Preparation for ultrasound of the stomach. What does the ultrasound of the stomach show?

A person in his entire life has to repeatedly take tests and examine his own body. One of the popular methods of diagnosis are x-rays and ultrasound examination. In this article we will talk about ultrasound of the stomach. What this manipulation shows, and also in what way it is carried out, you will learn further. It is worth recalling the preparations for the survey.

UZI of the stomach

"What does this procedure show?" - this is the question that doctors often hear in their office. To begin with, it should be said that there are several ways to examine this organ. Ultrasound diagnosis is one of the most comfortable.

The procedure is carried out in a special room equipped with a diagnostic device with an ultrasonic sensor. During the inspection, the room should be semi-dark. This will help the doctor to assess the condition of the organ as accurately as possible.

What does the ultrasound of the stomach show?

Patients who are sent to such a survey have a lot of questions. The most common of these is the following: "Ultrasound shows a stomach ulcer, and can the examination reveal cancer?" Let's try to understand in detail what the doctor can diagnose in such a survey.

Gastritis. This disease manifests itself as follows. During the examination, the doctor asks the patient to make several rotational movements with the trunk. If the contents of the duodenum are thrown into the stomach, there is a possibility of gastritis. At the same time, the more the amount of returning food, the more chances for the development of pathology.

It is worth noting that you can not only diagnose this symptom. Identified gastritis on ultrasound of the stomach( which shows the monitor while you already know) should always be accompanied by additional symptoms. Most often, they appear with malnutrition.

Ulcer. Will the ultrasound show a stomach ulcer? Of course, yes. Especially if the pathology is quite large. During the examination, ultrasonic waves emanate from the sensor. They are reflected from the walls of the organ and show the image on the screen. With a stomach ulcer these waves in a certain place cease to be reflected. On the monitor, the doctor sees a so-called hole, which indicates that there is a likelihood of such a disease.

It should be noted that the ultrasound of the stomach ulcer shows only conditionally. The specialist may assume the presence of the disease, but the final result will show only a more detailed examination.

Malignant or benign tumor. Will ultrasound show stomach cancer? Let's try to figure out what the doctor sees in this pathology.

In most cases, the examination is performed on an empty stomach. However, sometimes there are situations when a specialist asks to consume some food or drink liquid. After this, the time during which the contents leave the stomach is estimated. It is worth noting that such a diagnosis takes more time, as it requires several approaches to the survey.

If food or liquids stay in the stomach for a long time, then there is a possibility that the patient is sick. Most often, an ailment is a malignant or benign tumor. An accurate diagnosis can be made only after a biopsy.

Inflammation. During the diagnosis, the specialist notes the position of the body, the thickness of the walls, the inner surface of the mucosa and other details. With some deviations from the norm, it is possible to suspect an inflammation of the inner layer of the stomach. In this case, the patient should have concomitant signs of this pathology.

Study protocol

After the ultrasound of the stomach is performed( as shown by this test, you already know), you are given a conclusion. The protocol indicates the detected pathologies, but you will never see there words: gastritis, cancer or ulcer. The doctor of ultrasonic diagnostics only indicates the detected pathologies and their sizes. The final diagnosis will be available to you only by the gastroenterologist. Very often before this, you have to go through some more tests.

Preparing for the


In order to obtain accurate data during the diagnosis, it is necessary to properly prepare for the survey. The doctor who gives you a direction for this manipulation will tell you how to properly organize your diet and prepare your body for ultrasound research. It is worth noting that the preparatory procedure consists of several stages. Let's consider each one in detail.

A few days before the manipulation of

About three days before the procedure, it is worthwhile to completely reconsider your food. Avoid using all products that can cause fermentation and gas formation. These include sweets, bread, raw vegetables, fruits, greens, legumes and cabbage. Also you can not drink spirits and soda. If possible, it is necessary to limit the use of juice and caffeine.

The day before the procedure, it is necessary to cleanse the body as much as possible. To do this, you can take any laxative or sorbent. It is worth noting that the second option is suitable only for patients with a regular chair.

On the eve of the

examination In the evening before the procedure it is worth to arrange a day of rest and a light supper. In this case, many patients begin to drink kefir. This can not be done. This product causes increased gas production.

Choose non-fat broth or macaroni from durum wheat. You can also use your favorite porridge cooked on the water.

Before the procedure

On the day of examination, it is forbidden to eat, drink or smoke. In some cases, the doctor may allow you to drink a glass of boiled water and eat a cracker. But without a special purpose, this should not be done. Most often the procedure is scheduled for the morning hours. First the doctor examines your organs in a devastated condition. Next, you need to drink a glass of water and continue the diagnosis. Thus, the doctor will be able to accurately assess all the indicators.

Summing up

Ultrasound of the stomach is a simple, comfortable and quick diagnosis of this organ. If you suspect a pathology, the doctor recommends that you undergo additional tests and pass the necessary tests.

If you are assigned an ultrasound examination, do not abandon it. First, learn more about the procedure called "ultrasound of the stomach": what it shows( photos of a healthy organ can be found in this article) and how it is done. Prepare correctly for diagnosis and find out everything about the health of your stomach. Strong to you health!