Oncology center in Obninsk: address, reviews

Oncology is a terrible diagnosis. But if it is delivered to you or to someone close to you, you can not linger. It is necessary to seek help, undergo examination and therapy. The Oncology Center in Obninsk is one of the most modern centers, which is the head one on the problem of radiation medicine. The basis of the center's work is the principle of increasing the effectiveness of treatment, organ preservation and improving the quality of life. oncology center in Obninsk

The main advantages of

The Oncology Center in Obninsk is not just a clinic where you will receive tests, and then you will be redirected to other specialists. Its advantages are an integrated approach, allowing to conduct necessary examinations and treatment. Here, each patient is provided access to the latest, innovative technologies for diagnosis and treatment of malignant neoplasms, as well as the prevention and treatment of their relapses.

The main activities of

The first reaction to the diagnosis is denial. The person refuses to undergo further examination. In this case it is necessary to persuade him to apply to the oncology center in Obninsk. There are good specialists working here who know how to support in such a situation. The activity of the center is multifaceted, it is a direct treatment and science. One of the main directions is the clinical radiological sector. Its core is a clinic for 400 beds. There are 36 doctors of sciences and 90 candidates for Ph. D.129 doctors of various categories.

Obninsk Cancer Center

Separation of proton and photon therapy

It was opened in 1974.Since then, the cancer center in Obninsk has received not only a new status, but also opportunities for helping patients. There are 3 Doctors of Science and 5 Candidates, 4 doctors of the highest category in the department. Due to the constant research of this department, as well as unique equipment, more than 150 patients with tumors of different localization are being treated on a daily basis here.


The Oncology Center in Obninsk is one of the few medical institutions that has a complex of necessary equipment and experience with the diagnostic and therapeutic purpose of open irradiation sources. It can be radioactive iodine and samarium. This technique is very effective for the treatment of benign thyroid diseases, including diffuse, toxic goiter, especially in connection with the high risk of surgical intervention. Obninsk

Photodynamic therapy

Obninsk Cancer Center aims to not cut out the affected organ, but to preserve its functions and allow the person to live further. For this purpose, in 1998, a department for photodynamic diagnostics and therapy was organized. The methods of focal and interstitial therapy are introduced here. They are effective in squamous cell carcinoma of the skin, malignant neoplasms of the oral cavity, lung and breast cancer. Most often this method is used in conjunction with radiation therapy and surgical intervention, chemotherapy. The final choice is made by the oncologist, after having completed a complete examination. The main principle is not to harm, so careful treatment of the patient is brought up by doctors from the first day of taking office.


It is here that doctors have to fight for the lives of patients every day. In a number of cases, only this method can help. Employees are pioneers in the development of methods for preoperative radiation therapy for patients with stomach and intestinal cancer. This allows you to significantly increase the chances of success, and, more precisely, to preserve these vital organs and stop the growth of the tumor, and then remove it. The Obninsk Cancer Center applies a comprehensive, interdisciplinary approach to the treatment of the thoracic cavity. During the therapy, various methods are used, including surgery and radiation therapy, chemotherapy and combinations thereof. oncology center in Obninsk prices

What will the patient need for the visit?

The first visit is the most difficult for the person and the doctor. The patient experiences fear, and in some cases even panic. The doctor needs to not only collect an anamnesis, but also to calm the patient. If there is a choice, then come to Obninsk. The possibilities of this clinic are not unlimited, but much higher than those of others.

For the first visit, collect the entire package of medical documents. These can be x-rays, medical history, test results, in general, everything that is on hand. Be sure to write down all the questions that you would like to discuss with your doctor so that emotions do not stop getting answers. It is best to take an accompanying person with you. It can be a friend or a close one. nmrts in the tsyba

Recording to the reception and examination

In order to get advice and treatment here, you do not need to live in Obninsk. It is enough to have a policy of compulsory medical insurance, a passport and an extract from the medical history. It is very important that the results of the latest examinations, cytological and histological preparations, are on hand. If you do not have them, you can go to the center on a fee basis.

The first treatment becomes largely decisive. After him, the leading specialist develops an individual plan for the necessary follow-up and treatment. The whole diagnostic stage can last from several days to several weeks.

Quotas for treatment

Despite the high throughput, the center can not always accept all comers. Therefore, it is necessary to contact the district medical organization and ask for a quota. This ensures that the entire amount of assistance will be provided free of charge. To do this, you need to take a referral from your oncologist and contact the territorial health authority. Usually in 10 days a decision will be made, and if your disease requires it, the necessary package of documents for redirection to treatment is collected. If the quota at the moment can not be allocated, there is an opportunity to begin therapy on a fee basis. outpatient consultation

Day hospital

This is a medical and diagnostic unit, which is part of the polyclinic of the IMPT.A.V.Tsyba. It is designed for preventive and diagnostic, therapeutic and rehabilitation activities. This measure applies to patients who do not need round-the-clock monitoring. Medical and medicinal assistance to the population in a day hospital is provided in the framework of a free territorial program of state aid for cancer care. If the patient can not use it, then there is an option to be paid for. The price is 1 thousand rubles a day. Obninsk Cancer Center reviews

Paid medical services

If there is no time to wait for a quota or other circumstances prevent getting free help, then you can apply to a paid department of the cancer center in Obninsk. Prices will depend on the package of services provided. Who can be the recipient of such services:

  • Foreign citizens.
  • Stateless persons.
  • Citizens who do not have a valid policy or apply for medical help without referral.

Outpatient reception on a paid basis is performed after contacting the registry and the institution of the medical history. With an outpatient card and a receipt, the patient is sent to a specialist who leads the reception. Any type of medical care can be provided on a paid basis. These are specialist consultations, diagnostic and treatment procedures, surgical manipulations and operations.

center rates Most often, patients are contacted to provide emergency assistance when on an ordinary physical examination there is an increased COE in the blood or other alarming symptoms. Of course, it is best to contact a specialized Obninsk Cancer Center in this case. The reviews emphasize that in such cases it is most often possible to determine the localization of a tumor and effectively cure it. In most cases, already in the process of passing the therapy, the time is right for obtaining a quota and the end of treatment will be free. Primary reception of the oncologist costs 1500 rubles, repeated - 1 thousand rubles. The admission to the Obninsk Cancer Center is made taking into account the wishes of the patient and the schedule of work. The first reception is on the day of treatment, and then as necessary.

Reviews of patients

Oncological diseases are not always a verdict, but a serious test for the person and his family. The earlier treatment is initiated, the more likely it is that it will be productive. Reviews of patients and their relatives are subjective, but they provide an opportunity to understand the atmosphere that reigns within the center.

First of all, everyone notes the attentive and careful attitude of doctors to people. Careful study of the patient's condition, detailed examination - all this allows not only to confirm or disprove a previously diagnosed diagnosis, but also to choose a treatment that will be as effective and sparing as possible. I want to note a huge number of reviews, in which doctors are thanked for saving the lives of children. But even those to whom the doctors could not help due to objective circumstances( later treatment, impossibility of surgical intervention), thank for the relief of the condition. This cancer center can be considered the best not only in the region, but also in the country. Therefore, if a disaster has come to your family, then you should ask the doctor for a referral to this center. His address, Obninsk, Korolev Street, 4.