7 maternity hospital, Kiev: review, specialists, services and reviews

The appearance of a child in the light is the final and most important stage of pregnancy, on which the further life and health of the baby depends. All future parents want this event to leave only pleasant and touching moments in memory. To the citizens of Ukraine 7 maternity hospitals are ready to help. Kiev is a big city, with many medical institutions, but this place is rightly considered one of the best.

General information

Kyiv City Maternity Hospital 7 is the most popular medical institution in the capital. It is located on the street. Predslavinskaya, 9( the nearest metro station is the "Olympic" metro station).In 2012, the perinatal center was opened on the basis of the city maternity hospital №7, which is still considered one of the leading medical institutions in Ukraine.

7 hospital of cues

This is where epidural anesthesia was first used in the country. In addition to childbirth, the center deals with problems of miscarriage and the care of premature newborns. If the optimal ratio of the level of services provided and the cost is important for the patient, then it may well be 7 maternity hospital( Kiev).Prices in this institution are set officially, and all contributions are paid through the cashier. Although some patients prefer to thank doctors in addition.

Doctors 7 maternity homes( Kiev).The mothers in the reliable hands of professionals

All the specialists of this medical center have many years of successful work experience. Some of the doctors are holders of academic degrees( mostly head of departments).The minimum qualification category of doctors who work here is the first, which indicates a high level of professionalism of the staff. On the basis of the maternity hospital there is a large department of obstetrics and gynecology of the Medical University. AA Bogomolets, where students and interns are trained under the guidance of the best doctors.

Childbirth in 7 maternity hospital( Kiev) is held in a friendly atmosphere under the strict supervision of high-class specialists. Therefore, despite some painfulness of this process, mainly women have only pleasant and bright memories.

Delivery rooms

Comfortable conditions during childbirth, minimum of unnecessary interventions and constant monitoring of the state of the future baby and mother - all this can be provided by 7 maternity hospital( Kyiv).Here the presence of a partner is welcomed when the child is born. It can be not only a husband, but also a mother, sister or a person who is trusted by a woman in childbirth. The partner has a favorable psychological influence on the woman and helps her to move the fights more easily. At the time of labor, a woman in labor can, if she wishes, stay only with the medical staff, if she is more comfortable.

7 maternity hospital in Kiev reviews

In each delivery room there are such elements that help reduce pain during labor:

  • fitball;
  • Swedish wall;
  • bed-transformer.

There is also a special chair that can be used for vertical delivery. Each room has modern repair and metal-plastic windows. Regardless of the time of year 7th maternity hospital( Kiev) provides comfortable conditions of stay.

Postpartum physiological department

In the normal course of delivery after the birth of the baby, it is transferred to the mother's special physiological department, where joint stay is envisaged. The comfort class can be chosen, 7 maternity hospital( Kiev) offers standard chambers or accommodation in a suite.

Accommodation in improved conditions requires a TV and air conditioning, as well as a special pillow for easy breastfeeding. In the two-room suite can reside relatives of a young mother, helping her in the care of a child.

All the rooms, regardless of the category of amenities, modern renovation, there are shower cabins and changing tables. Normally, in this department the mother and child stay for 3 days, and then they are discharged home. If a newborn or mother has health problems, then until they stabilize, they remain in the hospital.

Department of Pathology of Pregnancy and Fetal Medicine

Since Kiev City Maternity Hospital 7 is not an ordinary medical institution, but a perinatal center, a large number of pregnant women are observed here on different terms. In this department, future mothers, who are faced with the threat of interruption of bearing the fetus, provide all the necessary assistance.

perinatal center of cues by maternity hospital 7

Constant surveillance, ultrasound control and the willingness to make the right decision on time here saved many lives for future children and their mothers. Preservation of pregnancy to the maximum possible terms and adequate management of births allows women to feel more relaxed and confident.

Resuscitation for parturient women and pregnant women

Anesthesiology unit includes operating rooms and intensive care units. For surgical interventions and follow-up 7, the hospital( Kiev) has everything it needs: from disposable sterile instruments to modern monitors for monitoring vital signs( gas exchange, palpitation, pressure, etc.).In this department, those patients who have experienced acute pathological conditions threatening their own life or the condition of the unborn child during pregnancy or childbirth.

However, most often there are women who had a planned caesarean section. Despite the fact that most of these operations are now performed under epidural anesthesia, the woman in labor still needs intensive care and subsequent anesthesia. When the condition is stabilized and the narcosis is stopped, the young mother is transferred to a regular joint residence with the child.

Kyiv City Maternity Hospital 7

Resuscitation and intensive care for newborns

Infant preterm care of babies and newborns after a difficult birth is a direct specialization of the maternity home. The department for weak babies is equipped with the latest technology all that is necessary, which allows you to save life and health to kids.

There are special boxes for nursing children who were born prematurely. They artificially create conditions that simulate the stay of the child in the abdomen of the mother, so that he quickly gaining weight and growing.

7th hospital of Kiev

24 hours a day with any anxiety symptoms, mothers from the physiological department can come here for advice and ask neonatologists to examine her newborn. Nurses are on duty all the time, so the situation in the department is always under control.

Gynecological department

As in any large maternity hospital, in the perinatal center of Kiev, in addition to obstetric care, gynecological treatment is provided. In this department there can be women of different ages who need inpatient therapy or surgery. Here such medical manipulations are carried out:

  • endoscopic examination of pelvic organs;
  • canal surgery;
  • treatment of hormonal diseases;
  • excision of cervical pathologies;

Operations of all categories of complexity and diagnosis of specific gynecological diseases - this is what doctors specialize in 7 maternity homes. Kiev is a huge city, and there is always a choice of a medical institution. However, this perinatal center occupies a leading position in this field due to the high level of care and competent approach to each patient.

Necessary list in the maternity hospital 7( Kiev)

In the hospital during hospitalization you need to bring with you such things:

  • personal documents( passport, exchange card);
  • bed linen;
  • bathrobe;
  • nightgown( 2 pcs.);
  • socks( 2 pairs);
  • washable sneakers( mother and husband);
  • gaskets;
  • bra made of natural material( it is better to purchase a special bra for feeding);
  • diapers;
  • clothes for the newborn( several sets of raspashonok with sliders or "little men", hats, socks);
  • simple and warm diapers( 6-8 pcs.);
  • wet wipes;
  • towels( 2 pcs.);
  • ear sticks with a stop;
  • dishes for the mother and a bottle of mineral water without gas;
  • toothbrush, paste, soap;
  • paper towels( 2 rolls);
  • toilet paper;
  • rubber syringe of minimum volume( sterile) with a soft tip;
  • hygienic diapers( 20 pcs.);
  • baby cosmetics( powder, oil, cream);
  • thermometer without mercury;
  • baby blanket with duvet cover;
  • eye drops "Tobrex".

All things for the newborn should be washed, patted on both sides and stacked in a separate clean package.

Consultation and Diagnostic Area

In this department of the maternity home, pregnant or parturient women can get advice on exciting questions at any time of the day. This is especially true for women giving birth for the first time, because they have never experienced any symptoms before and are afraid of confusing them with fights. Here you can go through ultrasound, CTG of the fetus, take laboratory tests and get advice from various specialists.

doctors of 7 maternity hospitals of Kiev

The presence of such a department is another plus, which can boast of 7 maternity hospital( Kiev).Reviews about this center and the services provided here confirm the good quality of the equipment, the high qualification of the personnel and the speed of response in hazardous situations.

Reviews about the hospital

Impressions of women giving birth here are mostly positive. They note the friendly attitude not only of doctors, but of all personnel. Many people like the natural approach to childbirth. But there are also negative comments about the hospital. They are usually associated with corruption, but, unfortunately, this problem exists in many institutions that provide obstetric and gynecological care.

Women praise the modern repair and comfortable conditions of stay in the hospital. The care of doctors and the readiness to provide assistance at any time is another feature for which the center has received popular recognition. Many people therefore recommend to their friends 7 maternity hospital. Kiev has always been considered the most developed city in Ukraine for providing medical assistance, since it employs a large number of highly qualified specialists. Therefore, not only residents of the capital, but also women from all corners of the country come to give birth in the perinatal center.

Support of breastfeeding

Given the orientation of the perinatal center to the maximum possible natural mode of delivery, support for breastfeeding here is a self-evident concept. Even in the delivery room, the midwife helps to properly attach the child, so that he gets valuable colostrum.

Pregnant women can take a course of lectures on breastfeeding and caring for the baby - these services are also provided by the perinatal center( Kiev).Maternity hospital 7 is always open for expectant mothers.

birth in 7 maternity hospital in Kiev

For the establishment of natural feeding is provided for the joint stay of the baby with his mother in the wards. In those hours when the baby sleeps, the woman also needs to rest to gain strength and be able to normalize lactation. If problems occur with the seizure of the nipple or the amount of milk, a young mother can always turn to the on-duty midwife for advice. She will, if necessary, teach you to perform a mild massage of the breast and show the methods of expression.