Milk. The benefits of milk and its harm

It has long been no secret that milk is a wonderful and irreplaceable source of calcium. In addition, this mineral of this animal product is fully digested by the body. This makes milk a necessary component of the diet for both children and adults with osteoporosis, in which calcium is washed away from the bones, thereby making them brittle and brittle.

Milk. The benefits of milk in the fight against headaches and insomnia

Both cow and goat milk are valuable. Its benefits are manifested with insomnia, as well as with headaches. This product - an excellent tool to help fight insomnia, as it has a sedative effect on the nervous system and the body due to the high content of tryptophan and phenylalanine amino acids. One of the most popular folk recipes for insomnia is a glass of milk with honey. This drink should be taken an hour before going to bed. Very good at this helps the fresh milk.

With headaches and migraines, this product is also excellent. If you constantly have headaches, then you need to drink one raw egg, stirring it in a glass of boiling milk. After a week of such therapy, you will forget about what is a headache.

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Milk. Benefits of milk for colds

Immunoglobulins, formed from protein foods, are necessary to combat viral infections. Actually milk protein is well absorbed by the human body. Useful properties of milk and dairy products are popular among people involved in sports.

Milk. Use of milk in diseases of the digestive tract

People who suffer from all kinds of stomach diseases can drink this drink to regulate acidity and reduce pain in duodenal ulcer and gastritis. The ideal means of reducing acidity in heartburn is this natural dairy product. But for normal digestion it should be drunk slowly, in small sips, and the milk itself should be slightly warm.

Thanks to this delicious drink vitamins important to the body, namely riboflavin( B2), come to your body. This vitamin turns carbohydrates and fats into useful energy, is responsible for energy metabolism. Therefore, this product is an excellent assistant in the fight against excess weight, but we must remember that it is necessary to use a non-fat variant of this drink.

Milk. The benefits of milk in cosmetology

Many people may ask, what is the use of it in cosmetology? Yes, in many ways! This gentle drink relieves irritation and inflammation, perfectly moisturizes the skin. Cleopatra, as many people know, were loved by milk baths. This bath can be done today, just adding one liter of this drink to the bathroom with warm water.

Milk: use or harm? About the dangers of milk.

White drink, as you may have noticed, is not always a cure for all diseases. To some people, this product is generally contraindicated, despite all its usefulness. The benefits and harms of milk are not always obvious, but in each case the decision must be taken individually.

Almost 15% of the inhabitants of the Earth suffers from a deficiency of the enzyme that breaks milk sugar - lactase. This can lead to fermentation of milk in the intestines, resulting in diarrhea. But people with lactase deficiency can also use no less useful dairy products, for example, kefir, yoghurt, cottage cheese, cheese.

Natural undiluted dairy product for some people can be the strongest allergen that causes very serious reactions in people prone to allergies. Therefore, even with mild signs: itching, rashes, nausea or vomiting, bloating - you need to stop taking milk. You can use goat's milk instead of cow's milk.

During pregnancy, the female body needs minerals and vitamins more common, and especially calcium, which is necessary for building the skeleton of the fetus. Therefore, milk for pregnant women, of course, is useful, but in limited quantities - no more than 2 glasses a day. A greater amount will be harmful, since there will be an extra burden on the kidneys.

But people after 50 years of age do not want to consume milk. Or, it is necessary to reduce the amount of one glass drunk to one glass a day. Its entry into the body of elderly people contributes to the accumulation of substances that provoke the development of atherosclerosis. Just after 50 years, the risk of this disease increases dramatically.

Stay healthy!