful for the human body. In addition, kelp, as I learned, is very popular among supporters of a healthy lifestyle and, in particular, proper nutrition.

I wanted to help my husband, I decided that biogel is worth trying in business, and my husband did not mind. I ordered four jars of Vitalgar. Fortunately, the company has its own outlet in our city, so I received my order the next day - and immediately began to study the labels and, of course, the contents of the can. As a gift, I also received a brochure, in which there is a full description of the Vitalgar itself and other products produced by Vita-Li.

The brochure states that Vitalgar is the company's main product, its specificity is that it is recommended for dietary nutrition to people who have chronic gastrointestinal diseases, and also helps to eliminate various toxins from the body. In addition, the biogel perfectly copes with the adjustment of acid-base balance and serves as a kind of protection for the stomach, which helps to ensure the healthy functioning of the whole gastrointestinal tract.

biogel vitalgar

The composition of Vitalgar is quite simple and does not include any harmful chemistry( which is very rare now).The most important is sodium alginate, or alginic acid, which is extracted from the same brown seaweed and is an excellent absorbent and antioxidant. In addition to alginates, biogel includes fiber, fucoidan, iodine in organic form( this is very important), mannitol, laminaran, lipids with the content of omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids, useful for the body, as well as other mineral micro- and macro elements.

It is also easy to use Vitalgar - it is enough to drink two tablespoons of the product half an hour before meals only once a day, diluting with water( we drank twice - in the morning and in the evening).In this case, people who do not like the smell of marine products, you can mix biogel with juice. I bred her husband with apple.

Biogel "Vitalgar" by right can be called a source of useful vitamins and minerals. Four cans of biogel are enough for the whole course of reception, it's about two months. Keep the best in the refrigerator, the shelf life is indicated on the banks themselves - exactly six months.

As a supplement to the main method of treatment - diet - gel fully justifies its effectiveness. In general, the diet should be adhered to throughout life, but in this acute period of the disease it was as strict as possible. As the signs of illness faded, my husband began to gradually expand his diet, adding some products. After two months of taking Vitalgar, her husband expressed his opinion: the purchase definitely justifies its price, and its health must be taken seriously. Symptoms of gastritis, colitis and duodenitis do not bother him for six months already. But if these diseases suddenly become chronic, we now know exactly what to cure!

"Vitalgar" I recommend absolutely to everyone who is worried about their health and has troubles with the gastrointestinal tract. I supplement Vitalgar with a reference to Vita-Li products. Be healthy!